Porscha Perfection An Introduction

Introducing Porscha!

Collectibulldogs has a new face on the website now yet we are deep felt in our sorrow over losing Wiggles, whom was a social star dogs cannot speak but wiggles seemed to speak to everyone’s hearts, Porscha perfection an introduction is where we introduce our new face to the site.

Porscha perfection is not only a good heading but describes this gorgeous little puppy to a T, with our current lifestyle it was not fair to readopt a full sized bulldog but chose what is classed as a mini bulldog, I’m not going to breed her nor can she be shown at a certain level but I’m sure she could win the annual bark in the park prizes.

Porscha came into our lives few weeks after wiggles passed away we took advice from friends family even people thousands of miles away, due to differing opinions over this we went with what we wanted and a breed that best suited where we live.

A beautiful character and much smaller Porscha does surprise us with amazing breathing the want to bound and run she’s loving life and wants everyone to see it, baths are troublesome for Porscha but when she has an accident as she hunts down attention when out she tends to get quite a few baths.


Bulldog museum Brighton
Bulldog museum Brighton

Porscha Perfection An Introduction To Our New Super Pet

To get a puppy is a big change for us as a family we are used to the docile but ever so cute older dogs with less energy and more snoring power, Porscha just like any typical puppy just keeps on going even after long walks along the beach!

Just like new faces in your favourite TV programmes or social groups it takes time to get established and we totally understand that some may not return due to our wiggles sad departure (we sincerely hope not) and we hope without sounding out of place “new interest from Porscha fans” and those that love the new website.

Porscha is young full of beans and ready for any and all adventures so we can bring you Porscha perfection development articles, her achievements like her first pee pee outside the home away from a litter pad on Thursday the six of June twenty nineteen.

For those that will be more interactive towards Porscha, only on the website will get an extra spark of content as Porscha is going to be a fur sister to our new baby so to see how she reacts will be great and will make for amazing content when there’s no collecting articles.


Porscha Perfection To Us Anyway

Exciting younger more playful it’s amazing what a puppy can make you feel and Porscha is doing just that, I smile from ear to ear when we play fight or wrestle but I also have the same smile when carrying her downstairs it’s such a weight difference it’s like my body can have a holiday.

I will or would run myself into the ground for any dog you can find information on myself nursing wiggles in our blog section, lifting Porscha with no pain and easy is the idea behind choosing Porscha a more compact pet if you like.

Part of our Porscha perfection is she is starting to show traits of both our passed hero’s! This could be sleeping all the while I’m asleep and waking when I do to only wanting to say hi to me when arriving home no one else in our home gets a cute puppy waiting at the door for them.

A hole has been filled in a little our hearts beat again with a fresh scamp running us ragged!


Bulldog museum Brighton