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BULLYS and the beast

Hi readers, over the past few days parcels have been arriving mostly pieces to go out to others but a few pieces that I have found for my private collection and here are a few so, I thought I would show a few of my piece.

Also please note ALL FACEBOOK GROUP CREATORS most of you know me and the collections purpose but I have left your groups after I got a negative response from a punk or BEAST hence the title and I would like to use a stronger word but swearing is not going to achieve nothing.

If I was not a norse in your groups then I would like an invite back if I’m welcomed which some have done as soon as they saw I went AWOL and to these people I cannot thank you enough for showing that facebook is free for all to use and it always tends to be the most envious of people that give me grief, I’m sorry my collection makes haters out of some people but there are still tonnes of great folks on facebook and twitter whom love seeing my posts and that have shown faith in me and my crazy bully venture.

I have started to worry that my site and blog are becoming boring I am not sure if it is because I do not get any mail regarding collecting or the collection as such and I also do not know if folks are reading any of my blogs, well I hope so anyway as its fun to do and I love talking bulldogs bulldogs bulldogs, and on the subject lol, I have just agreed to help one lady in the states sell on her pieces and another lady contacted me a few days ago asking if I was interested in her bulldogs.

She has around 200 pieces and will hopefully be sending pictures soon so I can choose what I would like and also offer to help sell the other pieces so she is not stuck on Ebay for weeks on end.

I have added pictures of my newest pieces and will go through them so if you see what I am seeing then the first piece is a vintage silver plated tobacco humidor, the larger compartment opens to place tobacco and the piece where the bulldog sits unscrews to place a wet sponge or anything that would stop the tobacco from drying out and keeping it fresh and damp, (SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU DO NOT START).

The second is a piece from Germany the middle sized version and its made by ELPHINA and I could only find the large and small at first so it was surprising when my wife found one for me but as with the HEUBACH pieces maybe there are even more sizes out there.

Carrying on from there is the next piece its the larger out of the two and one I had mentioned in a previous blog, these are Austrian made around 1900 they are quite rare and I have never seen a larger version before so made my offer and bought him I just hope he does not break the shelf he sits on.

The next two pictures are of one piece its a stone ware recycled day of the dead piece that could be used as a jar of sorts hmm maybe doggy treats or in some cases a swear jar lol.

The last picture is of a large Italian piece I have been trying to research these as they are well made but badly signed so they could be reproductions or peoples own pottery folk art.

Right I think its time for a cuppa and a rethink about my collectors club for some reason there is over 7000 members and hardly any posts yet I know lots of members do have amazing pieces as they inbox them to me where as I wished they posted to group and if it carries on I may have to let a lot of none posting members go and start looking for more enthusiastic collectors to join the group, if I do not it is going to be mainly my posts and I do not wish that as I will be seen as big headed brash or a have it all, can I just thank the folks still interested posting liking and engaging still with the group.

Lastly welcome to all my new TWITTER and INSTAGRAM readers I hope you enjoy my site and my details are available if needed…HAVE A BIG BULLY WEDNESDAY FOLKS


September 29th, 2015

Good morning readers I thought I was going to get away with one nights sleep straight through but yet again I am awake at silly o clock, so thought I would do my blog and show some old pictures I found.

Aas you can see my collection has increased somewhat since these were taken and its nice to look back and I can remember thinking back then, my collection was massive but I also remember thinking I was the only collector in the world but of course that’s not true, I think I just needed to get out more.

My overall taste has not changed I still love my bronze and European pieces but these past couple of years, have had me seeing pieces that certainly have the WOW factor and their owners just like me are lucky to have such treasures and I also own some pieces a few years ag,o were just dream pieces with little to no hope of ever buying them so it is amazing just thinking of how much in the way of collectibles there are out there.

I sure know there are loads due to the help asked for in liquidating and helping to sell on other peoples pieces which I enjoy but not so much when there are heart breaking stories behind the collections being sold but that’s the sellers decision, I just do the research and give advice.

I got my tech friend Zak to have a look at what I have done with the site and the cheeky fella said it needs to be re done!!!

Now I’m very happy for someone to re-edit the site but it now means I have to retake every picture I have already snapped plus the pieces I have not done yet Its going to take me ages even if I were to start straight away.

I understand where he is coming from there are poorly taken pictures and some pieces are a bit cropped so you cannot see the whole picture he says this will bore my visitors and they will not return but I did say in a previous blog due to issues my site, may not be the best it could be and that I was trying with differing degrees of success.

Zak is going to overhaul each page but we will publish after each is done so the site stays up and running while getting its new make over.

For some unknown reason the facebook group has really slowed just lately, I am not sure why this is but if I want it flowing again, I will need to think of some ideas and go on a recruiting drive to see if there are more collectors out there, willing to join and show off their pieces or see what happened to most of the regular posters whom posted most days but are now long gone.

As for me this week I met with a lovely lady selling on her pieces and bought myself some nice items and found a few I know a certain collector friend of mine will love, it just means there is more pictures to take oh well the joys of owning a site lol.

