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Thanking my lucky stars the tides turning


Thanking Noah,Allen and Kirsten

Thanking my lucky stars

Good day readers I hope all of you are well and safe where you are and normal life has resumed in 2017, I’m writing my blog today in the hope that those I’m thanking see it and understand just how much a little compassion can go to someone with my issues.

As I’ve stated before apart from a treat or two this year has not been the best so far with me lapsing at my worst, but I’m feeling much better as the time goes by and wanted to thank a couple of people for answering my prayers so to speak.

2017 has only just seen a turning point for both Collectibulldogs and my own mental wellbeing, it’s great being able to think straight again and I have my precious cognitive thinking back so no more naughty emails to my MP.


Ma’am as I soon learned is a no no with the first person I feel has changed my luck and that’s an agony aunt I met on twitter called Kirsten or @blogberryhelp if your a blogger needing her advice.

I’ve not taken too much in so far and I believe that part of my transformation is from speaking with Kirsten whom expresses understanding towards my illness and actually I do not think she really notices, any way since meeting what I call my fairy blog mother I’ve changed how I feel about both my blog and my obsession with website views.


Thanking Kirsten by helping her online presence

I get to utilise Kirsten’s knowledge I can email Freely and not seen as pestering and I’ve been told that I can ask for help until I’m ready to go it alone etc, I’m hoping with this wonderful ladies help I will one day have a blogging group and guesting more.

It’s ironically weird how when feeling at your lowest with no one hearing you or understanding the frustration your feeling a lifeline gets chucked, I’m a gent so I’m promoting Kirsten’s services and her advice to my knowledge is completely free so why not check out Kirsten’s blogging help


I’m surprised actually that I’m writing this and after all the bad luck I’ve had with my PTSD its effects on memory and cognitive thought I again got myself into trouble this time with StumbleUpon, I had forgotten my password and even what email I used at first so started a new account.

Now StumbledUpon have a strict one account policy in which I didn’t know and doubt I would of got through the first few sentences of their policy before misunderstanding set in, I was gutted when I got banned and felt it was all part of the down hill spiral.

I wrote to them/ emailed detailing why I had started a new account and it was due to my forgetfulness and nothing else, not only did I get a prompt response the advocate I spoke too showed compassion and stated I could have my account back once I’d changed the password.

It seems silly thanking a format but in my past experience NONE to date have expressed consideration when I’ve explained myself, Thank you to the powers that be at StumbledUpon for showing there is hope in social media and not are all mainstream set with no thought to their clients individual needs.


On another format recently (Linked in) I met up with one man and he’s dog, well Allen a photographer and he’s faithful companion Noah, I’m not sure if I was promoting at the time for guest blogging but Allen appeared in my inbox with a proposal.

The first Draft was a piece on artwork, as Allen is a photographer he’s keen on art and had asked me to emphasise this in my article, OMG not art it’s my weakest of mediums, I tried my best sent it in and waited, it was just after that I thought I’d start again and send them a new piece.


Thanking Noah and Allen

The article outlines myself and wiggles, why we started and of course the collection, the blog piece is a bit long winded but as far as quality content goes I think I got it just right I hope that my article gives the FROM THE DOGS PAW readers a good insight into bulldog collecting.

Thank you very much Allen and Noah I’m hoping you ask me back for a second feature and have ideas in mind already, I also hope that by seeing this other bloggers will see that I’m competent, can deliver content driven pieces, and what you won’t see yet it’s there is versatility.  Check out Noah Allen and the team on their own great site Noah and Allan’s website

Feel free to check out my article and even if you don’t wish to the website that Noah and Allen have created is a high quality dog magazine that’s not just bulldog exclusive, so if your an owner of any dog breed there’s something there for all tastes. My guest article


On the 9th of march I have an appointment to see the curators of Brighton museum this is to talk about my part in this years display, the pieces, and all the paperwork that this exhibition is going to entail, I never knew there was so much involved in this process and does sound daunting even if I were an active social enterprise.

The display has to take into consideration the breeds history so thought has to go into how the exhibition is displayed to the publics perception and for those not understanding the breed was associated with far right racist groups but as there’s never been any such motive I doubt any display I create would show anything but passion and quality.

On the tenth of march and back to my Luck changing for the better, what better way to celebrate a birthday than showing my collection to eager curators that have busy time tables yet are taking time out to come and see Collectibulldogs and the brains behind it all.

