Award Winning Bulldog Memorabilia Collection

An Award Winning Memorabilia Collection

We want to take the time to thank you for visiting Collectibulldogs a beautiful one of a kind website showcasing bulldog antiques and collectibles that some may refer to as memorabilia! Our own collection was started over ten years ago.

Welcome to a brand new way to see the pieces and since the old website we have either bought sold or swapped pieces of bulldog memorabilia antiques and collectibles so this is a fresh new look on both old pieces and new pieces added tour growing collection.

The collection does have a story and method behind the scenes and I had no prior knowledge to bulldogging before the idea came to mind but it’s changed my life for the better, from an adult with no future I turned my life around and all by collecting bulldog memorabilia.

Over a decade of sourcing waiting saving and the occasional scam artist has created what has to be the worlds best quality English bulldog collection if not the largest, we think your going to be pleasantly surprised if this is your first visit with us.


Bulldog museum Brighton
Bulldog museum Brighton

Award Winning

Collectibulldogs never knew the content reached half the places it does and we are so pleased to announce we recently picked up another award “50 top dog blogs for dog lovers” we were tenth in pawstucks list of fifty but I do not think they had a top ten they just picked the best and ditched the rest.

Please excuse the self affirmation I’m one man that seems to put two and two together with part guessing and research to make four and make sure what I bring to you is indeed factual, I get random tests by my wife on the collection and such people as my visitors of the English bulldog collection and are asking me questions that I’m answering without any fuss.

Feedspot and the big guest blogging dot com websites are where our other two awards come from, we are not sure for how long we attributed these awards we do get code to add to our websites to show the badges / awards we have achieved and to have three in a short amount of time is both exciting and humbling.

We do so hope our brand new website attracts new interest we want guest writers, advertisers even authors would be welcome as we publish most niches from our guest post menu, we do need to be invited to blog for others to truly get our domain authority up I’m hoping a few friends will not mind me guesting for them.

Award Winning Bulldog Memorabilia Collection

No matter how we show you the English bulldog memorabilia there’s so many pieces that the layout chosen was the most economical and easiest to use, we apologise for taking away the galleries the old website was so large it was becoming a bit of a monster to maintain.

With over three hundred and seventy blogs alone and over five thousand images there needs to be some changes that way we can bring you and ourselves extras on the website this could be anything from faster loading speeds to new plugins we’ve not yet implemented.

When you see the collection You will gaze upon a few thousand pieces all bulldog related and family friendly too we do not have any pieces from the days of blood sports, all our pieces are the genuine article from the days of Queen Victoria to present day.

Enjoy the viewing and seeing the bulldog memorabilia pieces this way we love the new layout it’s so much easier to navigate and with such a large site our host has dedicated a server just for Collectibulldogs how kind is that.

Bulldog museum Brighton