TOP TIP  Before I go and as its nearing Christmas, I would like to suggest that any DANBURY MINT fans out there try and get your desired pieces found and bought before Christmas if possible, the reason being is you will end up paying up to three times the items amount over this period with sellers cashing in on the feastive season, also demand for these pieces at Christmas way out strips the amount of pieces that will be up for grabs so happy collecting folks and here is to Zak, making websites is not easy to do so moaning aside I’m really grateful for the help.


Princesses, pretty bulldogs and Brad Pitt 9th June 2016

I'm smelling Gorgeous !!!

I’m smelling Gorgeous !!!

Squeaky clean!!! thank you princess

Hello readers and a good day to you all, I’m sitting here just about to write my blog and the lovely smell of a newly pampered Wiggles is wafting through the apartment.

Wiggles went to see Princess Winter a local professional groomer and all round pet service lady.

Princess did an amazing job when I went down to collect Wiggles you could smell her half way down the street and after her de shedding treatment I swear she’s a few pounds lighter now.

This service is based in Sussex and I do not know how far Princesses work radius is but I’ve taken a pic of her biz card so anyone around the south or local can take up her bespoke services and have their dog looking the part and smelling better than the wife’s fabric conditioner.

The job was so good we will be going back and due to the fact Princess does a top notch job with all breeds we have given cards out to our doggy friends so their pooches can smell as nice as ours.


If you wish to contact princess or be part of her group please use the link below to get you there nice and quick.

Princess Winters biz card

Princess Winters biz card

More Bulldogs

Finally I’m starting to catch up with my affairs yay!!!

I did a deal last year for some pieces with a lovely lady in the states, I was doing well at the time and thought the deal would of been done and dusted but due to unforeseen circumstances it stalled.

I’ve managed to find some funds to get a box over and that’s two so far, there’s about six boxes left to come over and I’m so happy that the lady is very understanding because at the moment all my boxes that should of been here by now are still in her way.

Slowly but surely I will get them over and the best thing was it was a bit of a blind deal so many of the pieces coming I don’t even know what they are, the first box had the Jennings pipe rack in so that was a nice surprise and a lovely piece of American brass bulldog collectibles history.

Fathers Day

Antique bulldog match vesta

Antique bulldog match vesta

I love Father’s Day and it’s not because I get lots of gifts off the girls but it’s the only day of the year besides Christmas Day that I get to spend time (Quality) with my daughter Chloe-Mai.

She’s a fourteen year old teenager so has no time for her pops these days, with school and her hectic social life, I only see her quickly and it’s usually when she needs money for town, or help with her home work (she’s an A-Star student wanting to become a vet).

Sshe likes her Maths and English but I prefer it when we have to make something as its more fun for me.

This year we do not have a lot of finances, I need to find lots of dosh to redo my wife’s kitchen after a storm pinched our tiles in turn soaking the ceiling and walls.

I did tell the girls that they didn’t need to get me any thing this year but bless them they still went ahead and bought me this wonderful piece.

My Father's Day gift it came early oops

My Father’s Day gift it came early oops

The piece is an antique match vesta case it’s gold in colour and has a vintage crazed bulldog motif on the front.

I love the pieces provenance as it advertises the sale of British coal in the town of Grimsby.

I cannot find a date or hallmarks yet but it does have quality and as it states some sort of telephone info this might help to date it accordingly.

Even though the value on these pieces are not very high they still make great collectibles and once polished up look great too.

I just want to say to those missing their own fathers on Father’s Day my heart goes out to all of you I lost my father when I was just 15 yrs old and miss him a lot, I spend a bit of time remembering him but feel my efforts are better placed making my daughter feel special so Bring on the made breakfast, the new slippers and best dad cup.

If you want to check out the collectibles in the metals section please use link below to whoosh you over there…

Click here to visit the Metals & More section!

Amazing provenance

Amazing provenance



​Lee my webmaster has been busy indeed and contacted me yesterday to show me draft pics of what he’s been up to and he has been a busy bee indeed, after a few attempts at differing formats we decided to go with the first one Lee has used for his own website.

Unlike this annoying platform with its mucked up blogging dates the new website has more defined roles with each page much easier to navigate and even look at.

I cannot wait to be able to take over the running once it’s launched and add the new pieces that have trickled in over the past few months.

I do not have a Deffo date for the new but I know the patience and over excitement will be worth it and I will end up with a smashing website for all to muse, hopefully it will create a buzz and gain more interest and maybe even repeat views and external link ups to other websites.

Sticking with the website theme at the moment I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we Collectibulldogs reached over 100 thousand page views yesterday, this is an amazing achievement I feel as I’m the only promoter of my website and I do not use clicks or paid advertising.

To other websites my numbers may look low but to me it’s amazing and I’ve worked hard to bring in viewers and interest to a website that does not sell anything and has no proper direction at the moment.

My next goal is to reach 50k viewers to my website I hope to achieve this before we are a year old, thank you to all the folks that have taken an interest it means a lot and helps to show I’ve created something to be proud of.

Wonderful stats

Wonderful stats

Brad Pitt and my apology to viewers Oops!!!

I think there was a bit of a mix up yesterday when I was showing celebs with their bulldogs to my social media followers and bulldog group members alike.

One of the celebs I posted that was very popular was Brad Pitt with his bulldog.

