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Wiggles finally settled, blogging prayers heard

wiggles and her first full year

Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well I myself is poorly ATM with a chest condition so instead of going indepth about collectibles I thought I would write about wiggles, I want to show commitment but as I’m left handed and the problem I have is the same side I cannot really go streaming all day or have the mental strength to put to much together.

As stated wiggles arrived a year ago last December so she’s been here nearly 14

Out and about with wiggles off the lead

Out and about with wiggles off the lead

months with us and things we’re not as easy as life is with her these days and I believe she’s had so much to contend with she’s finally settling down properly. From operations to snappy attitudes she’s come along way since with some noticeable changes.

Wiggles and her achievements

when wiggles first arrived and until a few months ago her quirkiness was one of a confused bulldog sometimes cute and sometimes sinister with my face being her target on occasion, this was when giving her her kisses we learned after she doesn’t like surprise encounters so we learned to take things slower now indicating firstly before showing attention.

Wiggles biggest achievement in my eyes is her quick tolerable attitude towards

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

Hey folks remember we have a routine now

A mutual peace of sorts

A mutual peace of sorts

Bonnie our daughters cat, when she first arrived she hated the cat and scratched up our flooring with her claws and leg muscle trying to catch that cat, as you can see both animals are ok now together, it’s not love yet but you never know one day the cat may get to rub up like cats do to dogs they grow up with.

Sitting and no2s were we fools

The two main social problems we wanted to deal with was wiggles going to the loo and the Command SIT! in which we had no luck with either, she wouldn’t sit and her routine again was damaging the flooring. Then not so long ago both of these problems were over come I managed to get her to sit for me (funny because Debbie is still trying) lol.

The other problem with the wee wee problem was overcome by the bulldogs own lazy trade mark it was staring us in the face the whole time, if Wiggles has her night time wee outside and then allowed to sleep on the bed she would get so comfy that she would wait till the morning for her next wee instead of 2am trips to the puppy pads.

The bed idea proving wiggles is settled

If we go back to when we first let Wiggles on the bed with us she was snappy and very defensive when awoke or if we moved in our sleep we believed this to be some kind of problem as Wiggles would realise where she was and stop the aggression, this was quite scary at first a new dog (big too) on your bed inches away and you do not know the back ground but it was to work out amazingly well.

To get here you have to become a good bulldog

To get here you have to become a good bulldog

Bedtime routine is now part of wiggles everyday life that’s not to say you won’t catch her in the front room snoring away during the day she even wants to spend time with myself if I’m resting and Debbie is out.  Wiggles now gets lifted up each eve where she has a routine of washing us then goes and finds her spot for the night or at least for 10 mins before turning around to another position.


This routine is a sign of change but where I think I’ve noticed the changes is I can now stroke her while she’s asleep and she will not even flinch if anything the more love she gets the better (obvious yet unachievable till now) and the only trade off to this minor miracle is myself or Debbie awaking with sore knees as her tripled weighted head has been using as a pillow all night.

Shes protective of the house now if the door goes or the buzzer she’s straight up alert and barking away so that tells me this is a sense that she feels this is her home now for good.

just in, Debbie’s view on wiggles first year

Wiggles first year has been varied in different ways.when she first came she was introduced to the sofa.She loved the comfiness off the sofa as she had spent the last few years on a hard bed in an outside kennel.
She had never come across stairs either and found them tricky at first,but soon got used to them.

Wiggles was very jumpy in her sleep when she first came to us,you couldn’t stroke her when she was asleep as she would go for you.It got to the point that me just

My face my sofa

My face my sofa

sitting next her when she was asleep would make her jumpy.So I had to move away from her as I did think she would go for me.Now though she is fine,you can stroke her loads when she is asleep.

She wasn’t good with commands and has only just learnt the sit command,but she tends to do that for sausages.
Wiggles never used to like resting her head on anything when she was asleep.Now her head has to be resting on my legs.If I move my legs over to try and have a break,she will slide her whole body over to get her chin back on my leg.Sometimes it can get uncomfortable for long periods.

Wiggles had never come across a cat before coming to us,so when our daughters cat first appeared she did try to go for it.Wiggles is territorial of my space when the cat is around.If the cat comes near me,she will try to get her.
She does not like her rear end being sniffed by other dogs,she will go for them if they do that.She generally didn’t like other dogs coming near her,from behind.She is fine now with other dogs as long as she can sniff them first.

