Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Hi Readers I hope all are well, Antique bulldog gallery remodelled is more of a tweaking exercise for our designer but it was definitely not what we thought our new gallery would end up looking like.

With a photographer we took some amazing pictures to go with the websites brand new written content we even invested in antiques new to the collection to showcase the relaunch with.

To see the antiques gallery not as we wanted is both embarrassing for us to oversee this mistake and a bit of laziness on behalf of the designer whom we have to agree has done a great job with all else so far.

collectibulldogs does have about 5000 or so pieces ranging from the tiny and indifferent to the rare and very collectible but there’s no point having them online if others cannot see why we put such a vast bulldog collection online.

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled Just one of our new pieces

It was decided in august that all the galleries would be turned into one large one and with our new pictures of the pieces in segments this should of been less work for the designer and if done properly you’ll see our hard work.


The best thing about having a host that is your website designer is you can pester and pester until the job is done right, it’s true not everyone loves or knows much about them but when your designing a website around a collection you would think the gallery would have the WOW factor.

We were as disappointed as the visitors when we studied the page yes there are some new pictures sitting there and all done properly but there’s pictures of our bulldogs and my wife that shouldn’t be there !

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled Our Dinky pieces all in one pic


The main pages have a moving motion I’m not sure the gallery will have the same pop up feature as our other pages but we do hope it’s sorted soon and everyone gets to muse bulldog memorabilia as intended.

Three sessions but we got there !

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery A 1863 bulldog winners tankard very rare and new to collectibulldogs

Our knowledge lies within the articles written and folks can use our search bar to find said articles easier but the antique bulldog gallery should just be an inspirational feast of bulldog memorabilia nothing else.

that’s why it took three photography sessions to get the collection into less than 500 pictures with the best being picked out after to add to the site, finding space light and a way to show them was half the battle.

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snapping n packing was an article written to highlight that collectibulldogs was not only taking photos but due to a new baby due this Christmas the collection had to come down and be packed away to make room.

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery New medals to add to collection

I the owner was relying too a great gallery so I could see my pieces and use memory to create new posts with freshly researched content, some get collectibulldogs others don’t and that’s fine I love the collection I’ve amassed and really felt it as I saw the crates grow.

There will be a again !

Antique bulldog gallery remodelled

Antique bulldog gallery One day all will be displayed again!

As my wife likes to remind me There will be a again another time where I can again proudly display the bulldog collection around our home it just won’t be at this home sadly, due to upscale with a bigger family is the plan.

There’s ample time to collect but I feel as the days go by and then turn into weeks then months When will we get a bigger place (working on it ), the collection deserves its place online and pride of place in our home.

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So for now just like the great visitors we get into am a viewer of the collection for now and I need to see the amazing pictures taken just as much as others may like them (we hope so) and that leaves us hoping our designer gets on it ASAP.

Antique bulldog gallery

Antique bulldog gallery Porscha has her own page now too

After chatting about the changes we are expecting the gallery to look much better within the next 24 to 48 hours there’s resizing to do and as pages are being taken away we need to redirect some urls but bare with me this website will look amazing and just how we want it promise.

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