Now as I always add Collectibulldogs to my posts I want to say sorry for any mix up.

I had noticed on analytics that I had a high amount of viewers that bounced off again quickly so if this was you and you were expecting a collection of Brad Pitt pics or celebs pics instead of my collection then oops my bad, I had not stated that we carry pictures of known celebs but I do see how one may of thought that so once again sorry for any mix up.


Two very common boo boos have occurred recently with a couple of parcels one was sent out and the other is coming in, with the parcel going out we had accidentally put the wrong city on the ladies address she had sent it as is but then asked to change it.

I had not asked debs to rectify this before posting so we are hoping that the zip code and state is enough to get it to its new owner, the second piece is a painting that’s been gifted by a dear friend of mine and other than putting a semi wrong postcode (opps) she had also forgotten to declare the powder she sent over that’s used on bulldog folds.

It’s a little funny as I sit here wondering if it will clear our UK customs and/or if I get a phone call asking me if I know what the powder is so hopefully that does not happen and it arrives safe and sound ready to be added to the collection and thank the stars for international tracking lol.

I hope others out there are not having any issues with your shipping and folks till next time be safe and happy collecting.

Mr Norman Davis still has copies of he’s amazing AUTOBIO it’s a great read and would make a great collectible for any collection.

Prices etc.

Prices etc.


Brilliant read

Brilliant read


Hello readers, I hope your enjoying your week end where ever you may be. This is my first ever blog that is now compatible with Apple tablets so let’s see how this pans out.

I have had an amazing yet tiring week which started with me learning how to use a proper camera to take pictures upload to web book ready to add to the website I think the site needs better snaps as most will not click to look (so I’ve been told) and want to see full photos which creates a problem as pieces are all different sizes and it has become somewhat of a challenge but I’m sure I will finally sort it out I’m just not looking forward to re taking over 4000 individual pictures.

I have taken a break from picture taking so I could re arrange a couple of my cabinets it became hard to see the DOULTON pieces so I switched them with the European pieces as they are fewer in numbers.

I’ve attached a picture if anyone wishes to see the DOULTON pieces that are in this collection.

Another task this week was to re polish the silver ready for snapping I cleaned about 50 pieces in total, got blackened hands but silver owners will know there’s a sense of satisfaction when you can re see your face in the reflection.

I started art group again this week I have not been for weeks and felt I had lost my mojo as I felt stumped when getting my art piece out, just like many others I’m trying to create my own sugar skull bulldog and it’s not as easy as I first thought.

The body and bones should not be to hard to do but I’m having trouble putting a pattern to the dogs head, this could be because I chose a piece with tonnes of wrinkles where as most artists choose the smoother ceramic pieces like piggy banks to work on I wish I had thought of this before I started and as I’m not a quitter I will endeavour to finish this piece even if it takes me till next year.

These past two weeks have been great for meeting contacts I brought part of a collection from a lovely lady in America, I got some treat jars figurines plates and lots of other pieces that I will post to my website once they arrive.

This week I was contacted by a fella saying he was going to the big annual dog show in America and would I be going this was a little amusing as I’m in the UK but after chatting with him I’ve come to realise he is a proper gent and maybe my newest best contact yet, the gentleman’s parents and himself are connected to the American kennel club and I will be asking him if I can blog about his life growing up around a family of collectors showers and breeders.

There is a link to read up on the American bulldog hall of fame but I would like to do an interview type blog with him that I think will make for a great read.

My good deeds for the week have been good ones I’ve loaned my 1890s growler to our local museum and donated a English multi coloured breakfast set to the Hawaii 5 O bullie actuon I didn’t expect to take the credit for the donate but Janet put me forward even though it was a joint venture (thanks Janet).

In previous blogs I have mentioned that if anyone wishes to come forward and have their collection blogged about well the offer is still there you can contact me through Facebook, Twitter or send an email I would love to be able to share other people’s collection experiences tastes and the whys and where’s it would make a change from blogging about my own.

It doesn’t have to be pages long just some good content and some nice pictures would do the trick I can even change names places for confidence of a safe non personal blog.

Ok I did say this is new to Apple to let’s see if this gets out with no issues. Happy collecting.




How collecting changed my life

HOWDY folks I hope your all well and safe where ever you are, I thought that after getting some positive comments about what I’m doing I’d be a little bit braver than my other blogs and talk a bit about my mental health and the collection combined as the two are in twinned now and from one came the other.

I Would prefer to stick more closely to the collection whilst chatting about this but will let you in as to the way life is for some folks like me.

My Young family was hit hard after my first diagnosis, I had been mugged just previously to myself and Debbie having our little girl and the birth was two months early, all the stress had got me referred to see a physiatrist and I was told I had a condition / disorder called emotional unstable personality disorder ( A condition where emotions that can normally be subdued in most people naturally would mean medication for me to help regulate this).

I have felt as normal as I can be over the past three or four years with time playing a big part in the healing/management process.

So now I have that out of the way I can chat about the good things connected with my illness and the collection.

Firstly and most importantly for me is the social aspect behind having the collection.

As a sufferer and used to being antisocial (the quiet type) I tend to spend a lot of time on my own as many with mental health issues tend to do, so when I started the collection doors started opening for me to be able to get social interaction with folks from the outside world without having to leave my home.

