Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Hi there all you Brilliant avid readers how are you all today pucka I’m hoping, nice and spritly hey 👋 Our Silver collection a sterling Job came about after I decided it was time to update any collectors or fans of the websites collection what we now have.


After Changing rooms the silver collection was placed in our antique teak display unit from the 1940s but because of all the other cabinets a bit like the Royal Doulton cabinet it gets dwarfed by the huge wooden display cabinets with our expensive or antique ceramics.


As we were swapping two of the cabinets over debs had placed ALL the small silver pieces onto the bulldog charger and boy did it weigh a lot, I’m still not sure as to the kilo amount we have but I can definitely say there’s a few kilos just in pure sterling silver.


From the stamped later pieces that are 925 stamped (925% out of a 1000% silver is sterling) this is higher than Indian and European silver even Russia 🇷🇺 is 800% and the highest silver content we have is American 999% I’m to believe this is an American standard for their silver parts per 1000.

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Our Silver collection a sterling Job Has me beaming when I see the three shelves full I’m yet to create a fourth to add the rest of the coins and medals, not all the sub collection is silver but as the other pieces are either of the same niche but bronze or gold or has a club connection.


The first thing I’d like to say is that it’s ironic to find pieces in the collection you have no recollect of purchasing and a few sellers out there must have lost out (there’s a saying in the antiques world (LEAVE IT RUSTIC) do to not cleaning, I’ve come across several pieces including the Canadian wartime Vesta ! I paid six pounds English money and free shipping.


So just Like all silver looking pieces or most of them I give a clean and to my surprise this particular piece had faint silver makers marks on its lip not only adding price to the piece but a beautiful piece of of silver craftsmanship it’s just a shame there’s not many other markings to give it provenance.


Doing the same I found the bulldog on our inkwell bought from a rubylane shop to be silver too but it passes the silver test and does not have any markings except for a tiny weird pattern, the piece looks like it’s a marriage of two pieces, I’m glad the tables got turned as this seller tried selling me a so called antique dish yet the screws were brand new lol (yep it went back).

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Jewelleries coins medals pendants rings

Top shelf of Our Silver collection starts with seven silver trophies 🏆 two or three are donated pieces from Australia and the others we found ourselves these all need a good polish but look amazing together, up there with them are two sets of silver salt 🧂 and pepper shakers, my wife accidentally bought me the second set for Christmas bless her.


To complimement the trophies we’ve added our bulldog heads these are made from ceramic and bone 🦴 (ox bone I think ) placed at the front due to being of a small nature these sit either side, in the middle is a vintage costume jewellery type bracelet one ☝️ of around four we have here.


Oh how would I love 💗 for someone else to come polish it all just once when I do it I’m generally to tired to take stock of my work and be proud of Our Silver collection a sterling Job normally well executed but as stated after polishing it all especially on a day I’m on my own I just want my bed after no matter how clean 🧽 and shiny I’ve made it look 👀.


The second shelf has a bit more on than the first shelf the pieces are all quality or branded and sat around our magnificent silver charger Find out more here about this antique bulldog memorabilia lucky to have piece you can find the history around this there too or check out Another article on this subject if like me you ❤️ Silver.

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Around the charger we have two Bulldog figures one ☝️ is a German export dated 1903 but never got there the other smaller piece I found on a popular online site made friends with the seller and payed monthly,(I’ll talk about price at the end), then there’s the Harrods bulldog with enamel head and a silver mustard pot that weighs a pretty penny on its own.


The Family of silver pincushions is one of my favourite lots a Victorian piece sets of this gang we have around seven or eight but about twenty altogether if you include the metal and Ceramic pieces just like this piece from my wife ! The silver dog bowl to the left of the charger is silver but I’ve used silver plated pieces to put in front and to the right just to keep that massive silver plate in place.


in front of the bowl we have a stunning silver pot it has a bulldog sitting upon the lid I’m not sure of its use but I do know I have a tiny bronze bulldog of the same model just not on a pot, with the pots sits the DunHill bulldog I got from a good friend on Facebook it weighs a staggering 74 grams and that’s for a key ring, just like some other pieces this keyring and the pot both have double figures


let’s get pricing out of the way quickly if you walked into a jewellery shop and bought a silver purchase and decided to sell it well if you went back to same shop or others you’ll get offered the daily rate in scrap value, unfair I know but unless your silver dates back along time do not expect much money back if you were to sell your bling



We at Collectibulldogs we suggest that beginners unless savvy and lucky 🍀 or just plain rich should steer clear of silver at first, the price the space the cleaning 🧹 the more you collect well it’s obvious you’ll be doing this a lot and for pieces that will not appreciate in value, I’m hoping mine combined with its bulldog theme gives it prudence.