Such a cutie

Such a cutie


Wiggles loves her strokes and will constantly paw at you to stroke her chest,this has only been a new thing she has done for the last few months.
She has found the luxury of the bed very comfy,and will bark at you to tell you she wants to get up on there.
If she has an itch she likes to rub her face against the sofa.
So as you can see the her first year has been different in many ways.

Blogging help and prayers answered

if you don’t know or not into blogging a great way to gain interest for your venture is to appear on other sites and for other bloggers to come and tempt you guys to read their blogs it’s an age old trading tradition between bloggers well it’s been around since blogging began. Firstly thank you to Allen and he’s website From the dogs paw I met him on linked-in and for such a high spec doggie website I was surprised he even asked, I’ve written a draft copy and hope it’s good enough to get

Empathy and compassion ooze from this site

Empathy and compassion ooze from this site

published and even better if my style is liked and I’m asked back.

My Heroine Donna Curtis from the Boston terrier rescue network (which is now forever in our links page) and a brilliant website as well as cause came to my rescue and surprised me with this attempt blog at trying to get a group going or even some interest towards bloggers to come and guest or vice versa.

I hope it has some kind of impact you can see that here Blogging shout out Donna has kindly done this because they as a team believe in Collectibulldogs and for that we are forever grateful and the world needs many more people like Donna that prefer assistance and understanding over greed and want.

Boston Terrier rescue network a great cause

I do attempt to reach out there’s been many an evening where I go trawling websites that could be relatable and my problems are either websites that are overwealming to folks like myself and if I do get to the contact part the anxiety starts and my message just becomes a blabbed essay which I doubt I would want to get myself let alone send.

I am hoping with time that Collectibulldogs has its own great blogging richness with views coming from far and wide and like many people have stated I just need to be patient and things will fall into place eventually.


Thank you so far for my views I cannot go without showing what could be one of the first ever lazer printed bulldog and it’s original counterpart

The original and laser version

The original and laser version

I wont insult you by asking you to guess and as you can see the laser is great at its job of re creating the shape its only problem is it doesn’t pick up the patina the tiny hair like look isn’t seen on the laser reprinted version.

Thanks and wiggle on folks

The reproduction is  courtesy of Brighton museum and I’m also hoping they are taking me up and reblogging my article on museums and mental health, I’m hoping for practical blogging help soon and I think I maybe able to start adding videos soon and give the blog a new look with some of the pictures being clips of pieces in their  entirety.

If those with media accounts like Reddit Digg or others like BlogLovn could you please think and where possible find a home for some of my pages that would be great I think some are relivant and interesting yet posting myself is classed as self promotion.

Its not easy on some formats and now when even posting pictures the anxiety is palpable yet I will persevere as I know some just troll for the fun of it others don’t get what’s going on here or the actual achievement I have made and some are just naive but on the whole most are very nice indeed loving wiggles and guiding me on.

Thank you again to those supporting from around the world Collectibulldogs cannot achieve its goals without you folks and the kind things some are doing to help us grow, please feel free to contact me if you want to blog here  Until next time folks happy collecting.

Our furoms need you



The Bulldog Spirit a friendly explanation


Symbol of bulldog spirit

Propaganda bulldog mascots and memorabilia

Hi readers I hope you are all well and doing ok where ever you are presently Im having trouble sleeping so I thought I’d compile some recent research and write a new blog, So during the war of World War Two the English bulldog was Englands hierarchies breed of choice when it came to the start of the BULLDOG SPIRIT or propaganda operation.

Please note the purpose of this blog is to inform teach and add relatable content to the website it’s not the intentions of Collectibulldogs to upset or inconvenience anyone, this blog contains mild war references which could be distressing or uninteresting to some people and the knowledge is my own research unless stated otherwise thank you.

That old Misconception

One of the biggest misconceptions of World War Two was the story that Winston Churchill adored bulldogs owned them and was always seen with them, I’m sorry to say that this isn’t true and the reason for this mislaid idea came from an old


Winston and rufus the 2nd

newspaper article cartoon where the artist likened Winston Churchill to a grumpy old bulldog and soon after that the idea of the bulldog spirit was born pushing the image of the bulldog into the forefront.

Winston Churchill has often been pictured with bulldogs these pictures are not doctored but clever publicity so when he went to inspect bases he would often be asked to have his picture taken with the bases bulldog mascot. The other photos normally captured are when Winston Churchill was on his holidays visiting high society many of whom back then breed show bulldogs.