I went from knowing no one really to now having a great group of friends from all over the world.

I know artists world class show judges contacts collectors ex sports stars journalists and list goes on I could name them all otherwise I’d be here just name dropping when that’s not the point.

Secondly for me is the collection itself and that’s a massive distraction for me, when your researching helping re arranging cleaning etc you forget your ill in a sense and the feeling of purpose and responsibly takes over.

People have asked if I’ve traveled the world to obtain the pieces I have!!!

Would you believe me if I told you I did all this from one room and just by using the skills that seemed to of just magically appeared when I first started out my obsession, could be seen looking back when I ended up with a shopping addiction on eBay and got banned by the wife as I was spending money we really could not afford.

I learned to moderate and save for the pieces I wanted and meeting a couple of collection liquidators I soon had other sources in which to start obtaining pieces from and that kept Debbie happy as my spending was more than halved with trusted payment plans put in place.

What I have now astonishes me to this day and I can only say it’s testament to the love I have for our only daughter and the fact I want her life to be much better than the one I started out with, the other point I wanted to make is the attention I’m now receiving and my life is slowly taking a different turning with different demographics taking an interest in the venture I created and the fact I’m so open about my mental health.

I did all this whilst going through my woes I’ve been doing this when ill and while doing therapy courses and boring tedious physiatrist appointments and not once have I hidden the fact that I have certain issues in life I mean don’t we all.

I want my collection and everything that comes with it to inspire others I don’t care that I wear my heart on my sleeve and yes some of this information is personal but I do not see many others stepping forward to explain how it is for us and what we as suffers can do to help ourselves and not be so reliant on society, (please note there are many different disorders where it’s imperative that some do need total reliance and are understandably dependant for their help by society).

I do not care for those that are either nieve or old fashioned about mental health stigma, And my website is there to advocate not the plight of stigma on this subject but to empower those that are suffering to say your not alone even though it may feel like it and like me you can change things for the better.

Let’s finish by saying it doesn’t have to be a collection you start it could be anything your passionate about and for those with addictive personalities, I will point out that collecting is a healthy addiction and can not only bring joy but future investment you may of normally spent on something worthless and that doesn’t last, so if your feeling useless depressed or worse (firstly get real support and help ) and remember there is life beyond how you feel now and you can achieve anything you want even if it means jumping over a few obstacles first.

Anyone wanting to chat privately about anything I’ve stated please feel free to contact me (no trolls please as I get bored easy) I’m happy to listen and impart any wisdom I may have on either mental health issues helping to find your passions (took me 30 years) or as always help with your collections.

Till next time folks happy collecting…



GUEST BLOG!!! Writer Donna Curtis from Boston terrier network

What a couple of dogs named scruffy-Louise and wiggles have in common

The irreplaceable Scruffy-Louise

The irreplaceable Scruffy-Louise

What do a couple of dogs names Scruffy-Louise and Wiggles have in common with a silver plate humidor made around 1870, the Brighton Toy Museum in the United Kingdom or a Japanese Akari pattern painted seated bulldog piece over the 100 years old have in common? It is a passion for Bulldogs.
Recently we came across a very remarkable family with a very special interest in Bulldogs that took a dramatic turn into an inspiring collection of Antique Bulldog items that takes your breath away.

In total awe and envy to be so surrounded by the wide-ranging diversity of items dedicated to the Bulldog we just had to learn more.

Who would have known there was such an array?

That some of these items could be over 200 years old in private collections of a family who is eager to share them with total strangers of other Bulldog admires and the general public we find also amazing.

Such is the nature of the impact of having been exposed to the Bulldog.

Eiffion Ashdown told us “I’m a Bully addict I run the English bulldog collectors club.” when we first started discussing his collection.

Eiffion’s website blog explains how he got attracted to collecting Bulldog pieces. “My collection has one sole purpose, and that’s to make it so my Antique Bulldog collection is worthy of auction one day or in years to come, this is so that my daughter can go to university once leaving college and study to live whatever dreams she wants as her vocation in life.

Here’s to hoping she decides to work with animals. I know back when I was younger I wanted to become a vet but there are so many other possibilities out there, and I want the world to be her oyster but her happiness has always been my number one priory.

It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to have created all this for her and I hope it keeps me out of a care home (nursing home) in years to come. I’m not sure when I will stop collecting but I am sure that I am having a great time in this bully bonkers world!”

You have to admit this is an excellent reason to collect unique Bulldog items.

We had to know “How did Eiffion start out putting this collection together? Where did he learn what is valuable, faux, or imitation?”

“I started out with the least expensive, more obtainable English Bulldog pieces. This continued at a steady pace for a year or two with me learning all the time, until one day I realized unwittingly, I had taught myself a lot about Bulldogging and also the best English Bulldog types dates etc.

To invest in on this crusade of mine. I did not have the kind of money needed for top quality pieces, till I met a gentleman into Bulldogs like me. I started buying high end pieces off him with a monthly payment arrangement until paid up. I have gone on to meet many wonderful sellers, dealers and contacts since then. I would love nothing more than to get my collection recognized. I hope one day someone spots what I have put together and think WOW!!!”

