Impressive Bulldog antiques collectibles Brighton

Bulldog antiques collectibles Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton BY KARL TUTTER GERMANY

Bulldog antiques Brighton !

Hi readers I hope you all had a great Easter I didn’t find any eggs or bunnies unfortunately and now I’m using this blog article to tell a friend how I started Bulldog antiques and collectibles Brighton


After we went our separate ways I moved to an area that was not good for my mental health (bates estate) it’s not the place to put anyone with any issues really.


We then went on to Carlton hill where my story about Bulldog antiques and collectibles Brighton begins from a two bedroom flat that we then called home.


In twenty thirteen I started a group for those with mental health issues this place was called limited editions it was a safe space where you could learn woodworking carpentry and joinery, they also had metalwork sessions as well as the art table.

Bulldog antiques and collectibles Brighton The start

Bulldog antiques collectibles Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton ITALIAN CERAMIC BULLDOG


Upon meeting new friends I befriended a lady with a similar disorder and we became quite close in a friend way and I would start going to her home to chill on a Thursday!


Whilst in this time I saw a doorstop which I now know is a brass version of the Melba ware bulldog The lady Michelle said that her dad had dug it up for your garden and that she didn’t really like it due to the dance with I like to have it.


I’m not one for just taking things so I offered the lady £40 for the brass bulldog I’m not sure what I was going to do with it either at the time as Collectibulldogs is not even an idea, this was short lived anyway.


Having own mental health issues the lady wanted the dog back and gave me back the money so I went out and looked for the same price bulldog and film on for £25 and this would be the start of the collection even though I did not know it then.

Bulldog antiques and collectibles My brain wave

Bulldog antiques collectibles Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton THIS ONE IS FROM SCOTLAND


Before I continue I should state that my second ever buy was not of a bulldog but a beautiful bull there was no notion of any kind or a link to into the past of the bulldog for example bulldog bullbaiting I just saw this sculpture at the time and thought well that’s cool.

In a state of depression during the summer of 2013 I spent my time thinking about bad thoughts what I would be leaving behind as well as thinking about having any legacy as a father to pass on to his children.


Patting on scruffy-Louise’s head i started wondering what would be like to have more than one bulldog and then the lightbulb moment happened and that was when the idea to start collecting bulldog antiques and memorabilia came to mind.


This was just an idea was the birth of a creation that is now a worldwide known name for anything to do with antiques and Collectibles that are bulldog related or themed, my obsession had started and OCD was going to play a big part.

The start of the worlds largest Bulldog collection

Bulldog antiques collectibles Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Royal Worcester England


It’s not easy explaining how I managed to get to where I am today but I do remember when I first started and the pieces that I had back there as well as the people I met and the stories that came with the bulldogs memorabilia that I had acquired.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I remember when I had one bookshelf one covers and a box that opens at the top with glass during this time I thought I knew everything there was to know about bulldog collect him yet in fact I knew hardly anything.


This naivety towards thinking that I was the only bulldog collector in the world with my a few hundred pieces became a mythical idea in 2015 after setting up the very first website of its kind I started meeting of a bulldog collectors from around the world.


I will never be able to tell anyone whether it was OCD or edit session with eBay but this was my first port of call to start collecting bulldogs, I will also tell you how I manage to get a lot of the collection of one person.

Bulldog antiques from a friend

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton

When you are a collector you get to know people far and wide as well as those more local and through eBay I met a man whom I was going to be doing business with for the next few years.


He had bought a collection for liquidation and was going to put all of the pieces through online auction sites like eBay it would’ve taken him years to sell so we started up a business friendship that helped create what is now the worlds largest bulldog memorabilia collection.


Months went by and I was getting pictures of bulldog antiques and memorabilia every single day and I was being asked whether or not I was interested or if the piece should be sold on to someone else. By the time we had finished going through the collection I think I owed this person about £11,000.


Box after box that cost over £100 per delivery was coming to the door weekly I will open the box to find hundreds of pieces it was like Christmas every week and I was building up my collection as well as starting to learn what it was I was buying.

What I did with Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton


The idea of sharing my collectionmy collection with the world came from starting up a Facebook group and page and noticing that I had managed to create interest in this niche, this was the precursor that started all the research behind bulldogs memorabilia from the 1800s onwards


We live in a world of misinformation and unfortunately there is not a library of information on Bulldog antiques, for example it is easy to look up a brand like Royal Doulton but to find out why this company did create sets of three in their bulldog ranges was a lot harder to research.


My synapsis fire up very well so I am understanding that not many people are going to be reading my blog article but that doesn’t mean to say that I can just write anything and it’s the hundreds of hours of research that you will find in the blog archives of this website.


It wasn’t long before I realised that I was pumping out more content creation and researched information than the world wide knowledge platform called Wikipedia, i’m actually quite proud that I know more about my subject matter than Wikipedia does.

I will stun you my friend with bulldogs !

Bulldog antiques Brighton



In a few of my last blogs I have been speaking about a friend that has come back into my life after 14 years of absence has seen the collection upon the display but I’m still not sure that he grasps the actual size Collectibulldogs.


