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Hi readers it’s great to be able to reach out again so soon all these articles are pulling in interest both by visitors and those noticing your visit, I’m now getting quite a few bloggers and article writers but What am I thinking Backlinks 2022 not bulldogs 


This was made apparent recently that collectibulldogs has many external links coming in (means we are popular) but we do not have so many of the internal links that fire out to websites packed with information, I do understand this but I’m not sure where to send you readers you lovely people you ! I do not know many high ranking bulldog antiques collectors I’m afraid.



so as I write this BLOG ARTICLE it is to talk about the title What am I thinking Backlinks 2022 not bulldogs yes we have slowed down on our knowledge out take but there’s a reason for that ! We have a new article writer that is learning the new blogging format, so keen her research skills for getting a brilliant original article astonished me.



Putting that aside I need to think up some backlinks add a few to this article and then as I go through my own Search Engine optimisation I need to think about backlinks not bulldogs Or a way of combining the both, it only takes a bit of home work to see if a specific link is worth your visit and has a domain authority strong enough to give us some online juice.

Backlinks 2022 not bulldogs or both


Here’s an idea while we are here we might as well find and add a few backlinks 2022 both relating to me improving my SEO and helping my visitors to get quality when they become a user on the website, this part I do not get Websites get penalised for not having enough external do follow backlinks 2022  yet !


BACKLINKS 2022 American history of the English bulldog

The new metric that’s meant to be bigger than Domain Authority now is user interaction now don’t get me wrong 😑 I’m sure I just told you I need more links but also being asked by Google to change the way I write or layout my template so that user experience is just as good it’s a conundrum for sure.


Balancing the fact I need to offer you a way off my website whilst trying to keep you involved is one of the trickiest things I’ve thought about when it comes to the online world, I bet they don’t say at go daddy we can make your website hand it over and everything will be fine, I’m learning that’s far from true.


My first external link is to a Website I use myself quite a lot have you heard of COLLECTORS WEEKLY if not you should really sign up for a free subscription, What am I thinking Backlinks not bulldogs 2022 this all goes out the window when I get my weekly report, here you can find jaw dropping prices for some gorgeous high end canine memorabilia.

Backlinks 2022 not bulldogs continued 

This particular website collectors weekly deals with all the information and price guides from the latest sales in auction houses around the world, the range is huge so you can choose what you follow and just like myself when you choose dog antiques there’s more than just bulldogs

This backlink or external backlinks 2022 to collectors weekly will take you to their home page, if you wish to start getting the same priced pieces per week as collectibulldogs does then sign up for the weekly newsletter, I also like this format because looking up prices from auctions these days means YEP YOU GUESSED IT you have to pay to find out.


BACKLINKS 2022 ARTICLE from the north light collection USA

Collectors weekly takes it data straight from the auction houses of the world this is an ideal place to be if your a seasoned collector as there’s the chance that you will spot a piece or two of yours and wonder, what makes this a good backlink to keep a good backlink to use that’s easy it’s the simplicity


Once a week you will get an email newsletter not about backlinks 2022 but about the niches you chose when signing up, remember you may only see a few Bulldog antiques and collectibles at any one time we cannot assume our beloved objects of desire are sold all day every day, Shame though.

Bulldog backlinks 2022 dogs and toys 

Backlinks Olde Growler on Loan

BACKLINKS The antique Olde Growler on Loan

In the city of Brighton where I live we have a Victorian era railway station with its square footage underneath used, if you travel up trafalgar Street you’ll come to a tunnel before the train station, in a little door hidden away is a mind blowing place called the Brighton toy museum.

As a child I loved this place, as an adult I still love this place and can spend hours just looking at the same toys over and over, but above all else I love the attention that one toy gets and why, the toy in question is an 1800s papier-mâché on wire called the old growler.


This was thought to of originated in France the bulldog is worth over a thousand pounds yet collectibulldogs is happy to loan to the museum for free, due to covid and other issues I’m yet to see if they are happy to swap backlinks 2022 with collectibulldogs, all our local museums need as much interest as possible


CHECK OUT BRIGHTON TOY MUSEUM The museum is run on a voluntary basis I believe and if there’s one job I’d love that’s watching train-sets go round and round as Victorian monkeys spank their Symbols together,there’s something for everyone at this museum under the tracks and if your coming to Brighton maybe add this excursion to your itinerary for the day.

These are useful ! Bulldog club backlinks 2022 


BACKLINKS a swapped collectible club plate uk

There are many places in the uk and abroad/ overseas to get information/ knowledge and advice and one of them has to be the BRITISH BULLDOG CLUB this club was established in 1892 and collectibulldogs is lucky to have original bulldog club antiques in the collection, the British bulldog club is a friendly visit even if a phone call and they help if they can.

Collectibulldogs feels a closeness with the British bulldog club we have so many collectibles from the club there’s enough to make a subsection I’ll add a link to my latest British bulldog club antique that my wife had bought for me,please remember all these backlinks are copied from a Google server so there should be no trouble pulling up any of these backlinks 2022


It would be unfair to add the worlds oldest English bulldog club and not add the amazing American counterpart ! The AKC as it’s fondly known was established in the late 1800s, these two countries have had a very close relationship in the bulldog world with the Americans and English breeding together to create classes and champions. AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB can be contacted for any bulldog related information even I’ve utilised them myself when needing knowledge from across the pond.


You can check your own countries to see if you have a national bulldog club or regional Bulldog clubs like we have in the uk, if your a bulldog owner there’s nothing better than taking your bulldog and joining one of their walks, these usually end up with tea and cakes making money for dog charities including bulldogs.