“JUST DO IT.” As Eiffion tells us in his blog “On the 19 Oct 2015 I was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I’ve struggled with this for years now and during the making of this site, I want to disclose this information so to inspire others with disorders like mine to follow their dreams and passions, I’ve found it a great distraction, a great way of investing in my daughter’s future, and a great way to meet new people. I have been so warmly welcomed into the Bulldog community whom are a great bunch and have helped me in many ways.

Never quit trying

“My ultimate dream would be a Bulldog museum where a few choice collectors curate a catalogued collection running through the different genres like the history advertising propaganda a good two hundred years of Bulldog history just like a museum but all Bulldog.”

Did you know there is not a museum dedicated to the Bulldog? Not one in the United Kingdom? Not one in the United States either?

Eiffion’s efforts have captured his whole family (want something the whole family can do together?) Eiffion’s wife has embraced the uniqueness of this collection. “Eiffion started collecting Bulldogs six years ago.

The Bulldogs were just standard pieces with no maker’s marks. Within a few months, he had collected several pieces. He started looking for designer pieces and that’s where he fell in love with his collection even more.

Slowly but surely, amazing pieces were becoming part of his collection, that made his passion for collecting Bulldog items even more serious.

It didn’t have to be a Bulldog statue, if it had a Bulldog on it, he would have to have it.

That’s when he also decided to learn about the maker’s marks and back stamps and where they were made.

Eiffion knows most of the maker’s marks and what country the item was made in. To this day his collection is a testament to his passion for his daughter’s future, and of collecting Bulldogs.

He even has a very old Bulldog toy which is displayed in our local toy museum. All his pieces are displayed in cabinets and he organizes them from the maker’s mark country of origin and material.”

Antique Japanese bulldog

Antique Japanese bulldog

You really need to know who the special dogs are that have taken over this family’s life. You know its always is the dog’s fault, when something happens, and this is no exception… We understand that it all started with a Bulldog named Scruffy-Louise. In fact, the website is dedicated to “SCRUFFY-LOUISE THE BEST BULLDOG THAT COULD EVERY HAS BEEN !!!”

Some of the many books

Some of the many books



Scruffy-Louise is accredited for changing Eiffion’s life. Her memory is still the inspiration and she is considered a fundamental part of motivational direction for this massive one of a kind collection of antique collectible Bulldogs.

“Scruffy-Louise was our very first Bulldog, a massive change to our previous chosen breed the Boxer dog.  I have met new people, friends, contacts, and even clients from all over the world since joining the Bulldog world which I’m eternally grateful for.”

Like all hooked Bulldog lovers, after the passing of Scruffy-Louise the family could

It's wiggles

It’s wiggles

not survive long without opening their home to their current reigning Bulldog, Wiggles. Thus ensuring that, the number one UK site for Collectible Bulldogs will continue to delight and amaze collectors, Bulldog fans and dog lovers the world over.

A testament to the great influence the Bulldog breed has had on humans “The Bulldog dates back over two centuries. In the collector’s game, Bullies have been the focus of artists, companies advertising, the US Marine Corps’

Some of the many pieces

Some of the many pieces

Mascot, Mack trucks, WW1-2 propaganda among others. There is no other dog as well depicted from history in a collectible object as there is the Bulldog.”

Eiffion ,“…hopes to inspire others into starting their own collections, and ventures. Bulldog collectibles come in all shapes and sizes. We have amassed so far rare antique collectibles, artwork, books and other one of a kind pieces.

This is a world class collection of antique English Bulldog collectibles, dating back over two centuries, made in many countries.

You are invited to contact him directly, ask questions about individual pieces or seek help in identifying items you would like help in identifying that you might have.

We have provided links to his website and Facebook page so you can admire this treasure trove of collectible Bulldog figurines and collectible antiquities from a bygone era. Eiffion welcomes your sharing of his sites and would love your feedback.

“In January of 2015 I loaned a piece from my collection to the Brighton toy museum.

The old growler

The old growler

It’s the Olde growler piece dated 1800s I was not thinking right when I bought this piece as it needs specialist attention to keep it from falling apart, having a museum borrow your piece is great as it keeps your investment safe and they specialize in preservation.

Whereas the piece would have just sat in my cabinet till it turned to dust if you wish to see other pieces at this museum they are at Brighton Museum it’s a great place even the location is unusual situated under an old Victorian rail way station and easy to get to using all forms of transport… “

Eiffion Ashdown “I chose the Bulldog after researching dogs.

If I had my way, the home would be full of Boxer dogs they are the best breed for folks like me.

They are the best for anxiety and mental health related issues etc . When I first started, I was buying anything with a Bulldog on it. It wasn’t till I got serious that I started finding the world’s best and all this is driven by my love for my daughter.

I’ve been fighting my illness every day I’ve been in this game. But it (the collection) saved me. I’ve gone from a nobody, to having friends like top judge Norman Davis.

You know people are starting to take what you are doing very seriously when you start receiving signed books from top respected people in our field like retired world judge Norman Davis.