The paperwork is the hardest obstacle a form or two needs to be completed, so firstly here at home each piece has its own paperwork detailing its condition insurance price and other info, after gently packing the pieces are then moved down to the museum where another set of paper work is filled in finishing with me signing my pieces over as a loan.


If the display goes well the next step will be finding interest in my collection and then find investors that see potential in my venture and invest in me, these funds would come from the private sector and donations and will pay to have the collection professionally appraised,  once that’s done I can then offer the collection out on loan to museums, galleries, other displays and exhibitions and stay as a social enterprise and not a profit driven business.

The world is full of investors and ideas to invest in and I think I’ve got a winner here, i of course will pay a share but where the collection is so vast I will need outside help to pay the bills coming regarding the collection, this is my daughters legacy so the better I can make it the prouder she can be of me, and if no investors showed it wouldn’t matter as I still own a memorabilia that’s not only Niche but vast as well.


PLEASE NOTE TITLE IS TO BLOGGING REFERENCE ONLY, I think I now understand why I have had no luck with guest bloggers, as I trawl other mediums I see beauty and make up blogs, fashion and clothing, even fine art articles yet no collectors, if this is the case then let’s widen the Collectibulldogs archive a little.

I’m not saying let’s make a page for beauty and fashion bloggers but maybe open the door a little wider and entertain a bit more diversity, saying this it would still be great if a collector, pet owner, antiques lover or anyone even close to our field to come forward and share your story with the world.

I’m still looking for some guidance on blog lovin and pocket, I cannot seem to get views I think it’s because I do not understand the format properly again (story of my life) so again I appeal to any bloggers that have a heart and some free time to help me get started. please check out other sites we have endorsed and happy collecting



Let’s go UTube a Collectibulldogs tester logo

UTube. logo

Let’s go all UTube

Hello to all my viewers readers and Collectibulldogs enthusiasts let’s go all UTube is a new way of showcasing an article using graphic design, my own pictures and some humour.

The idea behind this is you get to see short videos instead of lots of text I won’t make all blogs this way but will make more if the UTube clips are well recieved

UTube clip one

I started to make short videos for my twitter account but as twitter is much faster than most other formats UTube clips are mostly just to long for poeople to scan yet it’s still a great idea and puts my skills to the test.

This first one was made to showcase Collectibulldogs and to show people just a few of the pieces here.

UTube clip two

UTube clip number two is my actual pinned tweet at the moment it points out that Collectibulldogs wants more guest bloggers to join us, I’m quite proud of this clip the pictures are very well chosen as the text content rolls along.

As I state in every blog we are always looking for guest bloggers so feel free to contact us at Thank You.

To all bloggers

UTube clip number three

As you can make these as long or as short as you like I’ve made up a small version just showing one small cabinet, I will of course be looking into this as a format to use but I believe you need to find viewers etc and for my medium that’s not easy.

UTube clip number four

I think many will like UTube clip number four I’ve taken pictures of wiggles and made a short film with her pictures, this not only shows her off but my sense of humour comes through too.

Get ready for the shortest yet sweetest bulldog film ever made lol, will Wiggles be the cutest ever well you will just have to watch to find out.

UTube clip number five

As some may remember I have spoken about BORIS O KLIENE well what better way to see some of he’s work on UTube video, Titled the dirty dogs of Paris you can plainly see why and Boris did a lot of these funny French illustrations.

I’ve been quite the pest

Due to some unfortunate misgivings I have to admit I have been giving lee my web designer a bit of grief, he takes it in he’s stride knowing my circumstances but I cannot help feeling sorry for the poor man so I thought not only will I give him a shout out at THE REMOTE IT PRO but show the clip I made for him.

lees Utube advert

Let’s see what kind of reception this idea gets and I will work on a better longer piece a bit like a short film but let’s see. Until next time folks happy collecting

The galleries


Just in our guesting at FROM THE DOGS PAW



Ten of the best Curators choice pieces

I’ve chosen ten of the best pieces to show

Before I start talking about the best pieces I’m going to talk about and try and remember their facts I’d like to say hi to everybody I hope your all safe and well no matter where you maybe.

Number ten out of my best of pieces has to be The old growler this is a Victorian toy made up until the 1900s and made from wire wood paper mache and had a  mechanism inside.

The feet have little hand carved wheels and when the child pulled the lead the dogs mouth would open and make a barking sound, nowadays that bark has turned into a muffed woof hence his nick name the Olde growler, Collectibulldogs has loaned ours to our local toy museum.


