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Merry a right Mix Up Christmas

A merry Christmas or alternatively Happy Holidays from wiggles and myself

Merry Christmas happy holidays

Hi there readers I hope you all had a great Christmas or happy holiday depending on what’s PC these days, as a youngster I only knew merry Christmas but as the world gets more diverse there’s now many a saying that means the same thing.

We had a quite Christmas this year our daughter had a great time opening her gifts so did Wiggles, my wife was surprised as I had managed to put a little bit by to buy her a surprise gift with its intention to say thank you really for staying as the glue that keeps us all together.

That right merry mix up

The whole reason for such a late Christmas blog is because I learned it’s unprofessional to blog when angry it’s a bit like drunk dialing you can end up saying things you later regret, How my family runs it’s affairs at Christmas isn’t something I will bore you with but as our daughter has a birthday three weeks later there’s not much under the tree for me.

I really don’t mind that’s not the problem and I’m usually spoilt on my birthday but this year I thought my article that the evening argus had done was going to run before Christmas, I also got an email  coincidently my museum mentor saying all stories from the museum were being held.  As I have cognitive problems I jumped straight to the conclusion that my story wasn’t going to be published and this in effect ruined any merry I should of had over Christmas and why I’m so in need of CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy).

After seeing what was going on by emailing the editor I went back to feeling at ease I feel I deserved the article based on my own merit and a part quoted by a person at the museum has left me with questions but I’m back to being happy old me now it’s all sorted.

Very merry numbers

Now for some great news, the day before Christmas, Christmas Day and, Boxing Day saw Collectibulldogs receiving some merry festive feeling in the form of viewers, I couldn’t believe my eyes and it couldn’t of all been mistaken shopping as analytics showed hits on the main pages and the blogs too.

A merry days viewing








Not only was this great for the ego (mainly the OCD) but shows as an organic self promoter of a website that doesn’t sell anything I did pretty well to end the year on a bit of a high all by myself. I do not wish to stay lonesome and as folks can see I can get viewers so if you want to come join me in blogging please can I refer you too looking for links and guests

My Merry  recommendation

Isn’t it the small things in life that give us the strength to pick ourselves up and continue and when that something comes from elsewhere it adds a little hope and lightens the load. Firstly I would like to thank the gentleman for his kindness and compassion to look at others achievements and commend them if only I had more people notice the collection, the site and I’m pretty sure I’m the first antiques blogger to be frank open and honest about their mental health.  So that’s Bulldogs, antiques, and mental health awareness all on one website.

A merry recommendation







If wiggles previous owner follows she had a merry Christmas

Doing well but need a favour

As anyone can imagine it’s not easy being in two places at once and I can only do so much on each format to keep my influencer rating rising this helps social media trending sites like traackr to see my site as interesting and send clients over to have a muse.

As you can see I need help with FaceBook please








The numbers show that I’m in the thousands but this page was once my profile and as I was showing my bulldog pieces FaceBook must of thought I was a business or club and changed it, if you want to help please Just press here to get to face book thank you and please come back

what will 2017 bring

ok so the Brighton fringe festival is in may and that’s when I first display as part of an exhibition for any new readers here’s a usable link to more info about my part in the display at Brighton museum Display blog and then hopefully with the museums help I will be able to use some space to create my very own first ever bulldog exhibit which I then hope will lead on to better things.

Collectibulldogs is a collection first and foremost and why I strive to keep it as such I believe there’s more beauty in looking at the collection as a whole than its monetary value, as stated before once all official the collection will be signed over to my daughter and I hope she sees what I see when I take a look at what I’ve amassed each time and will continue the social enterprise route, I think trustees can help in this matter but obviously in a few years yet I’m just a youngster lol.

Thats a funny title I bet most are thinking and some may even think I’m playing around with the blogs SEO (search engine optimisation) this isn’t the case at all I’m hoping some of you use it to contact me and let me know what bulldog collectibles made your Christmas merry this year.

Loved ones that are with bully lovers usually take the opportunity to buy presents that are to do with the breed and i would love to see what some of you folk got, whether it be a key ring or just like in my group one lady woke up too a life size bulldog standing by her patio doors.