Knowing high society Winston was often pictured with friends bulldogs

Winston you softy

This Historical gent did own animals in fact he was very fond of many species he kept a few kinds some exotic but none touched his heart like his two poodles, The


Winston Churchill photographed with he’s poodle

one to grab his love for dogs was a poodle called Rufus the second and was considered by Winston himself as one of he’s best friends and confidants, this could be because the dog listened to his mumbling rants and instead of bad news from enemy lines just licked his own doggy looking face.

I have had many a small discussion with people whom are adamant that our national mascot is the bulldog and it’s such a shame it isn’t, the actual mascot to the queens army is a ram which can be seen on occasion and the trooping of the colour.


Winston posing with a bulldog for the media



VENUS The captains bulldog


It was not common for the English to have dogs aboard ships this was not because the dog would chase the ships cat mouse catcher but more to do with sailors safety and extra responsibility, there was one famous exception and this beautiful bulldog was called Venus. The captain of the VANSITTART had her as a pet so she became the ships mascot. Sailors back then had to do everything manually from self grooming to keeping the running of the ship so many sighs were made if anyone was asked to walk Venus and kick her do do over board lol.


Famous postcard of Venus


As we are talking about ships I might as well mention the H91 or better known as HMS Bulldog, she was what is classed as a B class destroyer built for the Royal Navy in 1929 she was Initially assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet, and was then transferred to the home fleet in 1936.


This bowl could actually be from the HMS Bulldog

During the Civil war of Spain 1936–1939, the ship spent considerable time in Spanish waters, enforcing the arms blockade imposed by Britain and France on both sides of the conflict. HMS Bulldog saw service throughout World War Two on

A ship


escort duty during the battles of both artic and Atlantic oceans.

Her most notable actions were the capture of one of Germanys precious enigma machines (like the film), they found valuable notebooks too from the German submarine U110 in 1941, and sinking another German submarine in 1944. The surrender of the German garrisons of the Channel isles was signed on 9 May 1945 aboard Bulldog. Redundant after the war, she was decommissioned and scrapped for parts in 1946.

Signature naval tattoos

The last part to this nautical theme are Tattoos and the Bulldog is up there with many other popular body adornments like the Anchor the swallow and some even have ships tattooed on, The actual Destroyer HMS Bulldog the sailors were obliged to have their signature bulldog tattoo yet other sailors it was choice.


Army and navy bulldog Tattoos

This tradition is still big in American military the USMC ( United States marine corp) have the bulldog as a mascot and also were nick named the devil dogs by the Japanese imperial army. So there’s a heavy influence in the us army and apart from civilians university football teams with a bulldog as the university mascot often have a bulldog tattoo yet this was more after World War Two.

2D them where it hurts

Funny title I know, in this segment we can chat about all the advertising propaganda the allied forces used to show the enemy the Ethos of the “BULLDOG SPIRIT” the English and her allies wanted to portray, I’ve not come across many posters but you can find repos on eBay there’s even a famous painting of a white bulldog standing on the Union Jack


Propaganda postcard

and this has then created other similar paintings. Nothing says it quite like a post card, and just like the English seaside postcards propaganda versions had the same funny cheek but with a more sinister message.

Postcards were one of the more novel propaganda weapons artists were let loose to ridicule the enemy and using

Propaganda postcard

Propaganda postcard

the Bulldog and depicting the German dutchound either being won over or laughed at, I wonder if the enemy back then did the same I’ve never found any yet I know all countries used some sort of propaganda or differing methods at the same time. The most sinister picture I have seen that I won’t post is a bulldog ironically beautifully painted on the side of a bomb with the artists name and small message alongside it Please check out our Postcards we even have leather ones but still on the look out for the rarer silk or embroidered postcards.


Hand made Leather War postcards even had bulldogs on

mum breeds bulldogs now 1940

After the rise of the Bulldog spirit the breed was just as popular as it was before but now even more so yet the gentleman folk that were usually on home shores working civilian lives and breeding showing were now stationed miles away from home after being enrolled into the army. This left women perplexed at first how were they expected to carry on and take on breeding too.


Women soon become very apt home breeders

Many women found that by breeding bulldogs to sell they could contribute towards the war funds and also send much needed supplies out to their loved ones it also helped running the home easier having a little more money but as the rations were for all there wasn’t anything to gain from breeding except for the donating of the funds.

Pups just as cute in the 40s

Quite a few of these women were farmers wife’s so were used to the breeding methods and found it easier than town ladies (except the town breeders/club showers wife’s) whom had watched their husbands, for the novice breeder that sold puppies for fund contribution got free veterinary treatment if and when needed. For

The standard

Bulldog bible. The rare standard

the few that tried for themselves often failed even before the pups were weaned.