This will be turned into a proper learning opportunity when I offer my friend A day in when it’s raining to help me clean the selection and that way he can see just how much of the pieces he has not seeing, and the collection gets a clean a little bit quicker.


Gobsmacked is an understatement when I tell my friends the prices of some of the bulldogs ceramics that he can see by showing the retail prices and explain how auction sites and auction houses work, anything explained about bulldogs and Collectibles to me is a teaching idea and not being brash.


I would like to urge you to find the blogs that I have written about this part Collectibulldogs was lucky enough to exhibit the worlds first ever bulldog memorabilia collection at Brighton Museum in 2017. Pieces from the collection was on display for seven months it should Of only have been there two weeks

Secret shopper for Bulldog antiques

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Collectipromos background

Whenever I am in the media because of Collectibulldogs sometimes the negativity is aimed at my finances some people have the cheek to make presumptions I remember being in the paper and one person saying that they saw me living in a seven bedroom house and driving a Mercedes.


The debt with the first collector was paid off in record time and we parted ways after I have finished paying my debt off, I was happy to finally reached the biggest that I had ever had I was proud that I had paid every penny on my word.


Advertising what I had on Facebook and other places meant that others were seeing in the collection as a whole, this became very interesting to one particular lady from Hawaii who had a job working and asked if I would assist her in boosting her collection.


Money was no object I actually had more issues trying to find the best of the best of bulldog antiques and collectibles than I did with trying to get decent prices. The pieces I did collect for her I sometimes wish that I had kept for my collection but I didn’t go without.

Bulldog antiques Brighton now off to Hawaii

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton The first of its kind each piece from COLLECTIBULLDOGS


I will start out by doing my research and looking for Either top end branded pieces, rare Collectibles The buyer also had a soft spot for dolls with bulldog heads on and for a while I couldn’t find any.


It’s down to discretion cannot tell you how much this particular client spent with me as a secret shopper but I can’t tell you it was literally thousands and she now has one of the best bulldog collections in the world I also know that one day this mammoth collection will be going to a charity or organisation to do with bulldogs


I’m digressing here ! So once a week or fortnight myself and my wife would walk to the post office to send off not a parcel 📦 but the biggest box a post master takes it was full of the bulldog pieces I’d of accumulated for her.


The pieces would be showing to her and the retail price that I paid and if we both agreed then the antiques would go to her and upon payment I would get a little extra and this part was for myself to buy Collectables with.

Hawaiian gratitude

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton We were the first no one can take that away from COLLECTIBULLDOGS


Another form of getting paid was being able to see things in the USA and cheese pieces that I might like and these will be sent over by the lady in Hawaii one example is the glass etchers bulldog, this crystal bulldog took three months to make and cost about $600.


This option wasn’t used much but I was told that if I wanted anything on any of the third-party websites and they were in the USA to give her the prescription number and she would pay for it and send it over this happened just a couple of times.


There has been much talk on this article about other people buying or doing deals with Collectibulldogs I would like to state for the fact that I done most myself so I’ve Been in debt with various sellers and worked out many ways to get the piece I’m after, 2/3 of the collection I managed to assemble myself with no ones help.


My working relationship with this client ended I think I had found every exquisite piece of balls of memorabilia that I could find not just on third-party auction sites but by researching and following auction houses I did well out of this from my collection this lady sure did get what is the best collection of bulldog memorabilia in the United States or Hawaii.

Learning more than Bulldog antiques

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Collectibulldogs news article our very first


Most people would think the most you learn about bulldog collecting either for yourself or other people is that they are bulldogs and they get shipped to your home ! I can’t say for the record I have learnt much much more than just what stated above.


Firstly Bulldog memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes and from around the world it is quite funny when people ask you whether or not there are corner shops in England with just bulldog memorabilia sold in them


I learned all about currency and how the United States of America had a different percentage to the sterling pound this month if you knew fluctuations you could get a quite good discount just because of the currency changes.


Customs declarations these are just a couple of the challenges you face when buying from abroad it’s quite easy win object is not of much value but this does change the value goes up and you have to pay more on export fees or import fees. Please see my blog on the eBay commerce versus the world for more information on shipping.

Bulldog antiques from around the world

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Bulldog statue – orange and white delight Come see each bulldog statue with its orange and white / pied patina

There are three top countries that show there centuries-old affiliation with the English bulldog through ceramic form this is England Denmark and Germany, these countries produce some of the best in the world and some of the most expensive bulldog antique ceramics sold on the open market.


Royal Copenhagen has a beautiful selection of ceramic bulldog pieces they do many other animals too but there does seem to be a wider selection when it comes to bulldogs this is the English and the French bulldog The prices range from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds for a decent ceramic bulldog from Royal Copenhagen.


Personally I was very surprised at how much you can get from Germany that is bulldog related, The ceramic bulldogs that they have done are among the best in the world and Germany also produces many other bulldog collectibles that may not be ceramic.