Brighton backlinks Brighton museum


Backlinks The ornate entrance to Brighton museum

There’s a chance I might flounder when it comes to use in the Brighton Museum back link and that’s because I’ve used these backlinks before to guide visitors to the blog articles that I have written for the museum and as it’s part of the collectibulldogs back story I thought they might like the extra traffic if this article ranks.


BRIGHTON MUSEUM AND THE ROYAL PAVILION is a joyful place to visit and another place to add to your itinerary if your in Brighton, as I’ve said in previous blog posts the Brighton museum is just as fascinating as the Royal Pavilion is across the Green,if you do ever go remember as you pass the help / till desk your actually walking on prince regents tennis court “that’s if it was ever finished” the building is a work of art on its own.



Brighton museum has done many a good deed for myself and the collection, we exhibited there in 2017 it was the worlds first and after cutting through the bureaucracy we created an installation that wasn’t going to attract the far left / right and didn’t symbolise the English bulldog to do with anything other than just being a dog.



And thus takes me back to that avid point the bulldog for all it’s done for the British empire is now on the news and in documentaries on Channel 4 about veterinary surgeons saying that the pug should not be bred anymore, this also goes for the English bulldog and the French bulldog and any other nine flat nosed canines that I’ll be in bred in the uk.


Backlinks 2022 what about Wikipedia’s views


Another external of Backlinks 2022 is for Wikipedia articles these are facts online just like it’s name sake it’s like an Encyclopaedia but on the internet, with almost as much information as all the reference libraries around the world combined you type in what you want to know and Wikipedia will show what knowledge it has.


One thing Wikipedia does not know about and makes me proud is the fact that I know more about bulldog antiques and collectibles I’ve amassed more knowledge into my little head in ten years that’s ten years this format or usable tool has had to catch up but after recently checking there’s still no information on bulldog collections.

Backlinks 2022



THE BULLDOG ON WIKIPEDIA THANK YOU WIKI so here’s information on the English Bulldog, there’s lots to learn from this article yet as it’s static most of the time it’s best to actually follow people that own bulldogs on social media, we dog lovers are always sharing pictures of our dogs loving other dogs and answering questions that pop up there and then.


Collectibulldogs has thought about the possibility of backlinks 2022 if we were to create our own Wikipedia page, there’s a few choices from the cheaper Fiverr people to actually getting in a ghost writer to follow the sites performance the way it works and it’s back story, Wikipedia articles are free to create ! The only downfall that I’ve heard is that Wikipedia is public and anyone can change anything that’s already been written.


Backlinks 2022 the world against flat nosed breeds !

So readers I was and going to add the Royal College of veterinary medicine and just before that I came across a link that keeps my facts about a war on flat nosed breeds are based on true information from a trusted source, the issue especially with pugs was first highlighted in the early 2000s, since then lobbying groups have been focusing their efforts on parliament.

That’s about eighteen years ago since the first vet wrote in his complaint to the college and this furled the fire, it’s not been easy to try and end breeds the French bulldog won crufts last year so it’s conflicting information there, these lobbyists have also been trying to stop advertising agencies from using these dogs in their adverts, dogs are in the advertising community’s top ten go to ideas.

Backlinks 2022


READ HERE WHAT SURGEONS ARE REALLY SAYING about these beautiful breeds, maybe your a flat nosed breed owner and you’d like to see where your own veterinarian stands when it comes to looking after your dog, does your vet show emotion when seeing your dog or do you feel it’s just a job to them and they get paid a lot of money anyway contact me using the comment form (please ask if forgotten PW) and leave your opinion on this subject.

Im actually still foggy minded about this whole situation and I’m a worrier so to me at the moment it feels like the worlds is going to pieces with my latest WORRY that monkey pox will get about during the half term and the queens Jubilee pageant, I’m always worried about one thing or another so just ignore this old man’s pessimism, I think I need one more to add to backlinks 2022 I’ve already added some good ones.

Lastly the RCVM royal college of veterinary medicine

Backlinks 2022-


Considering what I hope you’ve read above and now back ! My last of my backlinks 2022 is actually to the same people that do not want flat-nosed dogs bred anymore and I’ve added this link for two reasons, some people will read the links above and want an explanation, if this does happen where best to ask and that of the vets themselves.

We cannot just look at these people as haters of the flat nosed breeds they must see some horrible sights to sign petitions and attend events that are designed to talk about the demise of the English bulldog French bulldog and of course the pug, for some out there not so in love with these breeds may think “About Time” but to the rest of us the news couldn’t be more disturbing, do not get me wrong we all want our dogs to be as healthy as possible but we certainly do not want to wipe out complete breeds.

Backlinks 2022

Backlinks 2022

THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SURGEONS Is a place where the learning of animals happens and excellence in this field is dished out here, one thing about this issue is it’s down to a few breeds “yes our breeds” but it’s not an attack on dogs as a whole just a select few that humans over the years have changed for necessity accessory or greed, I might actually contact them myself and say I’m doing an article and try and get some long term answers.


collectibulldogs or more specific myself needs to start seriously reading parts of rank math that I’m still not understanding, if I could learn how to add power words to my titles and the more the better I’ll get more visitors and rank higher in SERPS I’m still yet to look that up, This articles objective is to get some high end backlinks 2022 out into the world from collectibulldogs.com I’m just not sure how many external links are good, it’s the same with internal links too

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