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About Collectibulldogs

About Effion (Ave)

Hello, I’m Eiffion Ashdown (Ave).

I grew up in Brighton England my upbringing was of a poor quality and I struggled a lot I used humour at school to cope but faced many challenges both at home and my area of upbringing as the estate was ruled by a culture of hidden fear usually from drug dealing families and their troubled life’s, I went into the care system at fifteen and was self sufficient by aged eighteen, I had a partner and a job until a fateful night changed my life.

After my father died I became lost some of my friends we not whom I thought they were, one night one supposed friend came round he really wanted to borrow our mobile phone (snazzy back then) but something did not feel right and as I turned to him to talk I was stabbed in my upper chest arm area as he snatched my phone and ring before running out the door.

This plus my bad upbringing caused me to contract what is now classed as complex mental health issues and I’ve spent ions of time in different therapies to combat my illnesses, when I realised I couldn’t work anymore to make a living I became depressed the idea I couldn’t fend for my families future really got me down.

It was this downward glance during a pat on my then first bulldogs head that I got the idea to start a collection, it would stop me drinking give me something to do and more importantly I was forming a backbone for what could be my offsprings nest egg .

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The Collection Online

A lot has happened since we first started and the collection has changed over the years, pieces being bought and sold, swapped accidents and our abrupt move in 2017 means we do not have an accurate number at present but we can say there’s lots of new pieces added since the website idea came along.

I do hope to keep bringing gems to the forefront bulldog memorabilia at its best, with a new baby coming along (due early jan), I’m guessing after waiting seventeen years a lot of funds will now be earmarked for the baby’s needs.

For over a decade now we have been collecting bulldog memorabilia antiques some not so antique too, there’s pieces from across the globe and from where I’m from England, there’s club pieces,jewellery,silver, metals expensive ceramics, artworks postcards, glass bulldogs even paper clippings and slides.

We have been in the media the collection was used on TV and I’ve done interviews for both heart FM news and Sussex university too, there’s three awards for originality and content, we have a professional boxer endorsement and we were the first in 2017 to exhibit at Brighton museum a bulldog exhibition the first ever !

Now with this brand new website we hope to achieve even more success