Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs

Discover bulldog memorability

Discover bulldog memorability at the worlds only online bulldog antiques museum

hello intrepid readers I’m hoping to reach out to new interest so they can Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs a collection and website that’s unlike any other online bulldog website that’s been visited thus far.


Brighton is the home of collectibulldogs and where I’m from the city has grown so big now it’s unrecognisable from just ten years ago, being a university city Brighton gets a lot of investment so there’s lots of new buildings going up all the time


One thing that would help people Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs would be a physical museum it doesn’t need to be fancy at first and eleven years knowledge of a subject no one else research’s I’m in good stead to add the context to my pieces


As a country of dog lovers I’m suggesting it would be so popular that there would be return visitors just like the website, yes any breed would be found interesting and the Bulldog would be up there as a popular breed.

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs Continued!

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 WHERE HAVE ALL THE BULLDOG LOVERS GONE ?


Collecting bulldog memorabilia is not a few collectors out there but thousands there’s a brilliant buy and sell market for English bulldog memorabilia collectibles and different forms of art plus the many years of bulldog antiques to collect.


The collectibulldogs collectibles antiques and a lot of our pieces do date back to the eighteen hundreds but we have nothing that even resembles the cruel sport of bullbaiting that was made illegal in 1835


For me it became life I’d use any disposable income, save my money and even sell other collectibles to gain the amount the quality and the sheer size of each sub-section that makes up the whole massive display.

It’s a pastime that if over now needs a permanent home, many do think of collectibulldogs when a bulldog object comes to mind but as we do not sell the collection we lose out on visitors to the likes of EBay

Discover Bulldog memorability 200 years of the breed in object form

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 Learn about bulldog history and memorabilia at Collectibulldogs


When you visit our website you get a chance to see our different pages you can meet bulldog hero’s of the past, see the collection in the gallery and even watch YouTube on our website but what trumps it all is the blogs



To many visitors reading articles is not for them, I’m a believer of people whom enjoy who writes the article not just the article itself, I’ve spent years creating over 400 articles most on bulldog antiques and memorabilia



This particular past time is dense in the fact there’s so much to collect as you will see in my blog articles from a bar tobacco spittoon to victorian brass fire chestnut  cooker and everything you can think of in between like Bulldog statue – orange and white delight not only a blog just sitting in the archive but a beautiful piece of bulldog history too



admittedly the research in for the bulldog memorabilia I was collecting slowed down because I wasn’t getting the amount of visitors needed to make the research in the writing and the publishing of the blog worthwhile,if the visitor numbers go up again I will start getting back to properly research in I’m giving out proper nice knowledge on bulldogs memorabilia.


Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 Showing dr Newman we are a world class bulldog antiques museum online

Id like to change the subject a little if I may ! Ironically just after I wrote this post WordPress users let’s connect and create gold  my host contacted me to say that the website site map had crashed and we had to start using a new blogging format,i’m getting used to it but I think my article writer is still struggling


The SEO on the last format helped you to create the best possible search engine optimised blog article by using a colour code and if all the requirements were green it meant that the blog was ready to be published the new format is quite different.


“It’s how they get you” comes to mind you have to buy tokens to use a certain section of the plug-in format this is to help find the best keywords possible for your blog the last format was completely free unless you wanted to go pro


two main issues or conundrums for the new system are as follows one is you need to find a power word to add to your title as well as numbers for some reason and the word amount for this particular format can go from 600 words up to 4000 words the last format started and was happy with 300 words.


Trying to find new paths !

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 WW1 a special postal delivery

Collectibulldogs needs to find its own Way and that’s why I am in the for process of wondering whether or not to continue with the website even if I do continue collecting I am paying quite a bit of money per month for not many visitors unless I blog.


looking for interest is not easy it is the same as advertising or promoting a campaign, I am not after peoples money personal details or any kind of financial interaction i’m just interested in other people learning about English bulldogs and the amount of antiques and Collectibles that go with the breed.


A section for the mental health blogs will stay and I will continue to add articles but I will not continue to keep suggesting that people find my website special because I have a mental health disorder it is unlikely that someone like me would own such a collection and it is a rarity but hey here I am.


One way I thought to get interest was from PINTEREST but unfortunately they prefer videos and posts of other topics like lifestyle and food, bulldog antiques are sold there but there’s not a huge following for this theme or boards to drop collectible pins in, i’m still trying to work out how any kind of collecting other than nature is seen as seasonal hmm


A few more hours in the day please 🙏

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Im been very busy just recently with an old friend back in my life I’ve been able to finish projects get rubbish cleared and we put up the fence for next door as well as other garden type chores



Working till about 5 or 6 it’s then time to either get going online with building my social formats or thinking of a blog that will attract visitors here, having a new system where the average is 4000 words is just a bit bonkers, finding power words to add to titles and work out failures when Google emails with un indexed pages.

This will mean that articles will need a date or number a power word and keywords that will attract servers so Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 is the perfect example of how the new way wants it wants its clients to blog away with, luckily I feel that I am quite articulate yet I do not have the knowledge to create smaller sentences


at this point of the article I am 1190 words ! This is chickenfeed compared to what rank math would like you to be writing but content creation is not easy, The research itself takes up quite a lot of time and then turning that research into content that people will be able to understand takes up even more time,that’s why I think we should have more hours in the day.