The other point to this is for me to see pieces I’ve maybe not seen before this not only helps me to help others when recognising but I learn something new too i.e. Every year I’m contacted and it’s always to do with Danbury mint merry Christmas bulldog series pieces.

These aren’t so popular in the uk but the demand in the USA outstrips supply and some pieces go for 100s nearly 1000 sometimes WOW that’s a lot of money for resin and lights but each to their own and even I’ve thought about adding a couple of pieces to the collection at some point.

FINALLY find some passion ave!!!

When the finances are a little more disposable and I’ve saved a bit I will start my passion and start collecting again this time with more mindful pieces to try and obtain and do more research before I go and buy, this will have to be mixed in with the funds I use to pay for this website and upkeep and upcoming museum expenses.

I do miss the knock at the door and opening parcels knowing I’ve found a gem or even just a piece I like without any history or investable value but now museum listed I reckon it’s now my job to try and find some very old pieces I know blood sports were banned in 1835 so I might start my search around 1940.

My last piece obtained I need to catch up

Passion is what I miss but it also gets me into trouble like I stated about the paper I’m not good at mixups and feel self destructive when things feel wrong, but I have righted them and even apologise to my readers for not sending out a merry Christmas blog.

I didn’t feel festive so it wasn’t fare to spite that out, I’m much better now and looking forward to hard working yet very rewarding 2017 and whomever you are and wherever you maybe The Ashdown family that includes Wiggles wish you all a fantastic 2017, happy collecting folks…


Please check out the Galleries thank you


A call to all the Bloggers out there


Let’s link up

bloggers please help

Picture loaned by ed

Bloggers help.  The liberty bell 

Hi there folks readers and bloggers I hope your all well and good I can’t believe it’s not even a week till christmas now, I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter and wife open their gifts and I’m sure I’ll be asleep by dinner time, Bloggers that read my blogs this is a shout out to you guys to help me get started.  I’m having real problems with social media and cannot continue to feel bad because my disorder doesn’t understand all the rules.

I have been online over a year now  get good traffic but it’s now time to move forward, I would like to start guest blogging for others just as I wish Other bloggers  to come and guest blog for me, I have read this is mutually beneficial and a cheaper process than buying into blogging sindicates.

Bloggers creating diversity

I’m not quite sure how this works I read that im to find interesting blogs use the link then email the bloggers web address and let them know what I have done, the outcomes could be anything from a thank you to a back link and that’s the part I would have trouble with.  I wouldn’t know the first place to look.

Clear Royal Doulton

If Bloggers came to collectibulldogs the topics can be diverse the same with any links I’m able to use I want my blog archive to be as diverse as possible and so far I think we only have three or four contributors but they are not bloggers except one.

An example

What do Exquisite, Mirella, Dragons and WAP Watson Have In Common? To find out more about this interesting blog Just press this prompt link to take you there and thank you to mallards antiques for the use of her new blog, it’s just one example of the power of linking up and a share of my traffic in exchange for keeping me out of social media trouble seems fair.

What Bloggers can expect

If there are any bloggers out there willing to give me a go I can peomise my blogs will be nice and chunky just like SEO likes it I will do my relevant research and try my hardest to leave a rich blog on your site full of good content and I will even try to add as many good key words  associated with your website or the topic in hand.

Whether it be guest blogging here or me blogging on your site or even just using links I would be grateful for any help I can get and there must be others out there like me struggling if so we could form a link until it grows I’m just happy for any

Olde Growler on Loan

Olde Growler on Loan

help I can get from other bloggers.

My field or medium is bulldogs and the collecting of the memorabilia and mental health but that doesn’t mean I cannot blog about other subjects, subsequently you may want your readers to hear about one of the worlds largest antique bulldog collections or topics on mental health.

What can I expect

This part is easy I’m not expecting anything and as past experience shows this will just end up as another begging type blog just please take in that I’m ptsd and won’t last much longer on some social medias so yes I’m asking all bloggers with compassion to come and help to just get me started.

I feel I deserve a chance to try I did the collection I made the website and got the museum listing surely it’s my time now!!! To branch out from the confines of my

HUMIDORS and inkwells

own blog and make lasting connections.