Our old growler among other best antique toys

Number nine in this top ten of the best I’m giving to my Doulton sets, compared to others I only have a few and to other collectors I have lots, I’m just happy Collectibulldogs has some of the best pieces England had to offer from the 1900s.


The best Royal DOULTON

Royal Doulton can run into the 1000s when buying and selling and with a few other top names they always hold their money and book price keeping demand high and quantity low.

Number Eight on the list of my best top ten is the tiny tactile yet adorable seated bulldog by Theodore Madison, just the way he gets the pieces weight perfect so that the object stands upright without to much strain going on this rare form of one front legged standing piece.

The best

Theodore Madison one of demarks best artisans

Theodore was just one of many great artistans from Denmark I remember when Dahl Jensen was a favourite until I saw this mans work, the piece stands just 7cms tall but as you can see has  immense beauty and style.

Number seven of the best has to be THE STANDARD mine is the 1913 revised edition and is one of the rarest best books any bulldog collector would love to own, the book was created as a blue print on how the breed should look and be bred with very strict rules.

The standard

The best Bulldog bible. The rare standard

The standard only has 16 pages yet is very detailed clear and precise I’ve been lucky enough to receive offers exceeding £500 for this particular book yet as I wish for my own museum to open one day it has to be a keeper and if it was not important to me I would of gifted it to the kennel club.

With number six I’m going to have to cheat I did say ten of the best yet number six is a collection in itself, I’m talking about my silver collection and one of my personal favourites.

Im not sure how I’ve managed to amass so much in just six years but I have and WOW what a collection it’s turned out to be, ranged from little tiny bulldog charms upto silver bulldog figurines, antiques, trophies and medals too and not forgetting all the jewellery that has managed to find its way here.

The silver collection

I do prefer the older silver this unless something special has the same value as today’s silver and still seen as scrap by many, this is true if you had one or two small pieces but with what Collectibulldogs has obtained it could quite easily be sold as a whole.

This of course isn’t the ephos here and we keep and preserve every piece put into our collection the only problem with silver is its cleaning, as you can imagine it’s all well and good chatting about them and showing them all shiny but it takes a day with the wife’s help to keep it all from tarnishing.

The best of my choices top 5

Down to number five 

number five on the list is a bit of a surprise to me but as it’s really old and I’ve only ever seen variations I felt it deserved a spot in the top ten, made from heavy bronze this inkwell although amazing looking has a bit of a gothic look to it.

Back before the bulldog was an oversized lapdog they were seen in this way and a few of my pieces show that, there’s no getting away from history and this piece proves just how popular the bulldog was even before its domestication

Vintage bronze bulldog head inkwell

Vintage bronze bulldog head inkwell

number four 

when I did the research on this piece I was dumbfounding and astonished at what I had and as you can see it’s more like a baby faced animal of some description than its actual medium of being a ceramic bulldog figurine.

Rare Japanese figurine

Rare Japanese figurine

The Akari Japanese bulldog is a rare piece with only one other seen since last century the piece is said to be over one hundred and fifty years old, the paints and pallets used are blessed and a tradition is to use just three colours, if you were to research this piece you will find there’s two kinds of this blessed Japanese dog I’m yet to see the other.

Number three

Going back to pieces being controversial number three on the list is one of the best bronzes we have in the collection and a proper talking piece, again a bit distasteful to some yet as I state these pieces are antiques and when made life was not as PC as today.

Being from Austria this piece has survived wars it didn’t get melted down for ammunition like so many others and we feel lucky to own one. You can find these made in France but the quality just isn’t the same.

Made from pure bronze the bulldog is tethered to a post which doubles up as a match strike and the matches can be found by tilting the dogs head upward, another reason why this is in my top three is becouse of the saving I had to do to get him here.

1800's Bulldog Bronze Vesta

1800’s Bulldog Bronze Vesta

number two 

As a proud owner of a bulldog and as a collector I’ve seen my fair share of real bulldogs and the memorabilia side so number two just for the sheer look of how many of us see our bulldogs day to day goes to a rare and beautiful Huebach piece.

The bulldog has been captured in its lazy seated position and the artist has caught it to the point the piece is made to look like the bulldog is just about to doze off which we can all relate to.