The piece/ booklet I have and Is called the bulldog standard is dated 1913 which is actually the First World War and I think again in 1924 so it makes me wonder how regulated the breeding was at the time and it’s easy to see from records they must of been very strict and organised as bulldogs own DNA or background can usually be traced back further that 1940-1945

If your interested in the history of this period or similar mediums may I interest you with the blog from the British museum a brilliant read every time they post plus resources to get info I don’t have here at Collectibulldogs Check out the British museum blog and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised, they have 100s of demographic topics where as I have just the one.


I cannot finish the blog without saying thank you to those that have been kind enough to use the share icons it’s made me happy that even if you folks are not communicating with me at least your showing support. I would love nothing more than to see the icon numbers rise as you kind people help get Collectibulldogs more interest and the more formats shared too the better.

Thank you

Thank you all for the support shown

If you are a blogger a seller or own a website I’m happy to pay it back and help you with your ventures I’m doing well on twitter with 30k followers 26k on Instagram, I have a full friends list on face book plus followers on my page and other formats so if you have a link or want help with exposure just ask me.

please feel free to muse the site and see how many Bulldog propoganda pieces you can find in The gallery link to other pages


As I do not have any political view whatsoever I want to make it known this blog is for knowledge only and as im now a museum listed website I have to cover some topics that could be seen as uncomfortable to some, I have used themildest pictures here so not to scare any younger demographic readers and make the subject as lighthearted as possible even though I understand the  severity of what happened then.

The bulldog Spirit is still very much Alive today yet seen in a much friendlier setting for example they are used in adverts a lot like the Churchill ad (no pun intended)

and bulldogs can be found in  comedies and films. I think when I see wiggles lazing around snoring I think why not the breed has given so much these past few centuries they deserve a good rest.  So from Oliver and Rosie here and myself keep safe and happy collecting.

Graham Simpson Pic

Graham Simpson Pic bulldogs like to chill


late update

Thank you very much to Donna at the Boston Terrier Rescue Network for seeing my plight to find guest bloggers and for so kindly putting out the following article Guest article thank you Donna and hopefully I may get a guest post or two.

Boston Terrier rescue network a great cause


Prayers answered our first English trophy piece

First English trophy

Hi there to all of the Collectibulldogs readers I hope your all safe and sound wherever you may be.

Like me most are waiting for slow January to end whilst I maxed out my limit by buying this our first English bulldog club trophy.

Now I have said in previous blogs like This article on silver pieces that due to the unsentimental ways people see these objects now, most are now bought at low cost

Silver bulldog trophy our very first

to be scrapped.

I couldn’t let that happen so went all out and made an offer.

The trophy

The trophy is a superb George V bulbous twin handled trophy cup dated 1914 and made by the well known silversmith Mr Daniel George Collins, the trophy is named after the Airedale challenge and was presented to the Airedale and Bulldog club in august of 1918.

The hand over to the winners by a Major H M Barnes of the Royal Fleet

Beautiful inscribed writing

Auxiliary or the R.F.A. for short.

I know the piece isn’t strictly bulldog but it is a start and looks amazing with the other silver pieces here at Collectibulldogs.

The trophy weighs an impressive 11 ounces is ten cm tall and around 17cm from handle to handle, please note if you use auction rooms or auction online you may of seen this piece passed on with each new owner hoping to make their profit.

I did pay a pretty penny for the piece but money can be found again, however these historic pieces, once melted are gone forever.

Laser printed bulldog

I met up with my museum mentor last week for a coffee and a chat about where things are for me.


we spoke about the upcoming exhibition I’m involved in creating for the Brighton fringe festival in May.

For those new here’s an article on this and I think I will be the first ever to exhibit the breed Museum display in May.

Anyways we were sitting there when this little fella was presented to me to muse.

3D laser printed bulldog

Laser printing is the future of 3D images and I think the piece is amazing, It’s of a little porcelain bulldog found in one of the museums collections and is spot on even if it looks rough, the idea is to wait till it’s hardened and treated and then it gets sanded back to loose the tiny lines (I think it adds character).

Hoping new features keep me out of trouble

Has anyone noticed yet?

Thanks to Lee, we now have sharing features, the reason being is I was starting to get anxious everytime I posted to social media formats expecting rude comments and stigmatised for not understanding the rules, don’t get me wrong I’m smarter than the average bear (Yogi bear reference) and self aware yet I cannot seem to understand instruction and it’s soooo frustrating and a little cruel upon ones self.