Thank you

firstly sorry to those thinking this was about bulldogs etc I have added some nice pics to the post to compensate and to bloggers out there I just need that one opportunity THANK YOU

an example of my blogging

Please checkout my blogging

for those that don’t blog but made it this far why not pop over to our galleries


Hi all Bloggers from wiggles

Rare pieces respectfully lucky

Rare pieces

hi there readers I hope your all well and safe, I am waiting for my web designer to retrieve my blogs back into archives and useful content for the pages so until then I thought it would be nice to pick out some rare pieces that we have here at

Silver bulldog club trophy Australia 🇦🇺


The first piece is one of many gifts sent to me by a lovely adorable lady from Australia 🇦🇺 (she won’t want me saying but she knows whom she is), I couldn’t believe it the other morning when opening up a parcel to find a silver bulldog cup!!! I was both humbled and gobsmacked to receive such generosity this piece is rare it’s dated 1954 and there’s no other so I am very lucky to have such amazing friends worldwide.

Tick tick I’ve not come across another clock

I ended up parting with this next piece but the ladies whom collection I helped so much on the wonderful island of Hawaii won’t mind, I Found this rare piece on a popular auction site and feel for it straight away.  Now I’m not sure if the subject matter chased into the silver is the dickens character or John Bull it didn’t matter it was stunning.

Dated at the turn of the century it depicts a drunken soul asleep holding a beer barrel with he’s faithful bulldog lying under the table, if I remember rightly I put this piece up as part of a swap I couldn’t get hold of an American firm to have a custom made glass bulldog made I did a deal with my friend.


Silver clock. Stunning

Rare Doulton

This next piece is porcelain and rare not just because there are limited numbers but by the colourway used, the piece is named the tam o Shanter and was designed by John knokes around 1910-1917 he was a keen military man so many of he’s designs took the traditional seated piece and changing certain aspects to reflect the army,

Seated tam o Shantel bulldog

the navy, and the Air Force. This is also shown in he’s sets of three with each different figurine either having 3 sizes or colours.

For those interested I did a past blog explaining the difference between Doulton collectors and their Bulldogger counterparts. two types of collectors



Is it rare ?

If you have been in the collecting world for a while you would of come across  eccentric dealers and auctioneers can that can tell you a yarn about most pieces they have, This is a form of provenience but can be untrue at times with the story made up to sell the item.

This piece came to me with its object name being “a fishermans priest” and sailors

A Fishermans priest hmmm

would make variations of these to give to the local  clergy or church in exchange for the hope and prayers of calm seas and fish o plenty in their nets.  To me it resembles a toffee hammer but who am I to know and I do so enjoy the different stories that antiques dealers and novice sellers use to try and sell their wares, try it go into any antiques shop pick a piece and I bet the owner tells you a story about it.


Rare sub collections

there are lots of rare pieces in each sub section or collection and moving away from the ceramics and other mediums I have chosen to show the silver pieces, Partly due to the age of the pieces but also the rarity of some of them.

All the pieces are hallmarked and are either from England, Russia, Australia, American, and there’s even a necklace and pendant there from Finland too.  As you can imagine it takes a while to polish this lot up but for my Christmas gift this year

The silver collection

And I’ve asked if someone else could just polish it the once now that’s not asking for much is it. One of my favourite pieces from here is a vesta from the old English coal industry yet it’s all lovely and shiny.

Rare hoody

The time I’ve spent looking for bulldog car/ hood emblems that are not MACK related was starting to prove fruitless until I obtained this piece from a contact that has long stopped contact I hope he’s ok! This is the only other emblem piece I’ve ever seen in all my years of collecting.

I think the piece is made of chrome and the next task is to see where it came from

Rare Chrome emblem

and what it belonged too, Some novice collectors can get these mixed up with Radiator covers for old steam engines that were often made by the engineers themselves.




Rare lyons

To me this next rare object epitomises collecting in this field and like so many other pieces it’s a delight to own this, the company Lyons were from America and manufactured gentlemans high end canes until they ceased trading in 1919. I have tried to look for another to try and see what one looked like when fully adorned the down side to mine is its finery was stripped off before being sold on.

Rare Bulldog cane

The upsides outweigh that fact the head is seprate to the cane and made from hardword its hand carved and then connected to a bamboo stem/ stick and tipped at the end, you can see for yourself the detail in the carving and the carver must of been very skilled indeed.

