Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 WE LOVE BULLDOGS

Howdy readers ! Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 The unfortunate part is the amount of search engine optimisation we now have to do to put out decent content creation as well as making it easier to read.


what makes Collectibulldogs unforgettableCollectibulldogs unforgettable is that a good question ? Is it the fact that we are the worlds only bulldogs memorabilia website that research’s and curates amazing bulldog antiques and Collectibles for display on the worlds best antiques website.


it could be the fact that we have the worlds first e-bookE-book for bulldogs memorabilia collectors around the world to download for free and to use to help boost their collections this e-book is a Bible to collecting bulldog antiques and memorabilia.antiques and memorabilia.


Over 350 informative articles on bulldogsOver 350 informative articles on bulldogs memorabilia Collectibles and bulldogs in general as well as guest posts from dog lovers and our resident writer Wynne ! Our archive is jampacked with amazing blog posts dating back a few years and with brilliant content creation.

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 Is what I have used as most of my keyword for this article unforgettable is classed as a power word and can be either positive or negative and I would rather choose unforgettable than forgettable!


do not get me wrong as I sit here looking around me I can say is it collectibulldogs.com should be seen as unforgettable just by the sheer mass of different pieces collected from different places around the world.

subsections different eras even 3-D printed pieces are surrounding me so in the next section I will name a few of the brands that I have come to know and see if anyone recognises them please remember these amazing pieces make up the unforgettable collection.


I will finish this section by saying collectibulldogs.com is a play on wordscollectibulldogs.com is a play on words and I was very proud when I came up with the name put in Collectibles and bulldogs together to create one word I felt was a little bit genius on my behalf I do not feel I should brag.

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 Please leave a blog comment

Let’s start with the obvious! I’m looking at Royal Doulton Royal Copenhagen BESWICK POTTERY Royal Worcester crown Devon crown derby and Carlton ware that’s some of the English pieces here


A big portion of the ceramics looking down at me at the moment are from Germany Austria and Japan where is Nymphenburg  Huebach Elphina and Gerbruder as well as some more specialised pieces


where is Tomasino from Swarovski crystal there is a Ralph Lauren polo wallet this piece is very rare As this was the only one who is made like the one I have,baccarat glass bulldog stieff bulldog teddy bears 🧸 and many more shelves with pieces that are yet to be researched.

The silver cabinet is full I feel very proud of just how much of this precious metal I have been able to save the clubs around the world are the main focus for saving silver from the scrap man,I feel like it is saving a part of our history.



in just eight years it took me to go for just a hobby collector not knowing what pieces were worth anything and whether or not to collect them to a seasoned collector whom has done his research and now has antiques surrounding him on display.


humidors Inkwells pens and even pewter trophies are just a few of the bulldog antiques that Collectibulldogs has managed to find over this really short space of time many of the pieces should be and hopefully will be one day in a museum.


The metals sectionThe metals section is unbelievable I am gobsmacked as to just how much I have collected in the way of bulldogs memorabilia antiques and Collectibles especially when it comes to collecting metal Bulldog memorabilia.


can you imagine a collection that has a spittoon a Victorian are fan and a bulldog lamp where the light comes out of the bulldogs mouth “but made in the 50s/70s, I went from Beswick busun to these more exquisite items in record time.

Me Me Me !

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 Me in the paper with wiggles

Let me start this part as diplomatically as I can it is not rare now to find someone with mental health issues running a business running a website or even blogging and doing other useful or creative things online it is a little bit more unusual than normal but that’s as far as I will say because people out there with mental health issues are trying just the same as everybody else to make ends meet and pay the bills.


most of my regular readers will know that I have emotional unstable personality disorder and OCD magical thinking as well as suicidal ideology I do have a care plan a psychiatrist and a Lee practitioner so please do not feel bad as I am getting the best treatment possible for my illness.


The point I wanted to make here is someone that has the diagnosis’s that I have been given do not usually win awards for blogging end up in the paper or on TV or have the opportunity to create an exhibition with the hobby pieces at a museum yet I was lucky to have all this happen to me.

As you read this so will my lead practitioner and psychiatrist that I have understood my passion for bulldogs collecting realise that blogging Especially of a night time when the devil comes out and wants to play,I have been encouraged to continue yeah I am not sure if this will be viable after August.


You you you

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022


you didn’t think I was gonna leave you out surely ! This goes out to every single video that has engaged with Collectibulldogs has written a review on Trustpilot and that has replied to blog comments clicked on internal pages look through sections that may be already previously gone through.


The people that let me add my articles to the groups pages and accounts,The people that like looking at my photos and videos of the bulldog collection and those especially the ones that come back Time after Time even if it is to read the next article


For those that know me and try their hardest to share unfortunately the same people are not reviewing or blog commenting I did say in my last blog you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink it it’s the same with visitors you can’t make them leave a review for blog comments.

that doesn’t take away the fact that we have had over 4.4 million visitors to the website Since 2015,if I had known the new website would’ve failed as miserably as it has done I would’ve kept on collecting but I wouldn’t of carried on with the website as it seems bulldogs are more unpopular than I thought.

