year off would I recommend it ? No Way !

Where did my mind go to this summer ? Mental health

A year off drove me to the point of no return

A year off

A year off Firstly to sort out the garden mess


why taking a year off from being online blogging and responding to emails Would I recommend a year off ? No Way ! and here’s why hello readers 👩‍🏫 firstly any business you may starts to get diminished as you’re not responding to your emails.

Having negotiations with bloggers on article placement is better than no interest and as others see there’s no live action coming from the website they start to look elsewhere this has happened here


another reason why a year off is a bad idea 👎 is it becomes part of your past or inner thoughts so by not staying with it you actually start losing interest in everything you’ve spent hours and hours building.


I’ll explain in a bit how I got tricked (nicely I might add ) to start blogging again even though my brain had gone past bulldogs collectibulldogs and Collecting and this was easier than expected due to having a new baby

A year off babies and chores

It was imperative that I was about twenty four seven for the first months of becoming a father again my wife was often tired and this dad had the magic touch that soothed our baby by walking the boards and singing twinkle twinkle 🤩

A year off

Took a year off to help wife with baby

Its been a total pleasure to be dad to such a wonderful and beautiful little daughter I’m already a dad as some know but she’s twenty and doesn’t like being swinged about lols 😂 our daughter is two now, an independent individual that keeps us smiling.


I suppose having a baby is a good excuse to taking a year off but I still wouldn’t recommend it yes babies are cute brilliant and time flies but stopping everything has meant a stop in passive income which with a baby is greatly needed.


I’m not greedy I think the amount of guest posts compared to those that wanted to post an article is very low I was quite choosy when I was last blogging and I also thought taking a year off I’d come back to a improved domain authority.

What did I do during a year off

A year off

It was sunny the dog sunbathed as my year off started going downhill quick

The next part after this will have dialect about my mental state during this time but let’s explain that I was not lazy I started other projects like growing fruit and veg and creating wooden planters for the community.


I spent so much time in the garden it was becoming a nine to five job I created a page on Facebook and got busy making planters and this stopped when I came off my gadget not only was there a build up of planters but I had started getting Ill being outside.


After looking at the garden after two years living here I recognised that the garden was not child friendly and spent months bagging up rubbish rotten wood and other such 💩 from the garden, I then created a patio area and walkway around the garden for our daughter.


I bought her a Bumper car I had seen online and created this pathway to be a track so in the summer it can be used for playing on, The whole concept of being out in the back garden started to unravel and I found myself dealing with new mental health issues whilst doing this project.

The garden turned paradise into panic 😱

A year off

Imagine losing your mind in such lovely settings my year off had its little perks

So the flat next door had been sold there was a developer that came and went but was not very nice he was a pussy cat compared to what my own head started putting me through Hypervigilance had started creeping in and ended any joy I had outside.


From a constant screaming noise from a little girl somewhere to my ears picking up conversations in the surrounding homes it was becoming a living hell I was shouting out basically nothing I’d become psychotic.


Do not forget there was a massive exodus of professionals out of the care sector this meant a three wait as my CPN and lead practitioner had both quit their jobs leaving thousands like me to our own devices.


I spent over a year getting up knowing what I was going to go through each day it was either that given in and just sleep my illness away, I decided to put up with it and just as things were becoming unbearable we had new neighbors move in which was nice plus the fella had heard a girls cry too ???




Please do not worry if I was as bad as then I certainly would not be able to blog about it at the time it was horrific ! I now have a new psychiatrist a dr james Newman strict but fair I’m waiting on a CPN then it’s a re referral back to LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT FOR THOSE WITH UNSTABLE PERSONALITY  a place where I can meet people with my particular illness.

EUPD - Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - in under 2 Minutes!

Im Happy to wait for a new CPN I’ve only had one attempt on my life in three years so that’s a good record for someone like me that went from great support to no support. I’m not excepting any medications from now on so that’s something everyone will start having to deal with.


I’m trying to re engage with old haunts like Brighton museum and now hove museum I’d like to carry on making planters this spring and of course I’m blogging again even if I am writing in vain to no one it will take a year or so to get back the visitors we once thrived on having.


Ok I did say I’d mention how I was tricked into writing again ! Upon visiting Dr Newman it was to my surprise that he asked how the collecting was going and why he hadn’t seen a blog on my website since a certain date


firstly psychiatrists are pill pushers and therapy choosers they do not usually chase up their clients hobbies, after the shock flew over I explained a year off and how everything manifested and asked if it was possible to write him a blog ? That night I wrote a blog without even thinking THE BLOG I WROTE THEN CAN BE READ HERE



It’s not all doom and gloom though I had a year of fresh air sunlight and a passion for what I was building I met local people that wanted my planters and I felt socially included in my community the garden is nearly finished with no rubbish anymore either


A new appreciation for the fridge now comes to mind too as I tell you I can grow fruit by sticking seeds in the fridge first, the results have been great and there’s apple plum and cherry saplings now growing in my garden 🪴 isn’t that a cool new skill.

I’ve learnt that twenty four hours in a day is not enough and working by the suns say so isn’t the easiest but most days were fine enough to go out and work. These days I’m only in the garden to pick up the dogs doo doo and find worms (oh yeah I built a wormery).

These are for the rescued Axolotl I somehow accumulated off my daughters boss these are cute lizard type fish I’ll leave a YouTube clip for those that have never seen one before, I look forward to more articles and boosting the domain authority so until my next article stay safe and victory to the Ukraine 🇺🇦

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