Im guessing at some point it had some nice detail snaking down and around the piece but not sure, if you know more please write in at I would love to hear any info I can on any of my pieces.

A rare fan

I’m not talking about the occasional lovely Collectibulldogs enthusiast here but a rare Black Forest hand carved fan with little bulldog heads on the end, I had met a gent online that remembers playing with many carved heads as toys as he’s nan was a home carver and created wooden heads for quite a few different objects i.e. Canes,umbrella handles and he dated the piece back to at Least 1900 bc.

The fan is in good condition for its age with minimal wear and I think the black is

Rare wooden fan

very becoming of the Victorian period but with no markings it’s hard to tell.

A word of advice to any collectors and that’s to keep these pieces clean but don’t over clean as to much handling will only cause damage or faster wear and tear



Huebach the rare one

To all my new readers that have not heard of this maker Huebach He was a German porcelain artisan and worked for many different German manufacturers most commonly known for working at Gerbruder and Kurnst where this next rare beautiful piece was made.

Unlike he’s cheaper more mass produced pieces this is indeed a rare piece in the

German porcelain sub section at Collectibulldogs.  Look at the way he has captured

Rare Huebach bulldog

the bulldogs essence as it sits there always half asleep and looking like he’s just about to doze off. And again it’s a piece that makes me feel lucky for what’s here.

Germany was the second largest country in the world to produce bulldog memorabilia this was due to industry and their own love of the breed itself.

A final rarity

This last piece could be concidered as the bible for the bulldog world it’s the standard as it was first written with us owning the 1913 revised edition. The book is only 16 pages long yet so important to so many people, I have been made offers on this piece even by the kennel Club but I would like to keep it for my own exhibitions and displays.

Bulldog bible. The rare standard

The rarest

I think that should be added to the list, as we are the first of our type ever online we are a rarity indeed and as we are a collection show and tell it must confuses many at first that think I’m a business selling figurines.

The pieces are way to important to sell on and as in previous Blogs I have mentioned that we are going down the museum route yet we do not mind assisting others with their collections.

I have left a link as I politely ask those with a spare five mins to send in some feedback about the website thank you

Please send us your thoughts

Please check out a page or two

thank you very much and until next time happy collecting folks.

museum and links to mental health

Pieces from one of the collections at Brighton museum


Studies have shown that museums can promote wellbeing within the mental health community, in my local museum they are running an art group two days a week for those whom suffer differing mental health disorders and learning difficulties.

Here is a summary of our own art group how it’s run and what the clients get from going each week.

Set in the grounds of the Royal Pavilions

Museum Mentors – Project Overview 2016

Museum Mentors is a project developed within the Royal Pavilion & Museums establishment.

Funding is provided by the Arts Council, England’s Renaissance Programme.
The project supports up to 30 adults, individuals identified as being vulnerable or having specific social care needs. Many members of the group have experience of social isolation.

The project aims to promote diversity, give value, opportunity, choice and independence to all involved.
Members have been supported to access a huge range of opportunities within Royal Pavilion and Museums. Studies of collections & objects prove a great source of inspiration & motivation for all involved.

Project Values

The project aims to; promote diversity, give value, opportunity, choice and independence to all involved.

There is focus to facilitate individual and collective; skills, abilities, strengths,

My attempt at art

originality, styles, and ideas.

Allow for a wide range of explorative, experimental and creative methods, support emerging and developing creativity – all within a therapeutic nurturing environment.

  • Provide safe space for positive experiences.
  • Further promoting; increased wellbeing, social connection, increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Project work is underpinned by very specific policies, procedures and systems, i.e. Confidentiality policy, Members Agreement, Lone Working policy, robust risk management and more…

Partnership Project opportunities

Museum Mentors supports volunteer learning placements, mentoring placements & group work opportunities, opening doors to:

  • new skills
  • new perspectives and knowledge relating to diversity within community
  • a wider understanding of stigma associated with disability
  • a better understanding of social inclusion
  • a better understanding of inclusive practise and inclusive attitudes
  • new ways to value and promote those considered vulnerable
  • opportunity & freedom to develop creative abilities
  • a wider understanding of group & diverse team working


Members are keen to learn, keen to be valued and recognised as contributing citizens.