And merry old England the home of the online world of Bulldog antiques and collectibles Brighton, unfortunately we do not have cornershops full of bulldog antiques England does have its fare share of bulldog collectibles.

What would I of done different

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Always rescuing creatures


So I sit here talking to you and yes I’m asking myself is there anything in the last eleven years that I would do or of done differently and the answer I’m afraid is yes ! Very much so


Scrupulous Greedy dealers that Have gone and changed the DNA and the look or colour of the bulldog has sent the bulldog breeds plummeting in the eyes of society, no this doesn’t mean that I would not have Collectibulldogs memorabilia but I may have gone for a different breed to bring the interest


My second choice would be I would not of started a website I’m really sorry to those that read my blog is looking back and the amount of promotion as well as Begging for interest I never want to go back to that.


It’s now my understanding that bulldogs are an acquired taste to the public many with the misconception of the breed and many that understand what the human psyche has done to this canine form.

No more Begging!

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton life is yours just a processed tin of meat ? THIS PICTURE IS COURTESY OF GOOGLE


That’s exactly how it feels when I’m promoting or I’m asking if other people could kindly leave a blog comment or a review on Google and trust pilot I’ve learnt one massive thing whilst having a website and that is the world is full of selfish people.


I can prove this just by the power of words but I can also use mathematics to show just how low interaction is or has been with Collectibulldogs even though I’m constantly asking people if they can help me to boost my website. has had 4.4 million visitors many of these are organic and would have to read one of the blogs asking them for a review or they would see the trust pilot as part of the homepage.


Nearly 5,000,000 visitors and 74 reviews is not a website that is getting lots of interest from the public, these days you can pin posts to the top of your account when you use formats like Facebook i’ve added the review section and pinned it everywhere I can and I still wake up with no new reviews what does that say about the website about bulldogs or just about people in general.

Out of sight not out of mind

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Proud website


Chat about quitting Collectibulldogs has been circulating between myself and my friend Hòa has firmly stated that I should not give up and that will get better and that he will try and help where he can bless him.


This is a very kind gesture and my friend has said that when he has free time he will add blog comments and reviews to different directories, can one person with kindness be enough to keep the website going I’m not really sure at the moment.


The 74th first pilot review was created by my friend after he had seen the website trust pilot have ways of finding out whether or not you have been on the website and will only publish organic reviews where visitors have been on Collectibulldogs and then review us afterwards I think he’s even asking his friends bless him.


Others have a vested interest in me carrying on this would be my psychiatrist who thinks that blogging is a brilliant distraction from the mental disorder that I suffer with and the issues around night time I face when I’m left alone, i’m guessing he thinks if I’m blogging then I’m not thinking about suicide or stupid thoughts.


Bulldog antiques Brighton We need our Google account back !

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton google having a giggle online Evolution



collectibulldogs hadn’t noticed that Google Maps had taken us off and suspended our business account the reason for this is the fact that we do not have a front facing logo or brand outside of the home this is indicative of a storefront and as we are a museum which is online making a storefront sign is not as straightforward as it seems


Google business account project


using wood from the back garden and some power tools I am creating a Collectibulldogs sign that says Collectibulldogs museum online and I will take a photo of this one it is attached to the fence then hopefully Google will realise that I am in fact a business of sorts and reconnect my business account this should help with my domain authority which plummeted recently.

I’m also hoping whilst writing this is that the keyword Bulldog antiques Brighton helps me to rank better on Google it was only a few weeks ago that Collectibulldogs ranked first on Google for this keyword and the other day we ranked seventh for antiques and Collectibles these are pretty good numbers for a website they cannot afford any search engine optimisations


Bulldog antiques Brighton ! Join us online

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton THE BLOGGING WORD SCORE NOW


Do you have accounts online if so we would love it if you wanted to follow us and see what we get up to online as well as on the website the first link is for our Facebook page CLICK RIGHT HERE to continue to our Facebook account. Then there is Pinterest so again if you CLICK RIGHT HERE you will continue over to our Pinterest page.

Here’s an idea too, I’ve picked out a blog called BULLDOG SPIRIT A FRIENDLY EXPLANATION  This article actually teaches the world about the fact Winston Churchill the hero of World War II never owns an English bulldog this was researched by Collectibulldogs And proof of this is just a click away,if you do like the article then please review us and if you don’t like the article please leave a comment as to why or if you have an opinion we would love to hear it



Howdy again readers unfortunately my time is fleeting I’m up at eight AM to help my brother move his girlfriend I offered as a favour as he couldn’t find many to help ! But that’s not the reason for this update.

Firstly today was a good day as I had finally managed to get my assessment at Im off to the lighthouse in 2020its a project that’s only deals with people that have the disorder unstable emotional personality disorder which has most people know that I have.

i’ve also heard that Google like updated blogs and articles especially when they are crawling them this update is to thank everyone for their views on this article from yesterday and the day before it reached a record number for our website this year.

if you read this blog it does state that I was getting fed up with low reader engagement or visitors and hey presto I write an article that’s been viewed over 500 times with nearly 2k page visitors it’s made my day