My bit

I would like to thank Donna for the amazing guest blog and from a totally different breed advocate too, Donna and others like her run the Boston terrier network over in the United States and I will leave a link so you may check out the wonderful work they do. I will clean the link up once I can get to my laptop

Hey I know LETS ASK DEBS. 4 May 2016

Let’s ask debs

Debbie and Wiggles my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Debs and Wiggles my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good day folks I hope your well and safe, I thought it would be interesting to get a fresh prospective from my wife Debs after her last post, as my girls knowledge of the collection is limited, I thought I would ask some questions and debs could answer them so asked debs the following questions:

  1. What are your thoughts on the collection
  2. Do you have any favs or pieces you do not like
  3. Has your view changed at all since I started all this
  4. As a long suffering wife to a collector do you have any advice to other collectors spouses
  5. Finally what are your views on bulldogs in general maybe how you get on with wiggles

Debbies responses

  1. The collection is a good hobby for my hubby,takes his mind off a lot of things.There are different pieces from all over the world not just ornaments but pictures,plates,novelty items and pieces I have not even heard of yet eiffions head is full of knowledge regarding he’s passion for which THE GIRLS as he calls us are immensely proud of what he has achieved from day one right up to this year where others have finally taken notice of Eiffion and he’s collection.
    Eiffion still gets frustrated and sometimes angry with himself when he cannot figure out computer stuff but over the years I have seen a massive change and for the better…
  2. My favourite piece is the Amari piece..It is my favourite because of the floral design.It is also has a cute face.Its not plain,it’s just decorated enough to give it a lovely design I do have a few others but this one really captures my eye.
    I did get annoyed when writing this as I had asked Eiffion to add a picture and this is not possible becouse he swapped it on with another collector but for anyone wanting to know it’s the green and gold seated bulldogs made by royal crown Derby. He says he can obtain another one but I’m still waiting till this day.
  3. Yes I’m much more supportive now I see the bigger picture I just wish we had more room for them. The collection has grown immensely over the last couple of years.
    It was started for our daughter and I know she will appreciate it all when she’s older. I wish we had a spare room for the collection to be in, that way I’m not losing more space in my front room with him hinting at me for just the one more cabinet WE HAVE NO ROOM!!!

    Back then

    The collection has grown

  4. Make sure you have plenty of room,best to use display cabinets with doors to protect the pieces,try and remember each piece you have and a description of it.
    Try and buy perfect non broken pieces as Eiffion has mentioned it’s these unspoilt pieces that are what high end collectors will be wanting if and when they are sold and I would also say do not get roped into cleaning the silver it takes hours.

    Me and wiggles

    My Wiggles

    My Wiggles

  5. Bulldogs are cute, stubborn, very lazy, child like, likes any food etc and my heart is now drawn to this breed they give you a sense of purpose and responsibility I’ve not found in other breeds we have had in the past. I
    feel like we learned a lot having Scruffy Louise which has made taking on Wiggles seem easier as we have had that past experience to draw upon when needed and after seeing a beautiful puppy this past week, I would love another but we cannot as its not fair on Wiggles that enjoys just her own company.
    I find Wiggles easy to manage at times,walks side by side off the lead.Shes too heavy to lift on the bed but that’s ok and I’m proud of getting her to change her toilet habits without training, poor Eiffion she really is a ladies bulldog.

Firstly thank you for reading my bloggy thing it’s not as weird jotting something down as I first thought, I want to ask those that see my eiffions dream and his passion to show your support by engaging in his social media sharing liking and generally helping him to get his website established.

Eiffion pays for his site and only wants others to see and be inspired which shows me he’s heart is big I just don’t like seeing him down when he feels he’s doing all this on he’s own. To you people out there that do engage help and encourage Eiffion’s venture I thank you on behalf of Eiffion, Wiggles and of course his GIRLS!!!

Thank you

Thank you very much Debs I’ve only been asking for the past two months lol, I would like to end by saying I really wish to thank Debbie sincerely for putting up with me my illness and the collection that’s slowly in golfing our apartment.

I believe I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without the support of this wonderful generous person that for some reason loves me even though I drive her mad!!!

To all I hope you had a nice bank holiday and till next time happy collecting




Collectibulldogs makes the local news!!!

Making the news

Local news!!!

Local news!!!

Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well out there across the globe, I thought I would do a little write up about the Article Collectibulldogs was recently published in.

Thank you to Frances Solomon the writer whom is currently training at university to become a free lance journalist, found me in a local directory and thought of the collection as news worthy.

Some points I think may of got mixed up and Frances did say the editor she had sent the piece to had made some changes but hey we made the news!!!!

I think the gesture to feature Collectibulldogs was very kind of Frances and ironically came around at the same time as I was thinking of getting some local exposure for the website myself, advertising is expensive so when an opportunity arose for the chance to be seen on a local level and also to help someone with their university portfolio at the same time was a win win combination.

Hopefully I wasn’t to much of a pain to work with and Frances has spoken of doing a larger feature that could be pitched to magazines which if done in the right way would be AMAZEBULLS.

One of my pics used in article

One of my pics used in article

As a fella with complex issues I was gobsmacked to see what picture was used for the article I wished a better one of myself and wiggles was chosen instead, I look half dead in the photo and it was taken by Debbie one day to show how tired I had looked after a 3 day watch over wiggles after her operation.

