Bulldog museum BrightonFirst English trophy

Hi there to all of the Collectibulldogs readers I hope your all safe and sound wherever you may be.

Like me most are waiting for slow January to end whilst I maxed out my limit by buying this our first English bulldog club trophy.

Now I have said in previous blogs like This article on silver pieces that due to the unsentimental ways people see these objects now, most are now bought at low cost

Bulldog museum Brighton

Silver bulldog trophy our very first

to be scrapped.

I couldn’t let that happen so went all out and made an offer.

The trophy

The trophy is a superb George V bulbous twin handled trophy cup dated 1914 and made by the well known silversmith Mr Daniel George Collins, the trophy is named after the Airedale challenge and was presented to the Airedale and Bulldog club in august of 1918.

The hand over to the winners by a Major H M Barnes of the Royal Fleet

Bulldog museum Brighton

Beautiful inscribed writing

Auxiliary or the R.F.A. for short.

I know the piece isn’t strictly bulldog but it is a start and looks amazing with the other silver pieces here at Collectibulldogs.

The trophy weighs an impressive 11 ounces is ten cm tall and around 17cm from handle to handle, please note if you use auction rooms or auction online you may of seen this piece passed on with each new owner hoping to make their profit.

I did pay a pretty penny for the piece but money can be found again, however these historic pieces, once melted are gone forever.

Laser printed bulldog

I met up with my museum mentor last week for a coffee and a chat about where things are for me.


we spoke about the upcoming exhibition I’m involved in creating for the Brighton fringe festival in May.

For those new here’s an article on this and I think I will be the first ever to exhibit the breed Museum display in May.

Anyways we were sitting there when this little fella was presented to me to muse.

Bulldog museum Brighton

3D laser printed bulldog

Laser printing is the future of 3D images and I think the piece is amazing, It’s of a little porcelain bulldog found in one of the museums collections and is spot on even if it looks rough, the idea is to wait till it’s hardened and treated and then it gets sanded back to loose the tiny lines (I think it adds character).

Hoping new features keep me out of trouble

Has anyone noticed yet?

Thanks to Lee, we now have sharing features, the reason being is I was starting to get anxious everytime I posted to social media formats expecting rude comments and stigmatised for not understanding the rules, don’t get me wrong I’m smarter than the average bear (Yogi bear reference) and self aware yet I cannot seem to understand instruction and it’s soooo frustrating and a little cruel upon ones self.

Please may I ask those that read my blogs, if you would kindly share to your favorite social media to share the knowledge we have built up.

I have asked for blogging assistance and think this is the next best thing until help forms itself.

I’m yet to understand how bloglovin works and I dread waking up each day to see what comments are on some formats where the rules haven’t been followed or your post title gets ridiculed, another rule I’m yet to master.

On the subject of blogs firstly can I say ALL my previous blogs are now over on the new website, along with  The galleries and Funny pics the website is now very big and nearly compete, with some tweaks and duplicates to take out, the website will then be fully completed and ready for me to add new pieces just like the silver trophy.

I want to thank Lee from TheRemoteItPro for saving my blogs and for spending endless hours doing thi,s it is so appreciated, I have a few blogs I see as special and would of been gutted to lose them completely.


I would like to apologise for the lack of content published at the moment I’ve had some personal issues with my mental health and even finding the mental strength to put a blog together very hard to achieve.

I think once I get help with my blogging, the website, the collection and where it’s all going I will get back to putting out informative pieces about the actual subject I’m so passionate about.

It was suggested to me to ease myself into blogging again and do an article on Wiggles and even though she’s so cute I would rather get some other content out and do a full blog on her after.

Bulldog museum Brighton

Peace in the Middle East of Sussex

Bulldog museum Brighton

Do you mind I’m having a bath


Wiggles is doing great here now she loves her new family and even leaves the cat alone.

Until next time folks happy collecting…






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