Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Especially if investing


Our sympathies as per  usual  during this time come first to all those out there effected by Covid 19 Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs is an article looking at those lovely so called bulldog antiques that you should stay away from.

Let’s start with the proof ! The antiques book market ten or twenty years ago was quite big as this was the only way of researching and finding out prices for pieces, if you have these books you’ll notice there’s hardly any pieces that are stuck to Agate or marble.

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Definitely do not buy these they are a heavy metal compound fake.

The Stone itself is nothing special it’s just the case that 99% of these pieces sold on current popular auction websites like EBay Etsy Rubylane (we ourselves sent a piece back once to elm wood antiques) this piece was a perfect way to show it was not antiques related at all.

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

A Bergman piece will have a signature and embossed urn sign

Philips or cross headed screws were not invented when many of the pieces being sold are dated as and it’s understandable that your going to trust a sellers patter it takes a keen eye and time looking at the market to see what’s going on.

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Types

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Bronze on agate

There are different Types of these and they all do the same thing, they hide the true form of the pieces that are stuck fast to these stones, I’ve seen known makers from the porcelain world bronzes and silver yet I’m sure there’s more to be found.

you may come across the bronze bulldog and pug seated on agate or the bulldog and the Alsatian with the seller using the words BERGMANN and antique but this is not the case ! Fake bronzes that were first found out were repurposed and put back onto the market.


We have checked our Royal Doulton book that we use and we cannot find a time when this make started gluing their pieces to stone so it’s evident that by doing this to porcelain it means A you find it harder to see if it’s fake and B you cannot see that all important back stamp.

In the Doulton world it’s self regulated so when a piece becomes broken or restored the stamp gets a cross through it ! Now if a restored piece had a good restored look and glued to any base it would be nearly impossible to make out its fate.

Stoned bulldogs there’s information on that butt

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

If you hide the underneath it could create a new unknown

The most informative part of an English bulldog figurine is underneath this is where you’ll find not only the maker the date and other giveaways but you’ll also see just how dirty the bottom of the piece is and you can’t see anything if stuck to stone.

For example a seller could have a piece for sell It could say it’s a silver bulldog and of a certain weight a certain age and by a famous maker, silver can be tested but makers marks can be counterfeited, the other point is the silver quality and how much silver is actually in the piece being sold.


It’s not fair really ! If you see these on sellers websites please do not buy them if your looking to invest, the Bergman piece with 2 bronzes or just the bulldog on Stone is a repurposed fake which you can easily tell as the people that made these gave them fake quality coin stamps with the name spelt wrong.


In the defence of bronzes overall they do use marble or be mounted but these are usually of studies like the human form, the other real bronzes we have here in the Collectibulldogs’s collection do not need to be jazzed up.

Stoned bulldogs it’s not all bad !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Here’s a real version nothing special but nothing hidden


It’s true ! If you have gone out and bought these kinds of so called collectibles then it’s not all bad and that’s the fact your paying for what you get ! A real Bergman from Austria is a rarer than normal name and can command hundreds if not thousands of pounds

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! The same piece both on and off marble

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Or just by for love

So When a seller sells you their so called antique your not buying the real thing but then your not paying out the money the real pieces fetch if you did you’d be loosing out big time, it’s best to steer clear unless your buying for the heart only.

There are antiques out there designed to be on stone or have a base but I can assure you these are usually 100% real the only issue with most real antiques that sellers push is the wrong information given and remember many sellers will spin a yarn just to make profit.


Those wanting to repurpose properly

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Repurposed is ok though

In the collecting world we all come across pieces that we would love but come in a state of disrepair and that’s where it’s ok to repurpose and this is different because the artisan involved is not trying to sell you something that it is not


we have displayed a couple of these for you but they don’t have marble bottoms, a beautiful light coloured bronze bulldog cane top has had a crude but ok base added and this keeps the piece upright giving the impression the cane top is now a figurine.

The same with the Mack piece the person has just screwed this bulldog icon through some wood, these pieces would still fetch the same prices even if they were not touched it’s just someone has given new love and purpose to real pieces and proper antiques.

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! MACK TRUCKS

Other than that Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! it’s not worth the heart ache yes many of these are small pieces and not thousands being asked for them but by buying them your making sellers untouchable and helping to fuel the fakes that hit the antiques market each year.

Stoned bulldogs Stick to solids !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Stick to solids

If you are looking for particular bulldog figurines try and stay away from bulldogs glued onto stone and go for the solid versions with their own bases, these usually have embossed stamps and are very collectible.

America and Germany are two great places to find such items we believe this is due to past skills and America’s love with the English bulldog as a mascot so many metal pieces from copper plated cigar trays to little souvenirs.

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs !

Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! Cold cast bronze but with the right bottom signature is behind

Marble and Agate are attractive looking but closer expectations show the marriage of the two pieces where as if you buy a piece with a base that’s sure meant to be there chances are your buying the real deal and not a fake.

It takes time research and a keen eye to be able to put this content out and be correct about such pieces, we are sorry to any seller that has any pieces we’ve described maybe redo your own research and try and prove us wrong, with only 12 years experience we are all for critic.

Some interesting news !

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We are not profit driven and I’ve always said I want to leave my daughters something special one day and this could be our foot on the first rung of the exposure ladder, please keep your fingers crossed and until next time folks stay safe stay home and stay Sane in the lockdown please

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