I have a sense of humour so it balances out and on the subject of photos my daughter had seen the piece before getting home from school, so when arriving home I got a hug for being in the news then a ear bashing because she thought I had put this particular pic forward for the article which she found embarrassing.

I replied with if you think yours is bad what about mine!! She then broke into fits of laughter CHEEKY OR WHAT

Since the article went out I have had family friends and even folks I do not know congratulating me for this achievement and again the thank you’s have to go to the journalist that put the story through in the first place.

I hope that embarrassing myself (in a funny way) and letting the story go forward has an impact on others in a positive way, and if one person out there thinks that if I he can do something worthwhile whilst battling mental health then I can too Then it’s all worthwhile and job well done.

Wiggles CEO made the news too

Wiggles CEO made the news too

Mental health has been the Bain of my life for so many years it’s put up barriers in many different aspects and has nearly beaten me on more than one occasion but I will not let it beat me completely.

With a discharge without proper treatment looming from the East Sussex mental health team hanging over my head I am as is my family are scared of going it alone, and in hind site we wished we had not sent in complaints now but do realise the right to complain when your care plans going wrong has dire consequences, and rather than have their reputations charred team managers will end up discharging folks that complain back to the GP so not to damage he’s or her teams reputations.

There needs to be a proper shake up within the professional psychiatric community because discharging patients way before they are ready as this will only come back to bite them in the behind.  And I’m sure it’s not in the NICE guidelines!!!!!!

The article was not written by Frances with mental health in mind if anything I held back from mentioning more and as the piece was on the collection the questions were all pre determined before we met that day at metro deco (cool cafe for dogs) to do the interview.

I think the second article being done by Jools stone will be aimed a little more at mental health but I’ve not read the draft yet so cannot say for certain.

Thank you

Finally I’d like to point out I see this as a small achievement for myself there are so many negative stories in the news lately that capture ones attention more than a piece on one fellas bulldog collection it was great to of even been spotted, thank you again to the journalist Frances Solomon I wish you every success and by following your heart I think you will end up writing some really inspirational pieces that we will all be reading in the nations top papers in time to come.

Happy collecting folks

Thank you to Frances Solomon

Thank you to Frances Solomon


October 09th 2015

8989958_orig-768x1024Good day fellow collectors and readers of my blog.

I’m sorry for the lack of content just lately I’m still have tech issues with my host and boring boring boring etc. it has been annoying as the app went and ruined my site so I had to start again but it has given me the chance to make what I think are better pictures.

I’m still very amateur and cannot seem to take snaps of spoons with out cutting a piece out but I’m sure it will improve over time.

So this week has been mostly taking pictures and re editing the site but it has been easier this time round as my lovely wife has been helping and together we are getting it done shelf by shelf.

I have a few parcels coming so have not told her that just yet I will find the space first I think or I may be in a wee bit of trouble as the front room already looks like a shop, its just missing a till.

I have bought a lovely consignment of dog show rosettes ribbons and medals so I cannot wait for them to turn up so that I can sort them out to get them framed there is one earlier piece amongst these dated 1940.


I started back at my local art group a couple of weeks ago, I had missed it due to more pressing commitments and had also missed my fellow wannabe turners so I was glad to get back in to my work.

I did find it hard to start back up and had a few frustrating moments but if you put them aside and just get on with it the results can be surprising.

As you can see well maybe see that I’m attempting a sugar skull bulldog inspired by the creations of Loulabelle Hales a new friend and great artist, don’t worry Lou I do not think I will ever be as good as Lou or many others that paint these creations it’s just a project and I have the intent of making my own actual bulldog and would have to talk to my art mentor to see if it is possible and if so how we go about it as I have no clay skills at all.

I have not decided how I will finish the bulldogs head loulabelle uses bright colours and patterns and even though they are perfect I may try for a different style but have not decided yet.

Yesterday ended very well and left me feeling really good, it was getting quite late and a lady from South Africa contacted me to show me the start of her collection this lady had been following my posts in a great group run by a well known Norman Davis, whom lets myself post in the group which is a privilege as I am the only one allowed (thank you sir) to advertise my kind of post and it has worked.

Do not want to sound brash but I do get a small sense of affirmation knowing some folks have started collecting since meeting hearing of or following me I wish this lady every success and my help and assistance is here if needed but a great start.


I have decided that if I’m to retake the pictures for the website a uniformed approach to colour would be better than what I had been posting previously and even though yellow is my fav colour the colour blue is more suitable for show casing my pieces.

I did think to use red but I have lots of pieces either red or have red painted on them so it would end up being like a where is wally page with figurines fading into the back ground.

I’m hoping my friend Zak can help re format the site but until then I will be snapping away and uploading till I have completed my collection and every piece is up for your viewing pleasure some need to be re done, but overall an improvement that I have taken pride in and feel proud after chasing up one of those spam sites, that rate you I got 71\100 and I’m not even selling and as I made my own site I think its a great score to start with.

Ok so I had best get back to taking pictures we are going a cabinet at a time till finished then there is replacing the pics that did not upload well then its research research research, which I will use to break up the pages a bit I will not give to much away as it would take the fun out of others researching for their selves but I will add the basics for other collectors to use in their searches and for reference.




