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Hi to all the collectibulldogs viewers I hope your all well and getting ready for the Festive period I know different faiths read this so I mean it to one and all, Christmas treats have gone out and this year we donated to two causes and a chance swap left a certain lady very content and another very happy in the gift she had sent.

Please note Part of the blog is mental health related



A lovely lady popped round last week to pick up our donations for bulldog rescue and stayed for a tea and a chat, wiggles used this to her advantage and got spoilt rotten with lots of hugs kisses and bottom strokes. I donated a couple of specialist pieces that I believe will be going into the bulldog rescue auction and due to the nature of the pieces there will be a reserve so that the pieces make as much as possible for the Charity.

lewes walk

The other donations this year went to my local bulldog walk that is normally held in the next town, they have a raffle and auction to which I have donated too this past year and Christmas. I believe they made two hundred and forty five pounds I have no interest in how much was down to my donations I’m just happy to see a nice amount was raised for the dogs as that’s what really counts


As I have mentioned before my collection somehow gets what I call rogue pieces and this particular piece made two ladies very happy indeed, I had met the swapper on Twitter a lovely lady that sells antiques and from the states and she had spotted a pug I had its antique in age and possibly from the Bergmann factories in Austria.

This pug bronze turned from a swap into a gift and a beautiful gesture that the swapper wanted me to pass on to her English friend that runs a family business called antiques of York and owns a beautiful black pug that I believe to be called olive.

It has been the first swap I have ever done where I send out 3d pieces in return for 2d pieces yet I do not mind as its a feather in the trust cap I make a new friend and contact and the piece in question will go to a loving home where it will be adored and loved.

compassion for Christmas

This is to all the people that run groups moderate and monitor social media groups I’m not expecting any change but if you can at least understand PTSD and OCD properly and hence then my character there could be scope for at least some understanding. A few years ago I was mugged in my own home and stabbed in my chest this caused me to contract a disorder called post traumatic stress disorder it has many down sides and one is a very bad memory.

When you guys delete my posts ( reasons not needed ) I do not remember that I have posted in your groups or communities and then repeat the process with me then getting into trouble for over posting.  Instead of labelling me as some sort of spammer and denying my posts It would be nice if you could understand why it may happen and just have a little word in my ear so to speak.

I have decided to ask this after I found my posts getting deleted in the Face book group Brighton people and started feeling pushed aside, for one person to be the voice of over 14k users is not something I understand but as its not my group so be it, and I have mentioned before the worst of support for my venture does come from my own city with the exception of a couple of groups and the museum where I’m listed.

In my own defence firstly collectibulldogs is being remade this means I do not yet understand the format, secondly I was told my posts are all familiar this is not true at all otherwise the museum would not of listed me and I can say until the website is fully optimised and all the tweaks done the drop down pictures will be the same and once my other 49 blogs have been rescued folks will see just how diverse I have been since starting the website.  For any locals actually interested its a display next year there are 26 people exhibiting and it coincides with the Brighton fringe festival, not sure how moderator saw that as bulldogs but there you go and after explaining myself I was told to post nearer the time that’s not how you get the word out early I’m afraid.

I’m not giving up, in or stopping

folks that suffer with mental health will understand this but I nearly gave up everything yesterday after a comment was made by a moderator a local to Brighton, do not get me wrong I’m not after prestige I have been on news the radio and even visited by admirers abroad. I need to learn how to handle negativity no matter where its coming from and look for other less hostile ways of not only getting out my venture those I’m either in or helping with without bumping into these less compassionate souls.

It only takes one nieve persons remark to destroy years of work I will just have to take the morale high ground on this one and just continue whilst the injustice niggles away hopefully to nothing I was not rude and even though was made to feel like poo I stayed professional and will now move on using these blogs as reference for next year to see if I have improved in my cognitive  thinking.


Please note the pictures I wanted to use I haven’t learned to upload to this format yet so will add as an update one is of wiggles with Alison jones from bulldog rescue, I miss Weebly the app it was so much easier but after a few failed attempts I’m sure I will get it if not I’ve gone and wasted a fair bit of money on a format not good for the PC  illiterate but hey that’s my fault and until next time folks happy collecting….

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