Our passed hero’s the faqs about page

We wanted to combine both scruffy Louise and wiggles in this brand new page the idea is as people visit the website they may wish to have their passed hero’s on our page, we offer free guest articles to anyone wanting to celebrate their healthy pooches yet I’ve met so many people out there missing their furry loved ones.

The idea to condense into one page for this section was not to save space but for you to contact us through our email and you can add your pooch to this page and have others know a furry friend whom you loved and cherished and we never met.

Our past hero Scruffy Louise

Our past hero Scruffy Louise

Our new layout is in or part of the introduction so I’ll get straight into our passed hero’s and start with the whole idea behind this venture!
The amazing scruffy Louise, unlike others I had paid an amount for scruffy at eighteen months old.

I took her off a struggling father of five whom was a single parent and working we had net up after a twenty year absence since school and that evening my ear got a soaking as scruffy Louise was jumping up from behind the sofa to lick my ear.

My friend said he would prefer someone else took over her responsibility and by the end of the evening I was in a taxi with a little bulldog hoping debbie would take to her, our previous dog was a boxer so it’s a chance I took.

Scruffy Louise is the first of our passed hero’s the idea the inspiration it all stems from that little bulldog looking at me one day, I wished just like our other faces scruffy Louise got a chance to shine online, she was a quiet dignified bulldog yet she had her quirks.

Twitter’s passed hero aka Wiggles The Bulldog

Still fresh in our minds is the loss of wiggles and I’m being honest when I state that writing this next part is going to be tearful 😢 I can already re picture the day we said good bye, it was a really cruel act of nature as her breathing was the best so to go over the rainbow bridge I feel wiggles our passed hero could of lasted longer.
Fans of wiggles will know what happened, our abrupt move to into an unsuitable accommodation apartment and the neighbours I feel did not help, you can find more about this in our blog section under ‘the DoorBell From Hell ‘ but let’s remember her the best way possible.

I added twitter to the subheading and the reason behind that was with wiggles we managed to out-do many celebrities with huge impressions and retweet reaches, Wiggles was so loved we got 100s of new followers daily, this isn’t the same yet for either interest in the venture or Porscha’s appearance but it all takes time and she’s already loved.

Wiggles made people happy she would express different reactions but with that same soppy face, the face that always looked the same but had a million different expressions, creature comforts were wiggles vice and upon arrival she took over my brand new sofa but I did not mind.

Our passed hero Scruffy Louise continued

Scruffy Louise took to me and we spent most of our time together she would help me with my bloggers block and when I was ill she would bring me back into the moment, we spent a couple of years sleeping on the sofa when I was ill and I can always feel her chin resting on my knees.

Her home comforts were what scruffy loved ! that and a combination of food and myself to herself, I took her places she was very friendly but always made a B line for home and how I started out on social media with this passed hero’s helping us to gain the start of what is now a respectable relationship with many group owners.

When you think of Collectibulldogs, bulldog memorabilia, antiques and collectibles scruffy should play a part in your thoughts imagination is brilliant and the spark of brilliance she gave to me changed my life therefore after, scruffy Louise would be licking my face if I were to show her our success, our achievements and proud of her dad for going out there and finding endorsements.

With scruffy Louise our definition of a passed hero not only a face for a website or blog features but has taught us how best to bring up any future dogs. To say I’ve not seen scruffy since would be a fib as she’s appeared in dreams before maybe a sign telling me to never give up!


Passed hero Wiggles continued

Answering the door one evening to a bulldog show friend whom had gone to a show in London the owner had brought wiggles half way down from Crewe and she waited till she was eventually dropped off that evening, smelly and needing a bath did not matter either and I gave her a HUGE hug.

Once we had enticed wiggles off the sofa she started moving around the apartment finding her way, it’s a myth that wiggles was my own bulldog the upfront part is she actually did not take to me much at first and turned to debs for that alpha routine, this was to the point wiggles had gone for me three times once nearly tearing out my cheek!

Persistence practice and perseverance paid off and passed hero wiggles settled down we learnt that she did not like people coming close to her face so once we all learned each other’s boundaries she was a happier bulldog and I was happy to have no scars.

We gave wiggles the best life possible we do with all our animals yet wiggles had so much presence she could of run my formats and made herself a star, at her peak she gained 215 thousand followers, we became that good there that twitter did something to it’s algorithms to stop us from growing to fast.

Passed hero’s passed on presents

My article puppies miracle maker or myth says it all here and is about our own beliefs and thoughts on higher beings and plans for all, after seventeen years I’m proud to announce I’m going to be a father again, my wife’s pregnant for a second time now.

It’s my wife’s core belief that Wiggles left her this very special gift we also have a friend whom believes in reincarnation and her thoughts are Wiggles is now a human baby waiting to be born.

I never thought I was going to become a father again, it’s a shock a surprise (good one) and if Debbie is happy in the knowledge of her own faith and beliefs whom are we to say otherwise, our new child will always remind me of Wiggles the superstar bulldog that took over social media and left us way to soon.