The ultimate 1800s blogging set up

The ultimate 1800s blogging set up

Imagine blogging on the go in the 1800s what would you need

Hi readers how are you all doing ? The ultimate 1800s blogging set up Is obviously just a look at some pieces they may of used back then, COLLECTIBULLDOGS has found a set up that shows the different implements needed.


Putting together small little set ups like this can prove to Brighton museum that I have knowledge and a skillset in looking back in time and using my niche of bulldog memerobilia to show others how they would of sat down to write in the 1800s.


Part of the pride of our own collection has been the various inkwells which got me to thinking what would some writers in the 1800s have around them  ? Now finding a candle or parchment from the 1800s to complete the set  in a display sense could be modified to look authentic but I’ll try my hardest and have an idea of late 1800s early 1900s bulldog song sheet.


You may notice the pieces are not in prestine condition the 1800s was a long time ago so to have them in the condition that they are in is still quite special, as these should really be in museums not in hobby collectors cabinets no offence it’s just after a certain age some antiques need specialist curation and there needs to be an understanding of cross contamination within collections.


The ultimate 1800s blogging set up

The ultimate 1800s blogging set up

An 1800s bloggers set up

I started with a beautiful bronze bulldog head and bought a incomplete wooden one with intentions of getting the piece restored this was put on the side line when a complete one turned up and at the price it was well that seller was generous and made a collector very happy indeed.


I believe what I have found is mostly a travelling writing set up I believe this due to the size of some pieces and the material is mainly of wood in composite easy to replace back then if lost or broken, The ultimate 1800s blogging set up would of needed a few pieces added together to write your 1800s blog articles.


Education was still in its early infancy and only well to do could afford to read and write, the style of writing has changed alot since the 1800s where scribing words and making the words swirl and flow seemlessly, this has developed into today’s style but looked like more time was put into the look of the said written articles of back then.


To get your article going you’ll need a inkwell,a pen,a pen nib wipe,paper or parchment (depending on date age)  and a stamp for the wax, the one we have found has the letter R on it we are happy to just of found the pieces needed it could be any letter of the alphabet.

Bloggers set up

Dip pen and ink wipe nib


Ultimate blogging set up

Blogger set up

Normal and travel size 1800 bulldog head inkwells

The inkwell shown is a smaller version of its larger counterpart made from wood and brass it still holds its original glass liner, many versions of bulldog inkwells havecbeeb created and some are still reproduced to look authentic so research before buying.


Carved from wood is our stylish 1800s ink dip pen this would of been dipped into the ink and my teeth start to grind as I imagine that metal tip scraping over the paper as the writing starts (so thankful for today’s luxury’s,) the pen comprises of three parts, the hand carved bulldog detail the wooden pencil type holder and the metal nib end.


Ink is and has always been a messy material to use even today or from some point in your life you must remember a leaky pen in a pocket even a cheap biro pen, this issue was just the same in the 1800s but they had an answer and this the nib wipe.


Mostly used to clean the pens nib after an article is written but also used for accidents and getting ink off the fingers, your chuffing along on a steam express train your writing away and the train jolts so depending on the accident the nib wipe comes in handy to clean spills, soak up any ink and most importantly keep the pen nib clean so no dry ink builds up.


Sending your blogging article

Bloggers set up

The seal for the wax

wether your on the move or writing whilst stationary (no pun intended) one important object to remember is the wax, before the invention of envelope gum a dob of cooling wax is added to the then folded paper the wax creates a seal and a stamp was used to squash the wax out and add a Their own special seal to the wax.


Postman pat unfortunately was not about in the 1800s so horse drawn couches would deliver mail just like the old Wild West until the invention of the train, automobiles were used once invented but only for local deliveries as trains and even horses were faster at getting mail from A to B, if you were wealthy enough you could intrust a courier to take your 1800s blogging article


getting information out fast must of helped in the invention of the printing press and if I were blogging in the 1800s a print set up sure would help even having a few subscribers back then would of been difficult to reach with your latest and greatest blogs.


Ive added what is a sprig of wood carved into a letter opener now I’m not too sure on the true date of the envelope but the piece is around the same age as the other bulldog antiques on show and is a lovely little carving that showcases the skill sets of these wood carvers.


Beautiful carved bulldog letter opener


Today’s blogging set up

Blogging set up

Today’s more modern blogging set up

blogging is a modern concept taken up by people across the world for business or pleasure each of us writes on a modern object these days and who needs postman pat a blog lovin widget or decent social media page can do your posting for you.


The choices on on how we blog what we use to blog on and whom we are wanting to read our blogs varies deeply but with one desire and that’s to get the views to your blog article and people interested in what you are trying to get across.


Not only am I practicing with curated pieces for the website layout before they get packed away heres the idea anyway but I’m hoping that the museum at Brighton will link to this article I think I did a good job in finding the rightly dated pieces adding them together to come up with a picture of the past a very important rule in a curators visual displays.


My blogging set up comprises of an iPad Pro 2019 I got as of yesterday from publication the iPad keyboard and the pen I’m not bragging but showing the vast differences between the 1800s and today’s society where our lives are made easier for a price of course.

Blogging set up

Modern day blogging set up choices galore




before i I go I’d like to say a layout has been chosen for the new website not only will you see a drastic change in the theme and the way the website works the layout is one of 2019s most advanced home page set ups and I can say Collectibulldogs will never look the same again.


Condescending the pieces into better images means no more galleries only the best will be shown and new pieces added up to every three months, we are thinking about a newsletter and a more  subversive interactive experience for the visitors that we are grateful for.


Whilst we we work on improving our image Brighton Museum is approaching different agencies to see if any one wants to work with a social enterprise SCIP said they do not work with vulnerable adults and even though I understand I believe I would of been articulate enough to work with.


Next is the mind charity whom maybe able to offer assistance as it’s not everyday someone with complex mental disorders comes and says hey please help I own the worlds best bulldog collection but don’t know how business works, fingers crossed they can help the venture.

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