Hello readers, I hope your enjoying your week end where ever you may be. This is my first ever blog that is now compatible with Apple tablets so let’s see how this pans out.

I have had an amazing yet tiring week which started with me learning how to use a proper camera to take pictures upload to web book ready to add to the website I think the site needs better snaps as most will not click to look (so I’ve been told) and want to see full photos which creates a problem as pieces are all different sizes and it has become somewhat of a challenge but I’m sure I will finally sort it out I’m just not looking forward to re taking over 4000 individual pictures.

I have taken a break from picture taking so I could re arrange a couple of my cabinets it became hard to see the DOULTON pieces so I switched them with the European pieces as they are fewer in numbers.

I’ve attached a picture if anyone wishes to see the DOULTON pieces that are in this collection.

Another task this week was to re polish the silver ready for snapping I cleaned about 50 pieces in total, got blackened hands but silver owners will know there’s a sense of satisfaction when you can re see your face in the reflection.

I started art group again this week I have not been for weeks and felt I had lost my mojo as I felt stumped when getting my art piece out, just like many others I’m trying to create my own sugar skull bulldog and it’s not as easy as I first thought.

The body and bones should not be to hard to do but I’m having trouble putting a pattern to the dogs head, this could be because I chose a piece with tonnes of wrinkles where as most artists choose the smoother ceramic pieces like piggy banks to work on I wish I had thought of this before I started and as I’m not a quitter I will endeavour to finish this piece even if it takes me till next year.

These past two weeks have been great for meeting contacts I brought part of a collection from a lovely lady in America, I got some treat jars figurines plates and lots of other pieces that I will post to my website once they arrive.

This week I was contacted by a fella saying he was going to the big annual dog show in America and would I be going this was a little amusing as I’m in the UK but after chatting with him I’ve come to realise he is a proper gent and maybe my newest best contact yet, the gentleman’s parents and himself are connected to the American kennel club and I will be asking him if I can blog about his life growing up around a family of collectors showers and breeders.

There is a link to read up on the American bulldog hall of fame but I would like to do an interview type blog with him that I think will make for a great read.

My good deeds for the week have been good ones I’ve loaned my 1890s growler to our local museum and donated a English multi coloured breakfast set to the Hawaii 5 O bullie actuon I didn’t expect to take the credit for the donate but Janet put me forward even though it was a joint venture (thanks Janet).

In previous blogs I have mentioned that if anyone wishes to come forward and have their collection blogged about well the offer is still there you can contact me through Facebook, Twitter or send an email I would love to be able to share other people’s collection experiences tastes and the whys and where’s it would make a change from blogging about my own.

It doesn’t have to be pages long just some good content and some nice pictures would do the trick I can even change names places for confidence of a safe non personal blog.

Ok I did say this is new to Apple to let’s see if this gets out with no issues. Happy collecting.

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