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A merry Christmas or alternatively Happy Holidays from wiggles and myself

Merry Christmas happy holidays

Hi there readers I hope you all had a great Christmas or happy holiday depending on what’s PC these days, as a youngster I only knew merry Christmas but as the world gets more diverse there’s now many a saying that means the same thing.

We had a quite Christmas this year our daughter had a great time opening her gifts so did Wiggles, my wife was surprised as I had managed to put a little bit by to buy her a surprise gift with its intention to say thank you really for staying as the glue that keeps us all together.

That right merry mix up

The whole reason for such a late Christmas blog is because I learned it’s unprofessional to blog when angry it’s a bit like drunk dialing you can end up saying things you later regret, How my family runs it’s affairs at Christmas isn’t something I will bore you with but as our daughter has a birthday three weeks later there’s not much under the tree for me.

I really don’t mind that’s not the problem and I’m usually spoilt on my birthday but this year I thought my article that the evening argus had done was going to run before Christmas, I also got an email  coincidently my museum mentor saying all stories from the museum were being held.  As I have cognitive problems I jumped straight to the conclusion that my story wasn’t going to be published and this in effect ruined any merry I should of had over Christmas and why I’m so in need of CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy).

After seeing what was going on by emailing the editor I went back to feeling at ease I feel I deserved the article based on my own merit and a part quoted by a person at the museum has left me with questions but I’m back to being happy old me now it’s all sorted.

Very merry numbers

Now for some great news, the day before Christmas, Christmas Day and, Boxing Day saw Collectibulldogs receiving some merry festive feeling in the form of viewers, I couldn’t believe my eyes and it couldn’t of all been mistaken shopping as analytics showed hits on the main pages and the blogs too.

Bulldog museum Brighton

A merry days viewing

Bulldog museum Brighton








Not only was this great for the ego (mainly the OCD) but shows as an organic self promoter of a website that doesn’t sell anything I did pretty well to end the year on a bit of a high all by myself. I do not wish to stay lonesome and as folks can see I can get viewers so if you want to come join me in blogging please can I refer you too looking for links and guests

My Merry  recommendation

Isn’t it the small things in life that give us the strength to pick ourselves up and continue and when that something comes from elsewhere it adds a little hope and lightens the load. Firstly I would like to thank the gentleman for his kindness and compassion to look at others achievements and commend them if only I had more people notice the collection, the site and I’m pretty sure I’m the first antiques blogger to be frank open and honest about their mental health.  So that’s Bulldogs, antiques, and mental health awareness all on one website.

Bulldog museum Brighton

A merry recommendation







Bulldog museum Brighton

If wiggles previous owner follows she had a merry Christmas

Doing well but need a favour

As anyone can imagine it’s not easy being in two places at once and I can only do so much on each format to keep my influencer rating rising this helps social media trending sites like traackr to see my site as interesting and send clients over to have a muse.

Bulldog museum Brighton

As you can see I need help with FaceBook please








The numbers show that I’m in the thousands but this page was once my profile and as I was showing my bulldog pieces FaceBook must of thought I was a business or club and changed it, if you want to help please Just press here to get to face book thank you and please come back

what will 2017 bring

ok so the Brighton fringe festival is in may and that’s when I first display as part of an exhibition for any new readers here’s a usable link to more info about my part in the display at Brighton museum Display blog and then hopefully with the museums help I will be able to use some space to create my very own first ever bulldog exhibit which I then hope will lead on to better things.

Collectibulldogs is a collection first and foremost and why I strive to keep it as such I believe there’s more beauty in looking at the collection as a whole than its monetary value, as stated before once all official the collection will be signed over to my daughter and I hope she sees what I see when I take a look at what I’ve amassed each time and will continue the social enterprise route, I think trustees can help in this matter but obviously in a few years yet I’m just a youngster lol.


Thats a funny title I bet most are thinking and some may even think I’m playing around with the blogs SEO (search engine optimisation) this isn’t the case at all I’m hoping some of you use it to contact me and let me know what bulldog collectibles made your Christmas merry this year.

Loved ones that are with bully lovers usually take the opportunity to buy presents that are to do with the breed and i would love to see what some of you folk got, whether it be a key ring or just like in my group one lady woke up too a life size bulldog standing by her patio doors.

The other point to this is for me to see pieces I’ve maybe not seen before this not only helps me to help others when recognising but I learn something new too i.e. Every year I’m contacted and it’s always to do with Danbury mint merry Christmas bulldog series pieces.

These aren’t so popular in the uk but the demand in the USA outstrips supply and some pieces go for 100s nearly 1000 sometimes WOW that’s a lot of money for resin and lights but each to their own and even I’ve thought about adding a couple of pieces to the collection at some point.

FINALLY find some passion ave!!!

When the finances are a little more disposable and I’ve saved a bit I will start my passion and start collecting again this time with more mindful pieces to try and obtain and do more research before I go and buy, this will have to be mixed in with the funds I use to pay for this website and upkeep and upcoming museum expenses.

I do miss the knock at the door and opening parcels knowing I’ve found a gem or even just a piece I like without any history or investable value but now museum listed I reckon it’s now my job to try and find some very old pieces I know blood sports were banned in 1835 so I might start my search around 1940.

Bulldog museum Brighton

My last piece obtained I need to catch up

Passion is what I miss but it also gets me into trouble like I stated about the paper I’m not good at mixups and feel self destructive when things feel wrong, but I have righted them and even apologise to my readers for not sending out a merry Christmas blog.

I didn’t feel festive so it wasn’t fare to spite that out, I’m much better now and looking forward to hard working yet very rewarding 2017 and whomever you are and wherever you maybe The Ashdown family that includes Wiggles wish you all a fantastic 2017, happy collecting folks…


Please check out the Galleries thank you