My Legacy more than a Bulldog antiques website

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 ITS BEEN A FIGHT TO GET ENGAGEMENT

there are different people in life those that can pass on bricks and mortar to the children and those that live poorly and can only pass on memories as I have said before in past blogs my father left me with scars and bad memories.



never wanting to emulate my parents the idea of this collection is to leave as a legacy one day to my daughters or any children I may have by then the collection is worth a lot of money but so are the business opportunities given if the website was given a chance by anyone with a business mindset.

A few thousand pounds has turned into tens of thousands of pounds in just 10 years so I am proud that the pieces that I chose way back when I started now worth a lot more,The collection has no intrinsic value to me but I do hope in time it’s worth the world for my children.


not being around to see what happens to the collection is a little bit weird but I have left instructions with the collection so that it stays in the family but if the girls wish to they can approach a top auction house and have the collections sold off as one not years of selling it on eBay.

Bulldog antiques website The collection

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 From the branded to the quirky it’s all at collectibulldogs


The most unforgettable part of collectibulldogs.com has to be the collection itself I am not bragging and I have worked hard to put together what is one of the worlds most dedicated and beautiful hobby collectors dream of a bulldog memorabilia and Collectibles dream


I do not wish people to envy me as I do not envy others I can’t understand that a collection like Collectibulldogs can be overwhelming to some people and seem greedy to others,this collection was not intended to be a resell but Something for everybody in the future from club researchers to those who want eBay descriptions


The content creation on this website alone is better than Wikipedia could ever come out with and I know this because I have checked the blog articles are a reference to the bulldog itself the collection and Hell the English bulldog has played a part in our society and sometimes how it is now Shunned


there are collections out there like Collectibulldogs I have met a few collectors myself and also helped to create collections, Bulldog memorabilia antiques collectables vintage pieces rare pieces and even custom-made pieces are still available on many sites online and you can also find bulldogs memorabilia in many auction shops as well as flea markets.


Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 BY KARL TUTTER GERMANY


Watching the bidding I can tell that they’re still is a market out there for collectors unfortunately as I have blogged about a lot of this is reselling,Worth point first dibs these are some of the brand names of the legal are of making a lot of money from knowing your stuff,soon if you want to buy anything by Bing and Grundale you will have to buy it from first dibs as they are taking pieces off of eBay and adding a lot of money as profit.

collectibulldogs does not have the best of everything and we are happy to admit that some of our pieces of cracks some of our pieces may not look like a bulldog but all of our pieces have been brought with the English bulldog in mind and to add too what is one amazing collection


Saint Lucia Kuala Lumpur Turkey Denmark England Germany Japan the United States of America Canada,there are not many collectors of bulldog memorabilia that can say that they have cases from all these countries and many more.


it’s been an honour and a privilege to come up with Collectibulldogs myself to create a website out of Finnair and a collection worth a lot of money in less than a decade the size of Collectibulldogs is indicative of a collection that has been going on for around 60 or 70 years that’s how passionate I have been about this whole venture.

Now I’m hoping it’s your turn ?

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 Magic can happen when people come together

universal Google analytics has now changed to Google analytics four or ga4 for short I haven’t worked out yet how this works as it is new and was put on the website today but I am urging people to engage with this blog so that I can use the research to get to know my new analytical app

for example I am leaving some of my best blogs as inserts or sticky links and I’m hoping once people have got to this point they will scroll back up and pick a blog article to read and hopefully leave a comment and this will show up on my Analytics ready for me to analyse.

I do get an uptake or spike when I do a blog These are the kind of metrics that I am hoping to see in the next 24 hours and to see which of the links have been pressed and read after I really hope that people can stay as visitors as this means I love a bounce rate and the visit our becomes a session user.

Rank math is our new plug-in platform and the search engine optimisation or get into 100% before publishing is a lot harder than our past platform,To get 100% on the raiders score I am asked to write and to get 100% on the readers score I am asked to write 2500 words as well as add a power word to the title this is all new.


Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISITS

It’s been a long weekend and I’m quite surprised that I am not completely tired from writing this article I believe it is one of the first blog articles that I have written where I am not extremely tired afterwards,I am hoping that our resident article writer will be back very soon to help get great content out.


The cost of living will affect how much Collectibulldogs can afford when buying new pieces we are committed to continuing to add to Collectibulldogs English bulldog member of Alia is very interesting and part of my favourite breeds history so I’m not going to start money will play a big part in what we get.


Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 Is on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest if anyone is interested in checking out pictures and videos they may not have seen yet,we are also trying to fix our problem with our Google business account that was suspended.


collectibulldogs.com is a museum online but Google one asked to have a shopfront type logo and even though it is my own home I have started creating a collectibulldogs.com online museum logo from Some waney wood I’ve got,myself and my friend are just working on the finishing touches before we put it up outside.


thank you very much for reading my article from start to finish the stars give me a good time duration on the new Google analytics I am hoping people press the links as well and I will use the information that I see The time make improvements so that I can get visitors to my website like others get to theirs


The links below will take you to Pinterest and Facebook and if you press on the top of the blog article it will take you straight to great bulldog antiques website original content creation,please feel free to join any of Collectibulldogs social media formats we would love to have you.


we are hoping to be back on Google business and Google business maps ASAP we just need to finish our sign put it out and then contact Google with a picture for verification we are hoping that this will start to bring more visitors back to Collectibulldogs especially local visitors that do not know anything about us yet.

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