Members work in many mediums, creating: artwork, poetry, collections, installations, exhibitions…

Activities to date:

Art studies – collections objects & stories ​ Ceramics
Drawing Animation
Painting Filmmaking
Creative Writing

Public Exhibitions & Events to date

Brighton Museum image

the door to tranquility

May 2012
Brighton Artists Open House

May 2014
Beyond the Mantelpiece – An artistic installation, a direct creative response to The Willett Collection, located within The Willett’s Gallery Brighton Museum.

Beyond The Mantelpiece – A group film animation production facilitated in partnership with Annis Joslin & Museum Mentors, Brighton Museum.
A thoughtful exhibition that goes ‘Beyond the Mantelpiece

You can watch the video here on YouTube
Dec 2014
Brighton Museum – Museum Mentors Pop Up Christmas Shop
Dec 2015
Brighton Foyer at The Dome – Museum Mentors Pop Up Christmas Shop

Activities for the future:
Mosaic work
Glass work

Eiffion & his collection.  courtesy of my museum project  coordinator 
Joining the project April 2014, sharing a passion for collections and antique objects.
Eiffion expressed a need to engage in activity that would support and enable his mental health recovery.
We work with Eiffion via mentoring and weekly sessions. His vast collection of antique bulldogs has become a hugely positive focus; Eiffion has linked with the Museums Curating Team. He has developed knowledge of classifying and recording objects, he has developed a broad understanding of what Museums and Collections can offer. He has been able to draw positive ideas and experiences from historical

Treen bulldog head pieces

Treen bulldog head pieces from my collection

objects and links to the past, nurturing some healing of mental health traumas lived in childhood….’my collection is my therapy…’ Eiffion likens his collection to a healing medicine.

Future aims
Eiffion has identified great interest amongst a world of collectors, experts, amateurs & novices alike.
His attention to detail and his high standards of curatorial knowledge are key, these qualities have driven the development of the collection and the website. Initially a few objects in 2010 to a vast 3000 or more) objects today. Eiffion has developed a great understanding of conservation and the benefits of preserving objects and stories from the past.
It was Eiffion’s idea and wish that one day, his collection is exhibited and open to members of the public. We are currently collaborating to develop, to one day showcase Britain’s first Bulldog Pop Up Museum.

Authentic happiness and museums
In his book Authentic Happiness (2000), the American positive psychologist Martin Seligman wrote that ‘we would be a far more successful society if we enabled mental wellness rather than concentrating efforts on treating mental illness’. He talks of stages of happiness:
New evidence shows Museums have a part in contributing to peoples wellbeing and what those without a mental health diagnosis refer to as ‘happy’ feelings. Wellbeing and Museums is a new emerging sector of which we are very proud to be part.

What it means to me

I have been a participant client in the museum mentors art group for around two

Thank you to all at Brighton museum

years now, with the other other clients we sit drink tea and do creative things either together in small groups or individual projects, my latest work has been upcycling bulldog figurines as art isn’t my biggeststrong points.

The art group has become more than just a couple of hours painting ceramics I can take any issues I may have and the mentors do their best to help me out whether it’s a chat or helping me  establish contact with other services. I guess the studies into all this must be correct because on a good week there I do lose my troubles for a couple of hours.

I plan on trying harder to get there more next year I’ve had some personal hardships so haven’t been as frequent as I would of liked but it’s a new year coming so let’s see what it brings, thank you to my mentor for explaining why I go and hope it helps to explain a little about the positive aspects for all at museums.

An upcoming group display

or feel free to check out our own antiques Antique bulldog Galleries and thank you all for taking a MUSE.



Christmas Treats and compassion

Christmas treats

collectibulldogs more than just objects

Hi to all the collectibulldogs viewers I hope your all well and getting ready for the Festive period I know different faiths read this so I mean it to one and all, Christmas treats have gone out and this year we donated to two causes and a chance swap left a certain lady very content and another very happy in the gift she had sent.

