Sunny colourful bright and beautiful 2022

Sunny coloured bright and beautiful 2022

Sunny coloured bright and beautiful 2022 MY LATEST PIN DISH

Hi 👋 readers here’s a cool little article one because I love the Sunny coloured bright and beautiful bulldog dish my daughter has bought me but there’s also a little story about what I’ve spotted as a collector but would never complain.

My birthday was March the tenth and my poor daughter is either At university working or with her friends, I do tell her to spend her money on herself, as she’s moving out this year I feel she’s feeling more sentimental than usual and got me a present.


I was not expecting this and when Debbie my wife gave me the parcel and said it was from Chloe I did remind everyone that it was ok I didn’t need presents 🎁 to know I’m loved but it was there so I unwrapped it.


Now ever time the girls buy from places like EBay they never read the description but are always shocked by the size of the item they have bought, for example my Sunny coloured bright and beautiful bulldog dish was believed to be the size of a full plate.

Bright and beautiful I love the colour yellow

Sunny coloured bright and beautiful 2022

Sunny coloured bright and beautiful 2022 THE COLLECTOR IN ME ASKS QUESTIONS

The best colour in the world is the bright and happy yellow ! Everyone is different but to me yellow is my favourite and my daughter picked this partly due to its colour, I opened the package and saw a black box immediately I was drawn to the sticker on the back that said made in China and I did say at first “I wished you didn’t waste your money on me”.


This was followed by “your not a waste dad and you’ll love it so open it up and see” I opened the box and to my surprise I found what is looking like a little yellow plate with a bulldog motif ! The bottom part reads the English bulldog club.


When I turned it over I saw made in England and a new name that I had not heard of and actually felt excited and please note I still love the piece no matter what the article brings up my daughter is not an expert and I’m not going to Chuck presents away.


Before I continue I needed to create a title that had a power word and a sentimental word either positive or negative this is part of the new format I’m using and you score your SEO points by correcting your article to fit their idea of a blog so I wrote Sunny coloured bright and beautiful 2022 not thinking it would give me 50% of my score need to publish.


Bright and beautiful even if it’s been married!

Collectibulldogs is known for its bulldog memorabilia it’s collection and the honest articles written about researched pieces and with the articles yes I started generic but my blogs became better I certainly didn’t know how to create a blog at first yet alone push one out and I had to learn myself


That’s been the same with the collection “you just cannot tell your loved ones that what they bought you is not real” yes that’s right I’ve had presents in the past I wished was not bought as I know the value of the real piece and it’s horrible knowing your loved one may of been ripped off


It takes a keen eye even to question some pieces even my Sunny coloured bright and beautiful bulldog dish the giveaway was actually the back stamp I’ve never come across a famous bulldog called Sunflower 🌻 and then had a closer look  👀


At first you have to look at the plate a few times before you notice that there’s been a marriage here but not many would see what an experienced collector might see ! The picture of the bulldog is so tempting to say it’s a decal but that’s impossible at this point, the same with the wording


Bright and beautiful Not a faux

Sunny colourful bright and beautiful 2022

Sunny colourful bright and beautiful 2022 My birthday plate

It’s not easy to notice faux pieces from their actual counterparts and I do not see this as a faux, yes someone’s taken a plate from a set and repurposed it creating something more beautiful than just a little yellow pin dish


The set must come from a pottery category from this maker, after researching I could only find the brand there was no pictures of bulldogs or even sunflowers like the plate suggests ! If there was painted sunflowers they have since been covered


Using the sunlight you can use brightness to see if there’s bumps underneath what looks like a painted bulldog head, I do not wish to mess up this piece just to see if the writing or picture is real and not just a sticker !

collectibulldogs has a few pieces that are a marriage of pieces it’s just like us reclaiming recycling or up cycling for todays market this could be someone’s idea of folk art and if so it’s not a bad job it certainly makes for a beautiful display piece among our amazing collectibles


Bright and beautiful Our articles will you share !

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thank you for reading our articles and to those that share our content out, I’m awaiting confirmation from Brighton museum about my own Wow amazing blog at Brighton museum 2022that got submitted and when it’s published I’ll add it to my latest article, my next article is for the mental health awareness week and can be found on our mental health section once published so until then bless up and stay safe out there




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