The beswick pottery house was a family run business and was founded in 1892 by the father james beswick, we all know the famous son more john beswick whom designed many pieces including the beswick pups and what is now the seated fawn and white royal doulton bulldog.

The family did very well making a name for them selves in the collectables market and had a great run till they sold the beswick brand to royal doulton in 2004, so far I have found the pups the buson the champ and the sailor by the pond im not sure if beswick made others but I know the sailor piece is the rarest of these pieces.

Beswick pieces are a great starting point for collectors they are of an affordable price and display very well.

To read more  head over to Head over to read about the artist before he sold up to Royal Doulton in 1969  

So there are many other makers manufacturers out there from the U.K. and John Beswick has to be up there amongst the top ten he did not just create porcelain figurines he ran an empire that’s now turned into a collectors paradise, I see many Beswick figurines at boot sales for no price at all and then see them fly in the auction rooms it’s a funny old game is collecting.

Look out for John Beswick and he’s rarer pieces you can buy a book to brush up on him and the pieces he has made in the past and the copies Royal Doulton needed to do with a few of his original pieces either to start the collecting supply and demand or that they felt these models were too basic.

We hope you enjoy all the pieces shown on and we will strive to add more pieces when we can and also hope you are all out there looking for that next best piece.

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