Please note Part of the blog is mental health related



A lovely lady popped round last week to pick up our donations for bulldog rescue and stayed for a tea and a chat, wiggles used this to her advantage and got spoilt rotten with lots of hugs kisses and bottom strokes. I donated a couple of specialist pieces that I believe will be going into the bulldog rescue auction and due to the nature of the pieces there will be a reserve so that the pieces make as much as possible for the Charity.

lewes walk

The other donations this year went to my local bulldog walk that is normally held in the next town, they have a raffle and auction to which I have donated too this past year and Christmas. I believe they made two hundred and forty five pounds I have no interest in how much was down to my donations I’m just happy to see a nice amount was raised for the dogs as that’s what really counts


As I have mentioned before my collection somehow gets what I call rogue pieces and this particular piece made two ladies very happy indeed, I had met the swapper on Twitter a lovely lady that sells antiques and from the states and she had spotted a pug I had its antique in age and possibly from the Bergmann factories in Austria.

This pug bronze turned from a swap into a gift and a beautiful gesture that the swapper wanted me to pass on to her English friend that runs a family business called antiques of York and owns a beautiful black pug that I believe to be called olive.

It has been the first swap I have ever done where I send out 3d pieces in return for 2d pieces yet I do not mind as its a feather in the trust cap I make a new friend and contact and the piece in question will go to a loving home where it will be adored and loved.

compassion for Christmas

This is to all the people that run groups moderate and monitor social media groups I’m not expecting any change but if you can at least understand PTSD and OCD properly and hence then my character there could be scope for at least some understanding. A few years ago I was mugged in my own home and stabbed in my chest this caused me to contract a disorder called post traumatic stress disorder it has many down sides and one is a very bad memory.

When you guys delete my posts ( reasons not needed ) I do not remember that I have posted in your groups or communities and then repeat the process with me then getting into trouble for over posting.  Instead of labelling me as some sort of spammer and denying my posts It would be nice if you could understand why it may happen and just have a little word in my ear so to speak.

I have decided to ask this after I found my posts getting deleted in the Face book group Brighton people and started feeling pushed aside, for one person to be the voice of over 14k users is not something I understand but as its not my group so be it, and I have mentioned before the worst of support for my venture does come from my own city with the exception of a couple of groups and the museum where I’m listed.

In my own defence firstly collectibulldogs is being remade this means I do not yet understand the format, secondly I was told my posts are all familiar this is not true at all otherwise the museum would not of listed me and I can say until the website is fully optimised and all the tweaks done the drop down pictures will be the same and once my other 49 blogs have been rescued folks will see just how diverse I have been since starting the website.  For any locals actually interested its a display next year there are 26 people exhibiting and it coincides with the Brighton fringe festival, not sure how moderator saw that as bulldogs but there you go and after explaining myself I was told to post nearer the time that’s not how you get the word out early I’m afraid.

I’m not giving up, in or stopping

folks that suffer with mental health will understand this but I nearly gave up everything yesterday after a comment was made by a moderator a local to Brighton, do not get me wrong I’m not after prestige I have been on news the radio and even visited by admirers abroad. I need to learn how to handle negativity no matter where its coming from and look for other less hostile ways of not only getting out my venture those I’m either in or helping with without bumping into these less compassionate souls.

It only takes one nieve persons remark to destroy years of work I will just have to take the morale high ground on this one and just continue whilst the injustice niggles away hopefully to nothing I was not rude and even though was made to feel like poo I stayed professional and will now move on using these blogs as reference for next year to see if I have improved in my cognitive  thinking.


Please note the pictures I wanted to use I haven’t learned to upload to this format yet so will add as an update one is of wiggles with Alison jones from bulldog rescue, I miss Weebly the app it was so much easier but after a few failed attempts I’m sure I will get it if not I’ve gone and wasted a fair bit of money on a format not good for the PC  illiterate but hey that’s my fault and until next time folks happy collecting….

please check out our galleries


Bulldogs on display a museum taster

Bulldogs on display

Brighton Museum image

Now listed at Brighton museum

Sterling silver bulldog bangle

we could display some designer pieces

Hi there readers I hope you are all well, I have been invited to create a small bulldogs display next year an exhibition of my bulldogs just smaller than a pop up museum exhibition would be at Brighton museum, for now id just like to thank them in general as I’m not sure I’m allowed to disclose names.

