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Standing bronze bulldog

Standing bronze bulldog – Sample Image from the Gallery


Metal Bulldogs

Metal bulldog collectibles can be found from all around the world most of the time you can find vintage or antique pieces along side today’s copies or even genuine new bulldog figurines and collectible pieces.

Below is a sample of metal bulldogs that we have.

As more and more of the worlds natural resources get used up these and many many others like them become just that little bit more special and collectible, as you can see by the diverse range on this page that many materials have been and still are used in the making of figural objects yet this had declined a fair bit when Bone China porcelain became easy to use and more affordable than making metals.



I found it hard to get info on this metal works company but they are were  usa based and lasted from the late 1800s up to 1939 when it closed down, this company made many souviniers for the usa market using the old metal skills to make figurines and other pieces made from different metals.

I have a few of these and you can tell by the K & O logo stamped normally under the piece, in my research i saw that they did make book ends and many different versions can still be found on popular auction sites.

I have not yet researched the investment value of collecting k&o and wether they are worth buying yet so far the pieces i have collected have been of a high quality and they did put a little bit of subject matter into some of their works not just the standard.


Silver Collectibles

Silver in its pure form also known as elemental silver is actually quite rare in the natural world and native silver usually occurs mixed in ores with other metals, Gold on the other hand is often found in its elemental form in nuggets of varying sizes so silver therefore can be considered somewhat more precious and rarer than gold.

Silver has been an invaluable source to ancestors and ancient peoples and due to the silvers special properties it became used in the making of beautiful items and even used as currency and has taken on other roles in the modern age such as being used in medicine and technologies.

Below is a small sample of images of Silver collectibles we have.

This special natural resource has been used for making jewellery and other pieces for a long long time but it was the Victorians that started showing a passion for this metal and developed new techniques used to shape it into amazing objects, anything thing from candle sticks to well made animals cutlery and many a useful item to be used in rich houses and stately homes, silver is still popular and is still used in many a bulldog collectible be it novelty or a heavy investment piece.

This white metal is identified the world over by the stamps embossed into the metal this not only explains how pure the silver is but whom made the piece where and which year, these can all be found if you look carefully and its normally a series of small block pictures and a letter the more modern artists these days just leave a 925 mark which unlike a well known stamp can be copied onto any white metal which leads me to this final point you can test silver a few ways but two I have found useful are a magnet silver has no alloy so should not stick and the second test is using ice I’m not sure why but when ice is put on silver the melting process speeds up dramatically/faster.

Silver is a beautiful collectable in its own right so its a privilege to me when I come across old silver bulldog pieces and I know without being special this metal no matter how beautiful a piece that a person has created is it all drops back to the dreaded scrapping.

Try this page link for some beautiful silver pieces

Collectible Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

Their origin can be traced back to the Roman Era. The Roman soldiers were the first to embrace their use. They were worn on a strap across their chest.

As they wore tunics not trousers, and were called buckle plates. So the military became the early users of the buckle. They continued to evolve and about the 1920s the gentry used them in a more decorative way and the embellishments became more and more elaborate, animals were often depicted in mortal combat.

These were imported by many Germanic peopl , and were predominately made of Bronze, Brass, Iron and Silver.

Below is a sample of the belt buckles we have.

The silver lent it to its easy malleability and strength. The beautifull shine and polish.

BULLDOGS have found their way on to buckles and many magnificent varieties can be found. A search on Ebay or any of the auction houses will reveal some worth collecting.
Search by categories as the variety is endless. Some can be named belt buckles, shoe buckles, horse leathers etc. Remember to specify bulldogs.

BULLDOGS, polished and mounted they make a wonderful display. The embossing of the Bulldog on many are truly magnificent.

Hood Emblems

The first hood emblems started life in the mid to late 1800s they were made from different kinds of metals and were found on many a steam engines radiator cap and most were made by the engineers themselves.

This continued till the start of the automobile era when in the 1920s it was fashionable to adorn your cars radiator with an emblem and this started a craze with many companies coming up with their own symbols to their own particular products and such examples are, Mack trucks with the iconic perched proud bulldog and car companies like Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Dodge, this had emblems like the silver lady the leopard and dodge with the ram.

This has continued through the decades resulting in many a collectible hood emblem can be found and the more vintage the better for your collection, I have looked for motor cycle companies that may have a bulldog as an emblem but did not find any except for the bulldog on motor cyclists guardian angel bell.

Most of the older emblems were made from brass and sometimes bronze but the newer ones from the 70s onwards are normally now made from chrome or some metal alloy.

Hot Cast Bronze

The more extensive method also known as the lost wax method. A hollow wax image is made then coated with a thick ceramic coating, dried then the wax is burnt away, leaving a ceramic mould. The molten Bronze is then poured into the ceramic mould.

After cooling the ceramic is chipped away. The finished Bronze is then cleaned with chemicals, polished and waxed to finish.

This explains the difference in quality and its cost.

Keep your Bronze looking new by dusting, waxing and polish yearly.

This method was widely used up until ceramic became more popular as it was easy and cheaper to make and if broken could be easily replaced.

Bronze Hot & Cold Cast

A couple of things to know that may help collectors. As there are a multitude of Bulldogs cast in Bronze and very attractive they are.

Knowing a little may help you to know what you are looking at and what the difference in values are that you will encounter.

There are two methods in the making of them and its useful to know both .The seller usually mentions which casting was used.
The first is COLD CAST BRONZE. This is an old method which is allso named Bronze Resin, which consists of a mix of bronze powder and epoxy resin.

The mix is applied to a silicone mould in several layers. A wire frame is then inserted for added strength. Then the mould is filled with the resin and bronze powder.

These may look like solid bronze but they are not the real thing, but are
popular amongst Bulldog collectors.

Many old Bulldog sculptures are reproduced in this way and are very attractive to collect.

Metal Bulldog Collectibles

A treasure trove of metal bulldog collectibles can be found when musing this page, some of the collection here dates back to the mid 1800s right up to modern day pieces found here and there, there’s s great silver selection and bronzes from the likes of Linder and Bergman.

There’s jewellery pieces pipe holders tins and one of the collections pride and joy a 1900 silver bulldog made in Chester but if you take the time to view the galleries, you will see just a few of the pieces have been mentioned and you will find lists of figurines way to many to mention but great to look at.

Please note. If you like my collection and would like to help it get seen by others please make use of the sharing icons and show your media friends we may be amateurish at the mo but we are here and growing in popularity



Metals & More is a section full of great bulldog collectibles silverware bronze and antique and vintage pieces.

Here is a small sample of items that we have.

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