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 Will it continue

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 THE NEW WORD SCORE

Collectibulldogs has its own server it’s so big and really it needs a team of about four people to make it a proper success! Firstly there is me the owner and creator and the source of knowledge when it comes to bulldog memorabilia but the collection also needs a social media manager, A community manager for projects and even blogs and back links


The last person that I think would be an asset would be a partner in Collectibulldogs there is no financial reward from sharing a collection online but there is business opportunities,exhibitions displays loans these are all things that can be chased up if only there was more than just me running Collectibulldogs. I am hoping that I get into the Lighthouse project they say this is my passion and can give me the support I need to keep going.

August will soon be upon us this will be the month that I choose whether or not to continue being online with the collection I’ve been there seven years now we’ve had over 4.4 million visitors since 2015 and I am proud of everything that I have done and all the achievements and awards that the website has won since we started.


Having other passions in life does make it easier to say goodbye to one idea and create unfortunately I don’t have any ideas 💡 that come close to what I’ve created with, there must be something more that can be done to help achieve the impossible which for me is to create the worlds first ever bulldog museum solely dedicated to the English bulldog breed.

I’ve tried most things so far !

before I start this segment I would like to say that part of it or the pessimism it’s down to my mental health being quite bad at the moment but I would like to show a few examples of how I am trying to get Collectibulldogs noticed and fighting an uphill battle at the same time. I would also like to elaborate that I do understand that you cannot make people do things they don’t wish to do


for the sake of this part I’m going to use the word hits,A first example would be putting out a blog and asking for people to comment on the blog article getting no hits or response to any of the blogs is just one example of how I’m trying and how it’s not working.another example is asking for people to check out the website and give an honest review.

unfortunately yet again no hits even if I have this pins at the top of each of my social media profile pages asking people nicely if they can review Collectibulldogs I am still without any reviews this can be on trust pilot google and nice local,I failed to understand how people cannot take the time of two minutes just to help someone out.


this last example is the easiest,all I asked is for people too add the word to Collectibulldogs on a post and hashtag it, this would get picked up as interest yet all I can say for this is again no hits ! The way I sometimes describe myself is a one-man band but without the instruments to play a tune.

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 (I’ve been asked to continue)

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 Looking forward to starting at the Lighthouse project in Brighton

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 (Sorry I had to add that there for the keyword density score, So yes at an appointment with my psychiatrist we did talk about the continuation of me blogging I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to turn round and say yes or no but apparently it is meant to be good for my mental health.

no I disagree with that strongly how can it be good for your mental health when you are sitting at night after night working out ways to try and get people interested in what you’re doing as well as trying to fix issues around the website and research bulldogs memorabilia that isn’t easy because there isn’t much information out there on this beautiful pastime.


having a new lead practitioner may help to alleviate some of the stress at least it’s someone to talk to when I do feel frustrated blogging,this lady has already read up on the website the same as my psychiatrist and as stated I have found this a little bit strange as past psychiatrists have never been interested in what I’m doing let alone chat to me about blogs I’ve written.

it’s easy for me to do the research needed to create a content Rich bulldogs memorabilia article with the 100% needed so that’s 2500 words on a subject of choice,I did find blogging in the past quite easy and felt at ease writing at least four  a week if I can find the love that I had for blogging again then I will continue and I will pay for the domain name to continue.


Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 COLLECTIBULLDOGS ! MOVING ON

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 A rare ceramic from Brighton museum

User experience is the new metric for Google so I’m going to have to research on how I keep you guys and girls focused on my website to help my Rankins one way of doing this I’m thinking maybe a podcast or a video type article where I explain all about a certain piece from the collection and do this maybe weekly or monthly


i’ve not been in front of the camera before and I have practiced doing videos on Pinterest as I did used to have a complex about my own voice,i’m never too old to care what people think I look like so that part is not a problem the only issue I would have to work out is how I get a video that is not YouTube onto my blog.

another idea would be a monthly newsletter or quarterly newsletter with details of what is hot and what is not in the bulldogs memorabilia world hell places like eBay and Etsy are performing and whether or not pieces have increased or decreased in that time it’s taken for auctions to adjust prices.A bit ambitious I know but maybe I have the knowledge to be able to create a seminar on bulldogs memorabilia.


People these days are more interested in how the human being has gone and messed up a breed as in the English bulldog rather than celebrating the fact that the breed is still a beautiful part of the canine world and the memorabilia behind it shows that this has been one popular dog for a few centuries and should be celebrated as so not scrutinised over skin colour or whether or not the dog can breathe



Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022

Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 The world’s largest bulldog collection


please don’t get me wrong it is right for veterinarians to have a proper concern about the well-being and health of the English bulldog the French bulldog and a pug that doesn’t mean to say that this breed cannot be celebrated or remembered,Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 has always aimed at teaching others about the best of English Bulldogs


if you check any of the blog articles that are on Collectibulldogs you will not find one that Show the English bulldog in any other light then a beautiful family pet,The health and the colour of the fur is down to Greedy breeders and not the English bulldog itself so why scrutinise or blame a creature for what it is.


there is nowhere else other than the short descriptions on selling sites about knowledge of bulldogs memorabilia Collectibulldogs has filled this void folks can Discover Bulldog memorability at collectibulldogs 2022 and that’s something to always be proud of


obviously there is only two choices that is to carry on, basically keep on Blogging as a reference for the future the bulldog memorabilia and Collectibles are only going to get older more precious and more expensive so wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere where people can get information on any kind of bulldogs that they may have come across on their travels.




Chariots of fire memory mine got jacked in 1994