Rare piece by Huebach Germany

Rare piece by Huebach Germany

Huebach are one of my favourite artisans from Germany, they have made quite a few differing versions for different factories but this has to be thier best work from what I’ve seen, again this I said another piece I’ve been offered a conciderable amount for and you can see why.

If you have ever owned a bulldog this stance should be one you see time and time again, the bulldog is known to have a snooze whilst sleeping and I believe this has made for many a humorous giggle on UTube as even the pups seem to do it and topple over, we may have a few in our Funny pictures of cute bulldogs

Number one choice

The number one choice is a no brainer it was drawn by a young South Korean artist called pipi jay and is a brilliant depiction of my last bulldog scruffy Louise, I’ve looked high and low and without being bias and putting a piece by my daughter as number one I’ve chosen this piece.

My daughter and her pieces are well and safe whereas scruffy is no longer here and is missed everyday, wiggles is a beautiful bulldog and cute but she’s a ladies dog and there’s not the same bond as I had with scruffy Louise.

Different commissions of Scruffy Louise

Scruffy Louise

Anything gong on lately?

We finally have a date for my first exhibition and the curators will be coming to see my collection around my birthday they will help to choose pieces suitable for the exhibit I wish them luck as there’s so much here.

Fingers crossed I may have found a young lady from Africa whom has a desire for passion and empathy to come and blog for us, we advocate inspiration and if any one can learn from her writings then it’s worth giving this lady a voice.

Lastly and I’m stoked about this a blog article to a dog magazine called FROM THE DOGS PAW has been submitted, I wrote about my collection and broke it up into parts which the editor found intriguing, once published I’m hoping it gets enough likes that I’m asked to come back again.


Collectibulldogs is always happy to submit many varied articles and to you out there sitting next to a curio whilst reading this turn and have a look and think why shouldn’t I tell the world about my treasures!!  I did and now your reading all about it others can read your story to just email us at or let us know if you have ten favourites from the collection.  So until next time folks stay safe keep the peace and happy collecting.

please note due to technical problems I’m unable to reach all my Of my formats i.e. Stumbled upon etc if your on these formats please share THANK YOU


Museum vocation it’s a start

A chance at a museum vocation


My beautiful girls in the stunning museum grounds

A dream vocation, good day readers regular and new I hope your all well and safe out there in the world, after a really dodgy start to 2017 my luck maybe changing with a vocational volunteering role at Brighton museum.

I spoke with my museum project leader to see if this was even viable and lucky for me my mentor knows all about Collectibulldogs, my passion for collections and of course the knowledge I’ve picked up since starting.

Brighton Museum image

the door to tranquility

Im not sure what roles are possible ATM I would rather learn with the curators but if that means I have to start by cleaning the museum toilets I would just for this amazing opportunity.

There will be more information coming my way this coming week and I will keep people posted, Brighton museum was kind enough to show faith in Collectibulldogs they gave us a listing not knowing us or how long we would last so this is a great way of saying thank you whilst learning.

I would imagine the museum will see how well I assist in curating the pieces I’m loaning before matiching me to a role suitable for my skill set and flexible just in case of any illness or triggers at work but no matter any vocation at the museum would be great and I will learn so much more.


These need finishing before the display


wether folks have noticed yet or not Collectibulldogs is rather a large website with page after page to muse, to make things easier there is a keyword finder at the top of the website. Use this as a short cut to any figurine, blog or page your looking for I use it and it’s my site lol.

From one to another

I’m afraid on a regular basis of helping Collectibulldogs my personal PA Alice has now been swapped over by another mentor, the reason being that Alice is a student and as she came into her second year at university became super busy with her studies.

I have expressed that even though Alice is chasing her own Vocation and busy learning she’s still welcome to partake in any upcoming displays we may be attending.

Alice was very interested in collections and the characters that make up the people that collect where as my new mentor is totally different and as I do not really know him I’m not sure what he thinks to Collectibulldogs.

My new mentor has a Degree in Creative Writing and is willing to share this knowledge in the hope that I can make my blogs to you folks even better and not so boring, it’s amazing what choosing selective words can do to get people’s interest.

With this new mentor I will also be getting some help with my out reach so that my blogs travel further and start to gain interest on formats and as I’m such a niche website with no guest bloggers (I did a blog on this) this will be a god send till I reach my goal.

Being a novice blogger that I am I’ve been following a guide free for all called the dummies guide to blogging, I’m stuck on stage seven which is not bad for me, I don’t think I will achieve number seven on the list without assistance the only problem being is I’ve been waiting since Christmas for this ladies participation.