Going out of fashion?

Hi to you there readers I hope your all safe well and hopefully after this next blog will still be out and about looking for new treasures for your growing collections.

I was recently added to a group on Facebook the group isn’t for collectors such as myself so not the kind of group that wants to see treasures from the past (surprisingly there’s a few lol) but a post popped up that has had my head in a bit of spin since reading it.

I found this one question so intriguing I thought it worth some thought debate and opinion, so let’s get started on analysing wether collecting in our field is declining or is it something many people still do but there is no network or official body that represents this form of collecting, where as many other fields have clubs meetings and annual meet ups a way of regulating trends and monitoring supply and demand.

I do agree there’s a decline in the collecting of bulldog objects and pieces relating to the breeds history and thinking about this it’s easy to see why.

As a collector myself I have noticed the highs and falls and think of the contributing factors starting with the disbanding of old bulldog clubs, big manufactures buying each other out and moving their companies overseas for better profits, pieces sitting around in shops as prices wanted not reflecting the market, different changing trends, the fact society has become more expensive, new breeds for artists/artisans to make a living from etc.

Many collectors stop just because they’ve lost interest or the collection out grows their ability to continue, antiques dealers selling faux pieces sometimes on purpose or due to naivete (this often makes me wonder about the integrity some dealers have when selling on to the general consumer).

Thoughts in writing

These are of course just a few ideas on why it seems the art of putting together amazing bulldog collections has demised over time, I think the hay day for collections large and small was at its peak at the 1970s starting in the 1800s when the bulldog went from a blood sport victim to a beautiful breed in its own right.

After winning a first major tournament at Earl’s Court in the late 1800s artists across the world started creating their own versions not only showing their talents but the breeds popularity around that time and this continued into the early to mid 1900s with many a factory capitalising on the breeds popularity with the bulldog being cemented in time with such icons as the USMC official mascot, Mack trucks, naval connections, branded products and others that have created an industry of what we class as sub collections and these types of collections can have a core following.

Sub collections that have stood the test of time do help to keep the tradition alive they make collecting affordable for many and some are so easy to obtain the vendors that sell to the public, are well named, spend a lot on marketing and bring out new pieces annually for their demographic target, so in that sense at least there is a push out there to keep an interest in the pride of the breed and keeping the majesty of the bulldog alive.

There are some mainstream factories that still produce a piece or two but these are out produced these days with the sub collection market of the newer more modern pieces.

I have to admit to owning a few sub collections one being the silver collection.

As many will of seen in my past blogs I’m not a political person and I’ve had my fair share of (how do I put this) disgruntled persons giving me a backlash on the breeding side of the bulldog its health issues the colours and other issues relating to this subject, I politely block these people as I have no interest in being targeted for something that has nothing to do with me but does make me think wether it’s another factor in the overall popularity of the bulldog. I know nothing of the breeds health and other issues but would be interested to know if this issue has been an ongoing situation or if it’s comparatively new. The reason I ask as there is a certain stigma behind the bulldog I know this as I own one and have had differing types of comments when out and it makes me think if many are put off by the breed due to either health or past history wether artists would be the same and not make pieces with differing colours that could be seen as controversial (my own thoughts).

Manufacturing movements

There has been a shift in the past century or so over the manufacturing of bulldog treasures with its roots starting over here in Europe, but if you go through the dates you can see the emergence of collectibles being made in post war Japan and then over in the USA, where the bulldog continues to live through the eyes of the counties army and top industry names where it remains a top selling icon and even a mascot for universities.

I have also noticed the lack of collectibles able to make their way to the beautiful country of Australia, I have many friends there saying its next to impossible to get pieces there and are so many wanting to obtain pieces, but feel shipping is not worth obtaining the objects they desire.

I think this maybe the same for some other countries too and others may have never even heard of collections (yet).

Good news

The good news is of course collecting is still going strong and maybe there isn’t the amazing collections out there now like there used to be but there’s many still out there wanting to keep the passion in this field alive.

I see it every day where folks are looking to buy pieces or sub collective objects and others wanting to sell which is of course great news and I myself do try and in courage others with some success I may add.

The bulldog has done amazing things since its domestication and in a way has helped to push the likes of industry making a lot of money for thousands of those entrepreneurs artists artisans and all others that have seen potential in capitalising on this breed.

In a growing world that has more variety than ever with new modern pieces and the opposite being many an object gone now from the past, remember that the bulldog has stood and still stands amongst the best in the world and will continue too for as long as the breeds around it’s up to the individual as to wether the collecting side does the same.

Collecting is alive and well

Collecting is alive and well

A collection like mine is vast and I’m lucky enough to of been able to amass so many pieces and most of this came from doing my research.

This is very handy when collecting as you know what to look for and what pieces will retain, not just their investment properties but future appeal to the next generation of collectors.

I do not think I’m the only one to research my passion but by doing so I have some of the bulldogs history in object form and hope one day I can create a museum for all to see and learn about the journey this beautiful animal has been on from it’s fight to be a breed in its own right right back to just before the dark days for the breed.

Please note these are my own views on this subject I have no political view and only interested in the research to see wether or not there’s a decline in this subject matter and if so what factors…

Till next time happy collecting…


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