Astonishing immersive VR life in 2022

VR life

VR life Feeding Bogo actually teaches you how to use your hands 🙌

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Hi readers how are you all doing ? I unfortunately had a bad first experience with my new lead practitioner so I’m feeling a bit guilty and sheepish, oh well I cannot turn back time now can I ! So let’s chat about the Astonishing immersive my VR life 2022

VR is a term used for virtual reality there’s a few makers of these headsets now offering different experiences and I’ve got the oculus quest one I’m waiting to get the second one as I believe it has a better chip and ease of use.


Why is a grown man playing on VR you may think but it’s all actually a learning experience yes I might be shooting targets from a moving Roller coaster but I’m also taking in how the hand sets work and what kind of functionality these funny looking joy – sticks have.


So when I go on VR it’s becoming easier not just to enjoy my VR life but as I’m getting used to the applications I’ve opened I can have the confidence to open the more serious applications my first was a 3D drawing and creating type gallery I was enjoying creating art out of thin air when the VR headset battery needed recharging


This is not me at all promoting these headsets due to a dark side that can be seen on channel 4s dispatches programs, just like many social media formats you get wrong people that are harassing rude racist and worse, it’s a family blog so I won’t repeat anything just stream that program and see for yourself.

Astonishing immersive VR life in 2022

VR life

VR life The quest. The quest two is in white it doesn’t show the dust and made with more plastic less fabric

There’s bigger plans for me on a business level using this oculus quest yes it’s made by or for METAVERSE I’m not to happy about mark Zuckerberg knowing what I’m doing in my VR world but then I cannot really complain if it’s to help moderate profanity abuse and hate crime.

The first time user apps are fun they immerse you into different worlds and teach you different ways of using the hand sets this skill is needed in many of the games and applications so it’s nice to have them so your basically taught on the job, one such example is navigating your way around the ISS International space station with its spectacular view of the earth.


It’s fair to say that the VR life is astonishing and immersive wether for business or pleasure wether your rich enough to pay to play or even try out the many apps and games that come free with the headset, and just like any online gaming platform there’s a store or you can explore what’s on offer.


Oculus even has its own TV station can you imagine that ! In todays VR life you can sit there quietly and listen to David Attenborough doing on of he’s amazing chats about the life around us and you feel like your there part of an audience from around the world all watching the same application / video.

Astonishing virtual reality creation

VR life

VR life the controllers that turn into hands

I sit here of a night time when everyone’s asleep and there’s no chance of me hitting anything I put on the headset and depending on the strength of my eyes (I’m getting old) I’ll choose from one of the VR games I’ve downloaded, this could be BAIT a cool fishing game or I spend time sharpening my firing skills at targets whilst on a roller coaster.


They are after all just games to have fun with I did find one amazing art application but it’s tricky to use, the interface is new to me and so is drawing in a 3D virtual reality environment, I still haven’t learned how to cast (sending what I see to a TV or Gadget, once I’ve learned this I can create YouTube clips of my VR life for all to see.


One Virtual reality application I would like to talk about a bit is one called GOLIATH this was set through a VR company and a headset user that has Mental health issues,now I’ve never been in side someone’s brain before but that’s exactly what it does, your taken through the users mental health experience in a way I can only describe as sadly jaw dropping.

VR life

VR life In this part the user is seen on the bed as his narrative is going on in the background and you get the full view

The story of Goliath is spoken by himself and as he jumps through he’s story the world around you suddenly changes and your transported to wherever he is or talking about, I got more hope for mental health online through this app than I ever have on normal Social media Channels.

immersive VR life The MetaVerse

You can find anything by using this headset and downloading it’s different application offers there’s all the social media apps video apps like YouTube and you can download Google, I like seeing collectibulldogs looking like it’s the size of a cinema screen the meta verse offers everything most other stores do from games to fitness and much much more.

One of the ways your product or game is Free is because it’s a taster your given a portion of the app to use then it’s down to you wether you wish to go ahead and by the app ! These are usually the larger games that have had lots of development behind making them.

Vr life

VR life As you can see in virtual reality your controllers become lifelike hands with amazing dexterity

VR life without getting the wallet out is still a catch to getting new users to by a headset there’s applications like the rec room VR chat, Beat saber, First contact, Elixir,Limitless, there’s so many other applications I’m still yet to master, I’m still learning how to make the best use out of my time on VR as times flies when your looking for ideas.

The latest Updates bring new products recently I was able to use the format portion to go swimming with hammerhead sharks yes it was truly amazing lifelike and a memory from a gadget that’s now forever remembered in my mind. Please note I am just talking about my own experiences this is not me in any way saying go out and buy one, too be honest most people are trying to keep afloat let alone add bills to their life’s.

MetaVerse or Facebook it’s all the same !

As an independent on writing about the VR life I have to say if you do go out and buy a headset then you will be termed into mark Zuckerberg‘s world, over the years the trust was lost from this format so fair warning if your going to be buying a VR headset then oculus is a Facebook/ meta verse product.