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

Bulldog antiques The silver collection

imagine an antiques stall or shop counter that’s what the third shelf reminds me of and also tells me MORE SPACE hence the fourth shelf needed, it’s hard to begin Our Silver collection a sterling Job on this shelf holds no bounds oh well here we go.


The beautiful enamelled spoon 🥄 with bulldog on ive never seen before or another since then there’s four match Vesta cases we have six but two are head shaped, two are silver ones gold and the other is cold painted bronze it does have the same pattern as the silver one ☝️


I’m counting seven rings that are silver two are Danbury mint and one of the bracelets is also Danbury mint and there’s a sugar skull 💀 ring too, there’s various silver pendants from the 3D type to modern 925 stamped more modern pieces, a favourite of these is one from Finland 🇫🇮 it’s only small with a tiny gold bulldog on a silver background and as it’s from Finland it’s specal well to an English collector anyway.


Pit would sound ungrateful to say only two but we are very proud of the two GOLD medals 🏅 we’ve managed to obtain and keep these in a little protective box, I will do an article on the unbelievable amount of medals we have including the three that arrived Christmas time.

Our Silver collection a sterling Job


Lots of other antiques have been placed here there’s two or three clay pipes with their cases and there’s also five Victorian hat pins, one ☝️ I believe to be gold with a tiny bulldog sitting on top of the point, branded or designer pieces sit here too there is the  exquisite silver bangle with the bulldog heads on and a tiny yet very bling bling piece from one of the late Joan rivers collections.


Christmas 🎄 cracker prizes from yesteryear sit among the brooches and tie pins, we feel we have a fab collection of Mack truck tie pins included in the collection even the two rarer ones, one wearing hard hat 🧢 and the tie pin that’s the same shape as the hood emblem.


Hopefully if I’ve not managed to lose any should be little ten gram and even smaller one gram American silver bars these have different pictures on so I bought the ones with bulldogs on, please feel free to zoom in as I may of missed a few bits out which I’m sure I have but I’ve covered most of what we have here.


Last but not least by any means is our flat ware the knife 🔪 fork 🍴 and spoons 🥄, (see knew I forgot there’s mustard spoons too in the cabinet) the flatware consists of three wall mounted holders but two are bulldog related the other is a set of silver spoons I found at a car booty well worth grabbing just for scrap value alone.

Our Silver collection a sterling Job


we are extremely proud of the flatware we have managed to find gone are the days where the collection just had more modern silver plated pieces it’s taken time and money 💰 to get the amount we have and yes if you looked up silver bulldog spoon or fork there are some out there but not many are prepared to see the inner craftsmanship and think 🤔 not worth the money.


Collectors I know struggle with their Conscience when it comes to even buying the smaller tea spoons a bid of ten ot fifteen pounds just doesn’t do it for most as the smaller spoons can be found for upto seventy pound so imagine how much the larger spoons and forks are.


France is where I found some of mine it was one of the best contacts I ever had twenty five pound for a set of four WOW ! I did spend a lot of euros at the time with this contact so I can understand why she may of let me off with some prices, I got my stunning Huebach off this seller so will never forgot her.


If you are drawn in by the shine or lack of it lol and want to start collecting silver like Our Silver collection a sterling Job I’d suggest small at first try online auctions and car boot sales America has estate sales auctual autions have commissions? Go for charms and work upwards learning your markings as you go, it will take time remember silver is not passed on cheaply only taken !

And lastly

Our Silver collection a sterling Job

hey Gary want to choose a ring lol



March the 16th sees our endorsement Gary O’Sullivan enjoy he’s boxing 🥊 match to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day extravaganza so after we are going to ask Gary if he would wear one of our rings and tell folk where he got it from this kind of gift for endorsement can be powerful and Gary has friends in high places.


If we are known and your good at arranging Collectibulldogs is looking for someone to come help for a few hours at the home with the wife and I, the collection needs a touch and all rearranged, every time I try a situation arises or my back goes due to carrying Wiggles about anyone interested please get in contact and discuss your terms and conditions lol, till later happy collecting and stay safe out there.

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