Inspiring others is great

before I introduce you to our artist I would like to add that as a social enterprise Collectibulldogs does not profit from helping others we believe in the same rules that apply to a social enterprise or museum rules.

Mud it is the first attempt

I met this artist on twitter last year I had first noticed them when I realised they were good retweeters and I started retweeting back as you do, after chatting with this lovely lady about what I do we soon struck up a friendship and this cool potter decided to take me up on my idea of creating a bulldog cup.


First attempt unglazed

Not only can these pieces be collectibles now but could be antiques of the future and this first attempt shows that the potter is very capable and with inspiration I think could come up with some amazing pieces. If you want to check out more just MUD IT IS POTTERY

The artist would love more likes on her Facebook page so anyone using that format and feeling generous please go toMUD IT IS FACE BOOK PAGE feel free to leave a inbox message if you have a page for a follow back, please write in if you have any constructive ideas I can pass on just email me at

My reach has hit Australia 🇦🇺

This is brilliant and what Collectibulldogs is all about I’m actually proud of myself, the collector, and the fact that following my blogs really does pay off, this collector is a middle aged lady that used to show and bred bulldogs herself years ago.


A great find down under


The pieces that she has collected so far are quite investable and choice has been thought about before committing to buy, I remember last year when first speaking with this wonderful lady whom I have to say had no intention back then of collecting and didn’t really see any point.

It is true that as you get older and wiser you do learn that memories trump objects any day so some would think what’s the point. The point is simple it’s enjoyable, if OCD like me it’s a healthy way of handling a disorder, there’s the investment side to all of this and if passionate there’s no reason why anyone cannot get out there and become just like


Royal Worcester and Doulton too

Over the past year or two I have had many a person either congratulate me or thank me for inspiring them to either start collecting or it’s re ignited an old passion, this is wonderful to hear and what we strive to be so to those out there trying to grow your collections remember we are here to assist you with the experience we have.


Manor collectibles down under


Getting the news of mays exhibition is great but it now means lots of hard work once the pieces are chosen, I will need to write out a form for each object before it’s packed and then again once we unpack at the museum OMG right! It’s lucky I get to choose how many pieces are going.


The collector drove some miles to pick up this piece that’s passion lol

if anyone has any theme ideas for my display I would love to hear your ideas 💡 this is where the objects used on the installation are telling a story but in object form I was just thinking of a mis match of pieces with why I did this as the story but we will have to see, so folks until next time you stay safe and happy Collecting….

feel free to check out a collection or two we have here

The galleries

Metal galleries

If your a new viewer and like the website my designer has added share icons which I would love for you kind folk to use as much as possible thank you.



Interesting Guest blog, Pet Video Verify

Pet Video Verify – Pet Microchip Alternative

Pet Video Verify’s software is video identification for your pet!

Guest blog

A guest blog article

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Pet Video Verify has integrated another application into its software and it is the ability to store pet medical records online by visiting here When you have access to your pet medical records online, you can access the medical records anytime you need them from any device that is connected to the Internet. Keeping your pet medical records online also help veterinarians because if your pet gets lost and ends up at the vet, the vet may not know the identity of your pet. The vet can use the video identification to identify your pet and also pull your pet’s medical records! Very helpful and can save your pet’s life!

Pet Video Verify has an application where pet owners can sell their used pet items to other pet owners. Pet owners search the Internet looking for pet items. Many would prefer pet items that have already been used and that the owner needs to get rid of, which can be found Here. They can search Pet Video Verify for these items and contact the owner to purchase those items.

Pet Video Verify also receives pet coupons from major retailers at their Site . We receive the coupons or deals from big retailers such as PetSmart! We push the coupons and deals directly to our users helping them find deals on new items that they need for their pet! We are getting new advertisers all the time so we receive lots of good coupons and deals!

Pet Video Verify also has a pet supply store for when you want new pet items instead of used ones! We are updating these new pet items all the time. Check out these items by Clicking here.
You can also post your cute pet pictures for everyone to see on our Website People love cute pet pictures because they bring joy to their life. Pet owners love posting them because they are proud of their pet and they want them to bring joy to other people. Also, look at funny pet videos by clicking here


My little 3D printed puppy

3D printers

This was my first experience being around a 3D printer and definitely the first time I have blogged about one, the blog is a draft at the moment and hopefully is good enough to be used by the museum.

