Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady Here’s debbie at the dogs trust shop doing her bit


Hi readers I hope that you are all well out there safe and happy Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady whom happens to be my wonderful wife is about a couple of pieces that could easily be this years best finds, I’m a very lucky fella indeed.



My beautiful wife mainly uses the popular format EBay it’s keywords can be manipulated and it’s amazing what can pop up sometimes, After a busy year ending in the loss of Wiggles it was nice to receive some tokens to put towards my collection.


On both occasions I’ve been more surprised than normal it’s not often debs picks out top end pieces but this time came up trumps, one of the pieces I feel ever so grateful for its breath taking (if your an investor collector) and another due to it being dated 1949 partly silver and with inscription has me intrigued.



The pieces i am talking about are a 1949 English Bulldog trophy from Rochdale small in stature but so important to our bulldog breeds show history and the other is just WOW REALLY you see in the collection is a very rare Japanese piece my beautiful wife only went and found a smaller one ☝️ it made my year so far.

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady


Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady, let’s start with the trophy 🏆 it’s a tiny little piece with a touch of Art Deco about it and was won at the Rochdale and district bulldog club in 1949 and with presentee and winner with Bennett and Crabtree surnames it shouldn’t be hard to find more information



With our other beautiful lady in Australia gifting a few trophies we now have a nice little collection, I will study this trophy and see if I can find the winner the event or even a picture of the winners bulldog, with a great following from social media I could get assistance.

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady

1949 Rochdale trophy


We have a friend whom is the current secretary of that particular club so maybe a nicely worded email or Facebook message may just get me all the information ℹ need to create a back drop story for such a piece won so freshly after the horrific WW2 questions like where did the metal come from and why is it only partly silver.



I would guess silver like many metals was in short supply or the country rationed precious metals like everything else back then, with its bakelite bass and little stamped silver inscription it’s definitely one of those Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady.

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady

Japanese rare pieces one larger than the other. What a find


when your wife finds a piece like this and it happens to be stuck at Nana’s house it can feel a little frustrating but all that impatient waiting was totally worth it when I opened the box 📦 that it was sent in, I thought one of the Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady was a second rare Japanese piece.


Not only was the piece the same pattern but it also came in a different size this gave me a lovely feeling the piece is so rare even the Japanese haven’t put out to much knowledge on this type of painting, I’m now in thought process that these two (cannot be called a pair or two of the same) are now up there  with the pinnacle of pieces at Collectibulldogs.

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady

I feel so lucky


Now you can see see why I named the article Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady as these two are right up there with some of the best I’ve found myself and please remember if you want to collect or just tips then Learn How To Collect – FREE Ebook is my own original free ebook to help anyone wanting one.



Collectibulldogs will be having a refit this year (basically I’m getting new cabinets better looking and hold more) this will also help me to sort out the whole collection and try and display the lot, until then the trophy 🏆 looks great next to the others and I’m staring at my newest Japanese piece as I’m writing ✍️ this it’s like finding a rare Royal Doulton and winning it for just £8-50 WOW I know.


Thank you time durations great at the moment


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