maybe the first bulldogs museum display

Whether it be this exhibition or my own pop up

what to choose

version I think it maybe a first I have not come across anything like this other than artist displays in galleries, either retail or

installations. And most famous bulldog collections have only ever had media provenance once they hit the auctions then its all about the money raised this becomes a financial prestige but the collection is split up and no more.

welcome to the curators

Due to the size of the collection I feel choosing what to display from my bulldogs

Metal seated bulldog on marble base

a piece that could be hands on

collection a little hard to think up myself, the ladies that curate at the museum have kindly offered to come and look at the collection to give them a clearer idea of what I have.  I know some of the pieces loaned will have to be bulldogs that can be hands on giving the visitor more than just a visual experience, other than that there is so much that I welcome the help from these very busy curators as their busy day jobs is to keep all the museums in and around Brighton interesting and diverse for the public

other exhibitors

My mentor Debbi knows I would not do a blog without mentioning my arty counterparts that too will be displaying their works and art at next years exhibition and again without permission I cannot name people but I can say the quality of art I see every week leaves me astonished. If the other exhibitors are from my art group then people will be in for a surprise and lucky that I can just display as the other artists blow my art work out of the water, now Debbi would have me say my art works hold their own merit but I promise I could never produce what I see others

bulldog plate 1880s

doing this week.

Thank you Alice

I have mentioned Alice in my previous blogs Alice is a student studying in the City and opted into the mentoring programme run by Brighton museum the mentors get a choice to either do group work for instance helping in the art classes each week, Because Alice is very much into collections herself she volunteered to come and help me develop collectibulldogs and I suppose myself a bit.  I want to thank Alice for the kind help, acting as my PA, helping me remember things, And the biggest one of all and that’s giving up her own time to want to help me but as Alice explains she will be learning from the experience whilst working with me.

will the mayor be there

Once all the preparation is complete I believe the museum will be sending out invites, the papers and the news will be sent an invite to cover the story, the mayor of Brighton and Hove will also get an invite with us hoping he excepts and comes to see our exhibition.

This will be yet another accolade for Collectibulldogs I’m not sure that I have ever met the mayor before, I have never been one for cameras and having my picture taken either but I think if I want the coverage I will have to swallow any insecurities and just go for it.


Even with the many ups and downs I have talked about in the past I am very proud

Nice features

Japanese akari bulldog

of everything I have achieved so far and the time span in which I have done it in, my life started out pants so to end up not even 40 yrs old with a collection good enough for museums and a social enterprise in the making is quite an achievement and remember I collected nearly every piece it was not handed to me and I have worked my bottom to get where we are today I do not mean to sound brash I just want to advocate in the following of peoples passions and to let those that think they will never find their feet, I was in my early 30s before I found mine.

museum set in beautiful grounds





firstly thank you to my new readers and website viewers all my viewers are just the best and as I do all my own promotion every single view is so appreciated and a reflection on how hard I’m working to try and get my venture out there organically.

To all those into collecting and antiques I can only say sorry for the lack of new content we had problems moving the old blogs over from my last host, once they are back and all uploaded by a very tired lee bless him I can start writing fresh content that has not yet been covered.

We are always looking for new links and guest bloggers in which to share our traffic with we are happy to link up with most relatable sites and guest bloggers are welcome to come and make our own archives more diverse and of course to find yourselves new readers THANK YOU and until next time folks happy collecting folks.

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Date and artists name

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Wiggle! Time flies when you wiggle your thing

Time flies when you wiggle your thing

Hi there readers I thought the title time flies when you wiggle your thing was quite catchy considering my blog is about our rescued bulldog and her first year here, firstly let me welcome you all and I hope all are safe and well where ever you may be at this time.

Come here for a kiss!

one of wiggles doggy days bus hopping she loves rides

The time really has flown by we love our new bulldog and we cannot believe its nearly a whole year since that day Debbie my wife was shown two very cute pictures of her and instantly fell in love.

Before I continue can I say if your going to rescue a bulldog then lots of research is essential, may I suggest bulldog rescue, the Edward foundation or you can get the details for the Dogs Trust in the UK from a previous blog  find dogs trust details here or contact them directly they are nation wide.