3D printer

3D printer

The printer itself was a small black box type gadget as you can see pictured and when I got there it was already doing its thing and printing away, on the desk the demonstration  coordinator had put some pieces already made.

Is 3D printing the future

Wether or not printers be it 3D laser or otherwise are the future of object building remains to be seen, and who knows what other applications this machine could be used for but one things for sure its very interesting to watch.

Other pieces on the table were to show the 3Ds capabilities with different pieces some with different textures etc, this would be a great way of recreating objects for the public to touch.

Finished product

Finished raw piece before priming to harden

I did ok

I would like to think my draft was ok for the museum I intentionally left parts out for members to fill in and also an area where our project leader can add pieces I may of left out or didn’t know if I was allowed to use.


The original piece used to copy

If it’s excepted it will be my second blog regarding the museum in under a week so maybe it’s time I asked if I could have a spot on their blogging team, with some creative writing and  punctuation lessons I think I could do a good job for them.

Many have said they enjoy the style of my blogs I like to be honest and open when writing and make sure I do my home work first, I really do enjoy blogging it’s a great distraction for myself.

My 3D donation

ever so kindly gifted to Collectibulldogs is this tiny replica of the black piece pictured yet only one inch high, I’m very pleased I now have a 3D piece in the collection, the fact it’s a replica of a 1900s piece at the museum gives it a little  provenance.

3D bulldog

My little 3D gift

People have found it hard at first to  distinguish the raw finished product one person even suggested the pieces looked like packing peanuts that said my title to the picture could of been better.

Pictured here is the finished product the largest is an inch high whilst the smaller piece is about a cm and a half tall, my gifted piece took one hour and four minutes and the tinier one took half an hour.

My intention for this piece

As you can see in the picture the largest of these recreated pieces is black and the choice of the museum members to paint him this way, he does look cool black and the group did a neat job painting him.

With my piece I intend to try and recreate the original but in a one inch form, the size itself will prove my biggest challage i.e the collar on the dog has studs and the eyes and mouth need colour.

Painted bulldog

The groups full size piece

Once ive finished I will update this blog with the finished version or if it’s in another blog I will add a link so that you can see if I did a good job or if it looks nothing like the original, either way I will post for all to see.

Thank you very much to the museum mentors for this exciting little donation, it’s the first one in any collection I know of but I have seen this used before for other things so know many will be using these in the future to create things for sale, till next time folks stay safe and happy collecting.

We are still on the lookout for new forum members

Royal Doulton Vs Royal Copenhagen you decide

Royal Doulton Vs Royal Copenhagen

Royal Doulton verses royal Copenhagen it’s a bit like top trumps a bit of fun, some maybe bias due to their nationality others maybe collectors of either but there’s no denying each has contributed beautifully made ceramics which are now prized collectibles world wide.

Royal Bulldogs

Hey get that out of my face we are trying to be serious here

I have made this blog article as fair as possible Royal Doulton have many more pieces that I could show but will leave links to relatable topics like The difference between Doulton buyers and Bulldoggers and there’s also a blog article I did on the Jack piece in James Bond Sky falls jack Both are Doulton related.

Royal bulldog

Royal Doulton different colouways


Take a minute to look at the pieces in the pictures then pop back, Great stuff now did you notice one major difference, it seems that the Doulton pieces are all very reminiscent of each other there are not many variations to the statues form. It’s easy to see that this is not the case for Royal Copenhagen, even though both makers have their pieces sitting or standing its the Copenhagen figurines that have the advantage of variation.

In the defence of Royal Doulton the bulldog became the symbol of British stubbornness to succumb the pressures of the enemy in WW2 and bulldog figurines became popular and sought after even though Doulton were still making other top quality pieces and not just figurines either. I think the model has done so well with

Royal bulldog

Royal Copenhagen Dahl Jensen

just minor differences like hats and cigars.


Using more of my own experience here I have noticed there are many more Royal Doulton pieces to be found than there are with Royal Copenhagen, there could be many reasons for this i.e. Royal Doulton made a big presence during and after WW2 and maybe bulldogs were not as popular in some of Europes countries as say Austria and Germany.

Royal bulldog

Royal Doulton 1917 smallest of set of 3

I have some pieces from Royal Copenhagen as there is a few but it’s the expense that stops me fulfilling my dream of owning some I do not have and others are so extravagant that I’m not sure they would bring back any investment.

