Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

Stunning Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

And now for something completely different for this yank from across the pond–Antique Blogging. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–a city known for its Historical properties, museums and antiques. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was an antique decorator which included refinishing items and then selling them.


Once we trash-picked a small cabinet covered in that dreadful “red lead” paint from a well to do neighborhood known as Mount Airy. We stripped it of paint and behold it was an original Chippendale Ice Chest. This was in the later part of the 1960’s and he made quite a killing–$5,000.00 USD was the selling price. That was big money back then.


And that’s what started my appreciation and fondness for antiques. I can still remember sitting around our Victrola, listening to old Bessie Smith wax cylinders. Oh how I miss him…..Fast forward to now–July 2019 and I have just started blogging for Eiffion, Debbie & Porscha of Collectibulldogs. So when I saw this lovely piece, I had to write about it. (photo of top of case here maybe) And with a gorgeous English Bulldog Mother of Pearl inlay to boot–what’s not to love about this cigar case?

Victorian Era

But there was a learning curve for this yank–the English in their infinite wisdom and exquisite class actually have a system of imprinting sterling silver with various markings called Hallmarks which correlate and classify the sterling to a specific date, forgery/house of manufacture, the town or village of manufacture and the year. So let’s find out about this magnificent piece in the world’s largest bulldog curiosities, antiques and memorabilia collection.

Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

Stamped both sides

I’d like to first start with The Anchor. (single pic of anchor)  From what I have learned about British Sterling Hallmarks, when an Anchor Hallmark is imprinted in Sterling, it was produced in Birmingham, UK. I also learned that British Sterling must consist of 925 parts Silver and 75 parts alloy metal to be considered Sterling silver.


The Lion or more specifically, left facing lion (get a single pic of the lion here) is the proud symbol for British sterling and one can find these Hallmarks all throughout London and other locations in the UK from 1773 until present day. It is amazing to me that this type of Hallmarking continues and is a refreshing circumstance considering how cheaply things are made in the rest of the world.

Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

The lower case letter Hallmark is used to denote the date of manufacture. Eiffion’s is imprinted with a lower case r. Based on available research, the r indicates a date of 1846 as the date of manufacture.

Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

Victorian Era Antique Cigar Case

Collectibulldogs has this wonderful British Sterling Cigar case with a delicate Mother of Pearl inlay featuring the much loved English Bulldog. From the imprinted Hallmarks, we know it was crafted in 1846 in Birmingham, England. What a uniquely wonderful case. I bet you wish you had this in your collection. Cheers for now.

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