A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

A selection of bulldog perfection Large Nythenburg Germany the bulldog looks just like the one in the picture from attached first brilliant blog


Hi Readers, I hope all are well out there and staying safe A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection consists of some quality pieces that have been picked out but also top blog articles that are guaranteed to show Collectibulldogs capability in writing great organic content.


So so I do not know if you have guessed yet but my first article to interest you is a nice long but well detailed blog that really gets to the truth behind Winston Churchill and he’s Association of Bulldogs The Bulldog Spirit a friendly explanation is a well researched piece showing Churchill’s love 💗 for the French poodle 🐩


As your imagination can most probably already tell you that in the 1930s and 1940s the enemy would of had a field day if they knew the prime minister of the U.K. was only pictured with bulldogs well planned trips to airfields and barracks gave  ample opportunity for Mr Winston Churchill to be photographed with officers and regulars Bulldogs alike most of which we sold in aid of the WW2 effort.


Ive chosen the nympenburg bulldog as it best looks like the one standing on the Union Jack 🇬🇧 flag from the blog article, this picture itself is representative of a story like many famous bulldog paintings, the Nymphenburg bulldog to us is as close to perfection as one can get creating a porcelain bulldog it’s a wonderful piece indeed.

Wow what a Fantastic find

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Museum quality bulldog trophy A selection of bulldog perfection

Sometimes it’s others that find the best pieces and that can be said for this beautiful and stunning pewter Tankard turned trophy in 1863, I was speechless when this trophy was won and is the oldest bulldog trophy we know of.


Brilliant gift Bulldog charger trophy A selection of bulldog perfection

Barn shows were popular after the blood sports ban in 1835 and farmers from different regions would take their bulldogs in the hope of winning a prize ! Bulldog Charger Father’s Day helps to show how dog food played a part back then.


The presention holders advertising

The charger in the link above is also in our list of bulldog perfection it’s awarded by SPratt’s dog food and was won each year after the bulldogs taking part were fed this food for a year, it’s also nice to see their advertising in old books as it all adds to the bulldog story.

There is a world of bulldog memorabilia out there and if your as lucky as I have been you will find your own bulldog treasures ! These can be anything bulldog related and no matter your budget you too can have a cool selection of bulldog perfection yourselves.

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

The AUTOBIO from Norman Davis

This is not a piece but an autobiography that has been signed by the well-known bulldog judge and breeder Mr Norman Davies a true gentleman and a person has been in the bulldog world for over 50 years , the book is amazing and tells (grandogs) AKA mr Norman Davis story from he’s days as a care Free boy right up till the present day.

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

The best Bulldog bible. The rare standard

Adding to this segment may I interest you in one of the rarest bulldog books on earth (truly) its the 1913 bulldog club standard and is one of  The most pinnacle of pieces that we have in the collection today and surely would be used if we were to ever have a real physical museum The Standard Of The Bulldog 1913

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

The Decoupage lesson guest post article is still up there 👆 with our top posts read the pictures do not do the artists work justice and you yourself can learn how to decoupage yourself thanks to a lovely artistic friend whom creates these from her home in Australia.


With pieces that accidentally get cracked or cheap car boot pieces are perfect for this hobby, please check out the article as you might wish to try this out ! I myself do not have the patience but you could and imagine the finished piece and  satisfaction you get from creating your own art.

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

beautifully made by a special friend







A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

I feel so lucky 🍀 two Japanese bulldogs

A more recent add to the collection has made the list it’s so new yet so old as in it’s about 150 to 200 years old yet I only got it the other day, Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady is what I named the article it was my wife that found the pieces in the article

A lovely selection of true bulldog perfection

Japanese rare pieces one larger than the other. What a find

you’ll see a very rare sight indeed not one Japanese akira bulldog but a smaller version making two, we are very proud to have two and the fact the sizes differ it’s worth looking out for either larger or smaller versions, but for £8-50 plus postage and packing is an OMG piece.

More bulldog perfection

Bulldog figurines by European artists !

A selection of bulldog perfection Royal Copenhagen

The most beautiful bulldogs from  ROYAL COPENHAGEN DENMARK

we do not yet have all of the pieces made by this European  Pottery maker yet but you have to admit it’s a great start ! Starting out small with Dahl Jensen it took the whole twelve years to show what we have.

Royally understated

A selection of bulldog perfection I nearly cried when we managed to afford this piece

yes there a few seconds these get bought when a bargain cannot be turned down, I almost cried when we got the piece by Theodore Madison the price tag was higher and that’s what happens when you go after the better artisans pieces.

Having a 7cm tripod style piece I believe is true bulldog perfection is one of the favourites from the collection, this tiny piece sits in the palm of ones hand the price paid for the piece would need two hands lol.

Royal Copenhagen made by Bing N Grondahl Denmark

Royal Copenhagen made by Bing N Grondahl A selection of bulldog perfection

That leaves Bing and Grondahl and Knud Knun! In the photo presented B n G are the two back bulldogs looking at their tails and the magnificent Knun piece cannot be missed, standing head and shoulders above the others this is the most exquisite bulldog statue we have from royal Copenhagen.

Doris linders Bulldog perfection

Doris Linder Royal Worcester Mack the Dog England

Doris Linder Royal Worcester Mack the Dog England

An artist in the truest form Doris Linder really set the Bulldog world alight with her many contributions to us the collectors of today, Doris Linder just like her professional counterparts had a knack when it came to Bulldogs.

Antiques and collectibles Doris Linder puppies

Antiques and collectibles Doris Linder puppies

Wether it’s porcelain bulldog figurines like Antiques,collectibles, Doris Linder puppiesOr the bulldog commissioned for Mack The Dog From Mack Trucks made at a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Famous Doris Linder lying bulldog in bronze

Famous Doris Linder lying bulldog in bronze

Doris took her hand to art and cold casted bronzes, Doris may of created hot cast bronzes as is the normality (cold cast ) are normally reproductions of the original and the only hot cast piece we have is Doris linders lying bulldog.

The Three different coloured bulldogs finish off the selection from this amazing lady all three are quite small and too have what we think is the set is quite cool we haven’t found any others yet so guessing there’s just the three.

And to finish with

Help us Bite back on social media

Help us Bite back on social media Where else can you find a family of porcelain huebach bulldogs

Some may guess what’s coming already ! Yes it’s the orange and white delight by the Brothers Huebach from Germany, both working for Gerbruder and on their own the brothers created both a piece and a brilliant set.

The orange and white seated bulldog is rare as far as we know and the set (especially the seated huebach pieces ) are or were mass produced we found this out each time we visited popular auction sites and it was not long before we created a family of bulldog perfection!


Standing proud are three pure white huebach bulldogs we are yet to see if these too are bigger than the ones we have and if so then the price would be quite high as the largest standing bulldog was expensive but worth it.

Seated huebach

Seated huebach

loving all the pieces here it is easy to find good ones to write about with over 5000 pieces before we lost count the article could go on and on but I doubt people wouldn’t have the time to enjoy a 5k article

Find and review collectibulldogs on yell folks and thank you



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