CBDs Advertising Features


The Best Articles are often long interesting and with the best Seo possible, at Collectibulldogs we offer a range of advertising features, firstly can you be bothered to write an article? If not let us write your article for you, this would be a 300 plus researched article with picture content.

You have the opportunity to publish with us too if you’ve written or are planning to write an article you want us to publish then that’s ok too, we would state that even though the article will not be changed we may need to add some search engine optimism for best results.

How about your Brand logo or banner with your link attached either sitting on our homepage or connected to the latest published article gaining views or even both, yet there are differences to the pricing and hosting of picture banners.

Guest post sponsored and advertising articles will be permanently published at Collectibulldogs at the following rates:

  • Front page segment ie banner $100 quarterly
  • Guest or affiliated posts permanent for $45 with links and autoposting package
  • Urls and sticky backlinks $20 each
  • Guest posts factual and no links are Free
  • NEW* Sponsor one of our articles written by us for $30. You get a free backlink to your website and a paragraph about you/your business. *NEW

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CBDS advertising features

What do you get for said amount? Well Collectibulldogs has been online now for a while we have RSS feeds from the likes of pawstuck BIG GUEST BLOGGING and the feedspot format, the many individuals that have saved our RSS feed and most of all our social media following.

At least 10% of my total following I would say are very much into Collectibulldogs and the other 90% are book markers, new visitors and those that just read the latest articles, the difference with us is the followings we have run into the thousands on some formats and a massive two hundred thousand followers on twitter.

Collectibulldogs auto publish each article to all our formats no matter the subject matter and the formats are varied for different kinds of articles, the website boosts a guest and sponsored advertising feature that we hope your satisfied with once your article is live.

Why not use your negotiating skills not just to connect with us but get re accruing tweets, posts of your article or banner url to Facebook (groups page profile) our amazing twitter page, LinkedIn (great for businesses) Pinterest (loves picture content, we even have a dedicated YouTube channel to either post too or utilise to boost your content.

CBDs advertising features funds received

Unlike many websites that sell article and advertising space and make a profit it’s totally different here at Collectibulldogs we cannot just help ourselves thinking the money you spend is ours!

Every penny is to be saved with guidance from Brighton museums and the museum mentors, this will hopefully increase enough so we do not need crowdfunding, Funds will go to a specialist whom will appraise pieces from the collection, again we are hoping Brighton museum can assist in finding such a specialist in our niche.

Collectibulldogs’ as a website idea or creation will only ever use funds to improve ourselves no monies will go towards the website or any other situations and will sit locked away until we have enough to get this dream started.

So with all that in mind we hope that you give us a chance to help expose your business your new novel or whatever got your synapsis fired up to create magic let us help you show the world, come and publish or advertise and see your own urls receive new visitors.


Our Guarantee include your article will get the best possible SEO, your article will be published in a timely manner and social media proof links can be emailed back, We Guarantee we’ve created enough formats to create views from SM alone.

We can guarantee that any articles written by CBDs will meet the requirements of the client from title and length right through to added links and hashtags, the quality will be of original content and not plagiarism and you’ll get to review the article before publish is pressed

We guarantee that if you wish to contribute a guest post with no links to outsourcing advertising we will give you the space for free, any article writers bloggers those cutting their teeth can have a go and get published here our pleasure!

Unless your our niche and wish to buy sell trade ! or have a skillset close to our niche (collecting antiques bulldogs other breeds of dogs etc) We cannot guarantee that any clicks will turn into sales, yes you hear it everywhere we would not be fair if we did not mention this.