Is there a down side to MetaVerse ? Unfortunately the answer is yes without putting out to much smutty content on my own platform I invite you to stream All four and watch their despatches program on the MetaVerse, graphic compelling and unregulated come to mind, as far as I’m aware Meta say they are putting in more safeguards but “as we do not own the applications only the headsets we cannot moderate any user content and come up with more security features instead”that was their response to rather graphic proof.


if your buying one check whom owns the headset rights just in case your not a Meta Verse fan you can always find the ten best VR headsets pushed out in 2022 on YouTube I’ll add the video with this section of the article, there’s different finishes some looking space aged and all to give that 12 degrees 

The BEST VR Headsets of 2022 - VR Buying Guide


The easiest way to describe this the first generation headset had only six degrees just like one side of a games controller working but that’s all you got, now imagine both sides of the controller working that’s the 12 degrees, these meant one controller was basically useless and just a glorified pointer for the apps. Now you get the two controllers that once paired become your hands, some games are so clever the headset registers your hands and there’s no need to use the controllers Elixir is one of those games. 


How to get connected



Meta have put a age rating of thirteen on their headsets I’m not sure what others are like with safety features but if you are old enough to open a Facebook account you are old enough to set up your headset, you will be asked to download the oculus app where from a new or reset headset you add your special password and it pairs the headset and the app thus connecting you to the world of WiFi it’s that easy.


Designed for families as well as the single user these headsets can either be shared or paired up, you can invite people from across the globe or players in your own front room to join you, just like adding friends on Meta / Facebook you can request friends in the VR life.



Before you start your prompted to create a safe space the headset will judge the floor and after you get two choices, either use a VR type line to show your room boundaries or have a stationary area with just a circle perfect for BAIT the fishing game and Roller coaster but not so good with games like Creed (boxing game) or walking about the rec room and or multiplayer VR games, and once you’ve created this safe space your own space appears (changeable ) and your display pops up.

Your Baited in with the lure of free applications which are fun but just a pretext for how the controllers can really go to town if used properly, First contact is a great example of one of these, you emerge inside a ship behind a counter you have to wake up what looks like Wallie from the film but with no tracks, he starts by waving at you and doing things like thumbs up which you copy in succession.


how to get connected continued


Once your eyes get used to where you are there are objects ti practice holding, there’s balls pop cans even darts but these are not what moves this app forward ! Once you’ve got this cute little robot going he starts giving you what I can only describe as chunky not so floppy disks ! Each one makes a 3D Printer this then creates each object that you can use and practice with



Surprisingly it starts off by printing a rattle and a swing beater used at football matches to cheer on the team, as you put in different disks objects appear to have fun with, my favourite disk is the rockets, you take one with one hand and pull a string, aim the rocket and watch it go, once you’ve mastered everything it’s either stay and have fun or that’s the end.


These applications are suggested even by old timers like myself if I too want to be the best I can when using this especially as a business tool then I too have to play around with wallie or pull myself through the international space station and also using the controllers as thrusters has many more applications than myself just floating around space, I have to admit I did feel lonelier as I was pulling away from the ISS it was very immersive and real looking.

Once these functional applications are remembered VR life comes alive the instructions become easier to understand and the settings for using this headset become easier too, if there’s any connection issues use the YouTube video if your headset is brand new it should just pair with the app using a code if it’s second hand or borrowed you might want to do a master reset to get that all important code to pair up.

Half an hour was worth the money !

Today if you buy the quest two it’s about £300 it’s made better than the first with a rechargeable headset and controllers but I’m quite happy with the first, let me tell you about last weekend, once a month I care for my mother in law while her son has a break yes it’s 36 long hours but I can handle it



mum in laws not well has Parkinson’s and cannot get out so old brainy here had an idea can you guess it ? Yes that’s correct I took the VR headset down to my mother in laws and put mum on a roller coaster, the experience was overwhelming she hadn’t seen trees the sky or other outside things like birds for ages and it bought a tear to her eye (we are working on getting mum out for a day ) I also had the idea of Google maps



working like a server you can either go onto Google then maps or download the maps app, my idea was to show mum Brighton and let her see all the places she loved to go before and if it ever got to the point it made mum sad instead of happy and surprised how the city has changed I will not continue to entertain the idea but at the moment mum seems keen so on my next visit I’ll see if I can get mum fishing or jumping out at 10,000 feet.


Just like the portal solves the immediate problem of families staying in touch VR life can have a positive impact too, if my mother in law enjoys the technology and is happy to travel the world from her recliner then surely it’s a win win situation, as stated my headset is the older one and if bought would be about £150 so to me it’s worth the money a day out anyway would cost just as much.



Lastly streaming VR life to FB profile !


There are people right now around the world playing opponents in some very cool games so if someone in Scotland can play a ball whacking game with another user in say Indonesia then surely I can learn to at least cast ! This is the term used when you pair with a screen that can see what you see in VR life, there’s no point Flancing about with your friends giggling if they cannot see why your making those funny movements.


But for now the furthest I’ve managed to reach is the Facebook newsfeed which in layman’s terms means my Facebook profile, I’ve just checked and I’m unable to add a link straight to these recorded times I’ve spent in VR life, some are just having fun on the Roller Coasters yet I am trying out the more challenging applications as we go.


Just like anything else we Humans don’t care for the packaging or it’s instructions we now live in a world of plug in and play ! I did this too starting apps and browsing whilst not knowing what any of the buttons do, I also didn’t know the round part on the controllers was a sensor I just thought it was part of the design.

This takes family time to a brand new level why try beating your siblings best score on Mario Cart over and over when you can create your own games from scratch join multiplayer games or even teachable moments like the earth the climate and wildlife, fly a plane drive a train even learn how to drive in the land of VR life

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