That’s the problem with quality and these two manufactures were at the top of their game so it’s not surprising you need a fat wallet when buying either maker, I know that Royal Doulton or their enthusiasts bring out price guide books yet I’m not sure if the other does the same and I often wonder where Ebay sellers get their prices from.

Vs 3 prices and investment

It’s been documented that when I first started collecting I did not have a passion for Royal Doulton I did not know the variations and as a beginner collecting I was bored with seeing many a piece (not just Doulton) with the flag adorning the dogs back. I love my country don’t get me wrong but when you get multiple makers doing their own styles it got a bit tedious.

Royal bulldog

Royal Copenhagen best friends

This was until I read up on Doultons history and the passion of the artists from the 1900s to 1956 not just in keeping with the style of the original used but the concepts created and the fact so many were designed you can effectively have a collection of just Royal Doulton just like a collector friend I know.

Pricing is easy for the Doulton you can pick up the latest pricing guide but be prepared for a bit of a shock you might find that the latest pieces are very affordable but the further back you go and the rarity of pieces means you are looking at thousands of pounds each or for sets that come in threes. Auction prices can differ to private sales I got most of mine through a contact which is lucky as I couldn’t afford the variety we have now otherwise.

Royal bulldog

Royal Doulton showing variation. Spike n tyke

Royal Copenhagen bulldog figurines are not cheap either, they may not be up there with most of The other makers prices for the high end pieces but your still looking at hundreds of pounds for some of them, I started with Dahl Jensen and bing and grondahl first as those seem to be the cheapest of the pieces the others I now have needed saving for.

I’ve seen another two or three pieces I would like to add in future but with the new website paid for and other financial commitments they will just have to be little pipe dreams or as I call them future goals.

Vs 4 coloration

Until after the Second World War finished Royal Doulton used patriotic colours for obvious reasons and then went on trying new colourations which can be found if your lucky enough. The other colours different to the red,white,and blue are rarer and as the bulldog collectors market declined so did Royal Doulton with its figurines.

Royal bulldog

Bing n grondahl Royal Copenhagen

The last main figurine a oversized large standing bulldog was made in 1956 and then nothing again until 2005. There have been cheaper versions since but they are now mass produced and made in Taiwan and I know some others under the name of Doulton were commissioned to be made by uk ceramics.

Most of Royal Doulton pieces now have a theme to them there’s a set with different countries flags and another set aimed at the uk with different English themed images on them and I believe most are after the piece with Australian flag on he seems to be the most elusive to find.

Royal Copenhagen had taken a different more softer approach to the colours chosen the artists whom made these did not have creating war funds in mind so the pieces did not have to be striking in colour and I for one really like the pastel type coloration

Royal bulldog

Royal Doulton 1956

Vs 5 availability

Both of these makers can often be found on popular auction sites there’s a lot of sellers that would want book prices for their pieces and sets are quite expensive, there is nothing wrong with this it keeps the prices steady and sort of  self regulates

Royal bulldog

One of my favourite pieces Royal Copenhagen

the supply and demand. As stated I’m not sure if Royal Copenhagen has its own book price on its pieces so I’m not sure how prices are found for these.

A suggestion I have if you want to save money is try and find Doulton dealers join Doulton groups and when researching look for smaller antiques outlets that will not mind you haggling a price if you honest and open to the seller, this approach has worked in my favour before and my Best Buy was la large seated flambé Royal Doulton and I bought it for one hundred and twenty English pounds.

The seller was very generous at that price and you may not get one as cheap but this way seems cheaper than those popular auction sites where many a bidder could be firing up the cost with their desire to own the piece.

Royal bulldog

Royal Doulton smallest of set of 3 depicting Air Force

Do you have a favourite

With the picture content as a guide to the differences of each manufacturer both clearly with their differences do you have a favourite choice? Do you prefer the traditional red, white, and blue of the English Doulton or have you gone for the more subtle colours of the Copenhagen pieces which also have the better of the form as in different versions.

Royal bulldog

Little pups by Royal Copenhagen

whichever your choice both of these makers deserve top spots for their ceramic mastery, wether it be guest artists or in house artists there’s no getting away from the fact that they new their craft.

If you like these please check out Ceramic pieces where you will find hundreds of pieces found from around the world, and until next time folks stay good stay safe and happy collecting

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton modern pieces

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