All mistreated animals are of course traumatised and in many different ways according to the suffering they had to live with prior to a rescue so many come with added responsibilities, I don’t like to use the words issues or problems as anyone willing to rescue will know these and still love any said animal.

I’m talking a little in general as I believe the same is across the board for all creatures but for this blog I mainly mean bulldogs.

Who is lily?

Wiggles Takes A Nap

wiggles AKA lily don’t let debs see lol

So we have had wiggles our beautiful rescue bulldog for a year now she is a favourite online, wiggles has even been in the news and is loved down at the charity shop and when going for walks.

The little known fact that only a few may know is that wiggles is just an AKA her real name is actually lily, when she first arrived she would not stop shaking her bottom and every time I mentioned the word wiggles she would and still does go crazy in a very cute way.

The woes of wiggles

We have not been the luckiest when it comes to bulldog health wiggles came with her own issues and the hardest part for me is she prefers female company and to the point she tried to scare me away from debs a couple of times and to some this could be scary, but due to owning previous bulldog I have learned you need to be just as stubborn, you have to show them who is the boss or you end up wrapped around their paws so to speak.

Cheeky wiggles - Wiggle on Blog

Cheeky wiggles

Wiggle on

Wiggles has over come obstacles since her arrival she now goes for her wee outside, this took us ages but we are still trying with her on the subject of number 2s, we put down puppy pads and one of us has to stay up as she is used to doing her 2s at night and best disposed of ASAP.

Actually if you have any experience here we would love to hear any ideas and getting past this would be a great achievement that even I would have a little wiggle.

For contact about this request or any other please email me at I will not tell wiggles it can be our little secret shhhh.

Wiggle it even more

It would be wrong of me to speak about wiggles past, we got her in a hurry as we pined for a dog to be back in the house, our bulldog friends obliged and it was not long before we had another bulldog and I believe her past was not anything like a lot of rescues out there.


Wiggles says Boo!

In my opinion wiggles came from a household where gentlemen were scarce and why she gravitates towards the ladies of our household.

Even though the website is dedicated in honour to my fallen comrade Scruffy Louise wiggles is now the face of collectibulldogs and I am very sure her previous owner had no idea what was in store for her.

Wiggles is loved the world over, social media laps her up and she is so cute she does help me with all my self promotion using her squidgyface to try and get you folks to come see my site I do not sell so have to think up other ways to get my views.

Her wiggly routine

If you lived with us you would soon notice wiggles has a daily routine which recently changed a little when Debbie switched jobs to do more hours for the
Dogs Trust.

Wiggles Belly Rub

Wiggles – Belly Rub Please!

She sleeps down by Debbie of a night time (I can hear her snoring atm) and she will get up when Debbie does, she has her breakfast then after her morning wee its back on the sofa next to debs for a power nap.

On the days Debbie goes off to work wiggles does not power nap on the sofa, instead she goes into the bedroom acts like she is sulking and stares at the wall and I can hear you saying give her attention, believe me I have tried from nice walks to chicken treats but all she wants is her mum.

Daddy and Wiggles

Daddy and Wiggles Share a moment frm all the collecting!

She does spend time with me but its mostly when Debbie is indoors and I have food i.e. wiggles loves me at dinner time and any time I’m near her kibble bag so am I the first to be belittled by a chunky yet adorable bulldog.


A funny quirk with wiggles has to be if I give her treats she then trots off with said treat and eats it either by Debbie or as close to where Debbie sits as possible, I’m not sure why she does this but watching her trot off with the goods can be very funny to watch, as a mother, maybe she thinks she still needs to feed her family which is mainly now Debs.


Did someone say food?!?!?!


Wiggles also comes to me for food first every dinner time and goes round making sure we have all eaten after and then goes and eats her own dinner.


From rugs to riches



From the life she had to the life she has now wiggles has landed on her paws bless her she has found a forever home been turned into a star & is still loved unconditionally even though her traits are alien to me, she will continue to be on the website.

Lee the web designer does not mind changing the videos and I’m sure there is many more blogs to come staring our cute little wiggler.


Until next time

I had best start getting back to collection blogs for content and updates but I know wiggles is loved world wide and some folks enjoy reading about her.

So from wiggles its wiggle on and from me, until next time folks stay safe and happy collecting…


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