Poorly Bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day

Bulldog wiggles

I’m poorly Bulldog wiggles how do you do. Ouchy

Poorly Bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day ! Hi readers, it’s my sad regret to say that wiggles our twitter and Facebook star has re hurt her paw and now our Poorly Bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day as we go over the same situation again, this time it happened whilst she was penned in.


Bulldog wiggles

Using my bad paw till I heard that pesky buzzer

We had a leak and the Poorly bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day happens when the plumber (an aged gentleman) used our buzzer like some sort of toy either that or he thought we couldn’t hear our own buzzer as he gave it a huge press each time he needed to come in, we couldn’t understand why he just didn’t leave the bottom door open.

Poorly Bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day Again

Bulldog wiggles

Bulldog wiggles still has room to move


I do keep referring to Poorly bulldog wiggles situation becomes Groundhog Day and that’s mostly to my drained emotional state, wiggles went mad with the buzzer and as stated even though penned in she still done damage to her paw yet again, I wet nurse this bulldog every night, I keep her warm, I pick up her mess, I feed and give her water, and worst of all for me I have to carry her to the Vets


Its then back from the vets up the four flights and then I can die on the bed whilst her meds kick in as when wiggles is in pain my emotional state is high the same with my empathy levels but once she’s eaten and had painkillers THAT familiar bulldog snore starts to alleviate the anxiety frustration and sheer tiredness I feel from this on going situation.


Getting older doesn’t help our bulldog wiggles!

Bulldog wiggles



When our Bulldog wiggles first came to us at five she had her problems even our relationship started off Rocky I had to learn her likes and dislikes and she had to know who was boss back then, she’s now the centrepiece of our family, the face of Collectibulldogs, a poster girl for advertising bulldogs in the public eye and proved just how cute bulldogs still are seen through many eyes with her magnificent following on different formats.


Folks would like to see our Bulldog wiggles out more and for that we can only apologise and please urge everyone to still help advertise us even though some of our social media content is recycled, wiggles has arthritis now which we know is part of getting old but that and knuckling is not the best combination to be suffering with especially in cold times.


Taken vets advice our Bulldog wiggles normally comfortable

Bulldog wiggles

Dad misses my company so I need to get well soon



think about lifting a big bulldog everytime they need a number one, a number two,food, and water this just couldn’t carry on no more so the pen was created we added a nice fluffy pink blanket and wiggles looked very snug and comfortable, it’s obvious now not even the pen can stop her from hurting herself over and over.



Our last idea is to take the Buzzer off and get folks to text when downstairs we could not do this with tradesmen as it would get back to owners but friends and such we can just say the buzzer sets the dog off please use phone when outside, other than that and coupled with  professional veterinary advice that’s about all we can do.


Karma. Please keep wiggles in your thoughts


No not a religious man by any means but I do believe in things others may find not to their understanding one is mindset and how we all have the power to change our own for good ie give up bad habits send good vibes yes it sounds bonkers but let’s try so please keep a spare thought each day for wiggles ! We’ve got the plan so you send the Good Karma and we should have one fit wiggles in no time.


Due to past injuries i have been to the drs since taking wiggles to the vets a few times, holding a bulldog and protecting someone’s cars interior seems to excert what I can only describe as G forces I cannot do anything so just suck up the pain, before wiggles went bad again the vets said we had a three month break can you imagine how I felt when hearing that to the prospect of oh well here we go again.



Bulldog wiggles

I’m keeping warm and getting well remember I love 💖 you all


This would not put me off bulldogs yes I’ve felt frustrated even short tempered with the situation but never acted on it, when you adopt a pet you take on its issues with they be current or even future problems your yet to face, I do state make sure you can afford a vet or pet insurance when going for a specialised breed it works out cheaper believe me.


Wiggles has had tonnes of well wishers from England USA Europe even japan and on behalf of my four legged little friend I’d like to say a massive thank you, who knew some advertising and a few formats would see this little teddy bear looking beautiful bulldog get such a big following and love in equal measure. Peace !

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