Please may I ask those that read my blogs, if you would kindly share to your favorite social media to share the knowledge we have built up.

I have asked for blogging assistance and think this is the next best thing until help forms itself.

I’m yet to understand how bloglovin works and I dread waking up each day to see what comments are on some formats where the rules haven’t been followed or your post title gets ridiculed, another rule I’m yet to master.

On the subject of blogs firstly can I say ALL my previous blogs are now over on the new website, along with  The galleries and Funny pics the website is now very big and nearly compete, with some tweaks and duplicates to take out, the website will then be fully completed and ready for me to add new pieces just like the silver trophy.

I want to thank Lee from TheRemoteItPro for saving my blogs and for spending endless hours doing thi,s it is so appreciated, I have a few blogs I see as special and would of been gutted to lose them completely.


I would like to apologise for the lack of content published at the moment I’ve had some personal issues with my mental health and even finding the mental strength to put a blog together very hard to achieve.

I think once I get help with my blogging, the website, the collection and where it’s all going I will get back to putting out informative pieces about the actual subject I’m so passionate about.

It was suggested to me to ease myself into blogging again and do an article on Wiggles and even though she’s so cute I would rather get some other content out and do a full blog on her after.

Peace in the Middle East of Sussex

Do you mind I’m having a bath


Wiggles is doing great here now she loves her new family and even leaves the cat alone.

Until next time folks happy collecting…






The Forum Room good or bad

The Forum

Hi there readers and a happy 2017 to one and all I hope your festive period was a nice peaceful time, I wanted to have a chat about our forum page and whether it’s a good or bad idea, I have been in two minds myself as I know I’m no good at calls to action.

Exhibition Brighton museum

We can chat about the Exhibition at Brighton museumThe idea for the forum was to invite anyone it was made exclusively for bulldog antiques but a meeting place for chatty people.

I myself was hoping the forum would become more popular coming from someone trapped indoors I saw it as yet another way of reaching out just like I do on social media.

My Web designer from The Remote It Pro says I need to blog more about the forums and try to attract folks attention to it.


Talk about bulldogs or something else

Yet I feel bad posting as I get the feeling I’m either poaching or spamming, neither of course is the case I just wanted the forum to become a success and I would be spending more time on the forum chatting, answering questions etc.

My attempt at art could be a funny topic lol

If the forum doesn’t end up being a success I won’t see it as a failure there are folks on there now but enough to spark up a conversation or they don’t yet know how to, I have introduced myself on the forum and left a couple of topics to start a conversation but now need participants.

So if you are community minded why not give it a go and come for a chat I believe lee has made it even easier to join now too.

Come and join us let’s build a community

The Article is it isn’t it?

Late last year a draft copy was sent to me of an article that was supposed to go out before Christmas and I saw this as my Christmas gift to myself, I mean after all I too have been a good boy and deserved my gift.

I now will not know when or if the article will be used now and my anxiety stops me from emailing the paper and asking this is because I feel I’m wasting the time of busy people, I’m now waiting with fingers crossed that A the article is a go and B they have the courtesy to let me know when it’s published.

1835-1875 I wonder

As most know bulldogs come from a harsh past and that we Collectibulldogs will not entertain the premise of owning anything other than from the breeds domesticated time period, the ban on horrible sports started in 1835 and the first proper club was started in 1875 so when I start looking again I wonder what would of been around in that 30 year time period.

I’m obviously not going to look back but try and find things like paperwork from breeder sales, try and find books on how the domestication process happened and how the bulldog went from a tethered yard dog to a breed now sleeping on many an owners bed.

1860s inkwell

The pieces I do have that are from this time are few with many being old desk top favs like the ink well and pen holders, there’s also humidor pieces and the odd oil lamp but I’m yet to find more 2D representations to add to the collection.

Finally. Funny 2017

😂We are still looking to add to new pictures if there’s anyone out there interested in showing off their bulldogs, we have a page where you can add your beloved pooches Here is an example

The pics do not have to be funny like I stated before Collectibulldogs is trying to create a little community and welcomes others to come join us.

I’m not sure I’m that good at calls to action and it would be nice if I had a mouthpiece with the tact to talk to people online as I do not seem to get many responses.

Finally have a great year folks who knows what will 2017 bring but I hope it’s peace bulldogs and lots of good things let’s see hey, till next time folks happy collecting…

check out a page or two it’s worth the look

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