Silver Collectibles

Silver in its pure form also known as elemental silver is actually quite rare in the natural world and native silver usually occurs mixed in ores with other metals, Gold on the other hand is often found in its elemental form in nuggets of varying sizes so silver therefore can be considered somewhat more precious and rarer than gold.

Silver has been an invaluable source to ancestors and ancient peoples and due to the silvers special properties it became used in the making of beautiful items and even used as currency and has taken on other roles in the modern age such as being used in medicine and technologies.

Below is a small sample of images of the collectibles we have.

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This special natural resource has been used for making jewellery and other pieces for a long long time but it was the Victorians that started showing a passion for this metal and developed new techniques used to shape it into amazing objects, anything thing from candle sticks to well made animals cutlery and many a useful item to be used in rich houses and stately homes, silver is still popular and is still used in many a bulldog collectible be it novelty or a heavy investment piece.

This white metal is identified the world over by the stamps embossed into the metal this not only explains how pure it is but whom made the piece where and which year, these can all be found if you look carefully and its normally a series of small block pictures and a letter the more modern artists these days just leave a 925 mark which unlike a well known stamp can be copied onto any white metal which leads me to this final point you can test silver a few ways but two I have found useful are a magnet this metal has no alloy so should not stick and the second test is using ice I’m not sure why but when ice is put on to the metal the melting process speeds up dramatically/faster.

This particular metal is a beautiful collectable in its own right so its a privilege to me when I come across old bulldog pieces and I know without being special this metal no matter how beautiful a piece that a person has created is it all drops back to the dreaded scrapping.

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