Thanking Noah,Allen and Kirsten

Thanking my lucky stars

Good day readers I hope all of you are well and safe where you are and normal life has resumed in 2017, I’m writing my blog today in the hope that those I’m thanking see it and understand just how much a little compassion can go to someone with my issues.

As I’ve stated before apart from a treat or two this year has not been the best so far with me lapsing at my worst, but I’m feeling much better as the time goes by and wanted to thank a couple of people for answering my prayers so to speak.

2017 has only just seen a turning point for both Collectibulldogs and my own mental wellbeing, it’s great being able to think straight again and I have my precious cognitive thinking back so no more naughty emails to my MP.


Ma’am as I soon learned is a no no with the first person I feel has changed my luck and that’s an agony aunt I met on twitter called Kirsten or @blogberryhelp if your a blogger needing her advice.

I’ve not taken too much in so far and I believe that part of my transformation is from speaking with Kirsten whom expresses understanding towards my illness and actually I do not think she really notices, any way since meeting what I call my fairy blog mother I’ve changed how I feel about both my blog and my obsession with website views.


Thanking Kirsten by helping her online presence

I get to utilise Kirsten’s knowledge I can email Freely and not seen as pestering and I’ve been told that I can ask for help until I’m ready to go it alone etc, I’m hoping with this wonderful ladies help I will one day have a blogging group and guesting more.

It’s ironically weird how when feeling at your lowest with no one hearing you or understanding the frustration your feeling a lifeline gets chucked, I’m a gent so I’m promoting Kirsten’s services and her advice to my knowledge is completely free so why not check out Kirsten’s blogging help


I’m surprised actually that I’m writing this and after all the bad luck I’ve had with my PTSD its effects on memory and cognitive thought I again got myself into trouble this time with StumbleUpon, I had forgotten my password and even what email I used at first so started a new account.

Now StumbledUpon have a strict one account policy in which I didn’t know and doubt I would of got through the first few sentences of their policy before misunderstanding set in, I was gutted when I got banned and felt it was all part of the down hill spiral.

I wrote to them/ emailed detailing why I had started a new account and it was due to my forgetfulness and nothing else, not only did I get a prompt response the advocate I spoke too showed compassion and stated I could have my account back once I’d changed the password.

It seems silly thanking a format but in my past experience NONE to date have expressed consideration when I’ve explained myself, Thank you to the powers that be at StumbledUpon for showing there is hope in social media and not are all mainstream set with no thought to their clients individual needs.


On another format recently (Linked in) I met up with one man and he’s dog, well Allen a photographer and he’s faithful companion Noah, I’m not sure if I was promoting at the time for guest blogging but Allen appeared in my inbox with a proposal.

The first Draft was a piece on artwork, as Allen is a photographer he’s keen on art and had asked me to emphasise this in my article, OMG not art it’s my weakest of mediums, I tried my best sent it in and waited, it was just after that I thought I’d start again and send them a new piece.


Thanking Noah and Allen

The article outlines myself and wiggles, why we started and of course the collection, the blog piece is a bit long winded but as far as quality content goes I think I got it just right I hope that my article gives the FROM THE DOGS PAW readers a good insight into bulldog collecting.

Thank you very much Allen and Noah I’m hoping you ask me back for a second feature and have ideas in mind already, I also hope that by seeing this other bloggers will see that I’m competent, can deliver content driven pieces, and what you won’t see yet it’s there is versatility.  Check out Noah Allen and the team on their own great site Noah and Allan’s website

Feel free to check out my article and even if you don’t wish to the website that Noah and Allen have created is a high quality dog magazine that’s not just bulldog exclusive, so if your an owner of any dog breed there’s something there for all tastes. My guest article


On the 9th of march I have an appointment to see the curators of Brighton museum this is to talk about my part in this years display, the pieces, and all the paperwork that this exhibition is going to entail, I never knew there was so much involved in this process and does sound daunting even if I were an active social enterprise.

The display has to take into consideration the breeds history so thought has to go into how the exhibition is displayed to the publics perception and for those not understanding the breed was associated with far right racist groups but as there’s never been any such motive I doubt any display I create would show anything but passion and quality.

On the tenth of march and back to my Luck changing for the better, what better way to celebrate a birthday than showing my collection to eager curators that have busy time tables yet are taking time out to come and see Collectibulldogs and the brains behind it all.

The paperwork is the hardest obstacle a form or two needs to be completed, so firstly here at home each piece has its own paperwork detailing its condition insurance price and other info, after gently packing the pieces are then moved down to the museum where another set of paper work is filled in finishing with me signing my pieces over as a loan.


If the display goes well the next step will be finding interest in my collection and then find investors that see potential in my venture and invest in me, these funds would come from the private sector and donations and will pay to have the collection professionally appraised,  once that’s done I can then offer the collection out on loan to museums, galleries, other displays and exhibitions and stay as a social enterprise and not a profit driven business.

The world is full of investors and ideas to invest in and I think I’ve got a winner here, i of course will pay a share but where the collection is so vast I will need outside help to pay the bills coming regarding the collection, this is my daughters legacy so the better I can make it the prouder she can be of me, and if no investors showed it wouldn’t matter as I still own a memorabilia that’s not only Niche but vast as well.


PLEASE NOTE TITLE IS TO BLOGGING REFERENCE ONLY, I think I now understand why I have had no luck with guest bloggers, as I trawl other mediums I see beauty and make up blogs, fashion and clothing, even fine art articles yet no collectors, if this is the case then let’s widen the Collectibulldogs archive a little.

I’m not saying let’s make a page for beauty and fashion bloggers but maybe open the door a little wider and entertain a bit more diversity, saying this it would still be great if a collector, pet owner, antiques lover or anyone even close to our field to come forward and share your story with the world.

I’m still looking for some guidance on blog lovin and pocket, I cannot seem to get views I think it’s because I do not understand the format properly again (story of my life) so again I appeal to any bloggers that have a heart and some free time to help me get started. please check out other sites we have endorsed and happy collecting



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