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Bulldog antiques Brighton Proud website

Howdy readers of collectibulldogs.com Bulldog antiques Brighton, it’s now high time I jumped the other sections for a while and start adding new content about bulldog antiques collectible’s and other bulldog themed content



It’s fine adding other articles that are not bulldog related but this just helps Obscure keywords to be linked back to your website, collectibulldogs is a bulldog antiques website so use keywords like bulldog antiques Brighton or bulldogs memorabilia Brighton.


if I have 350 articles over 5000 pieces this means that I have hardly research many pieces at all and most of my blog articles will be generic this is down to experience online and how I manage to use blog platform’s These articles looks simple but can take hours to create.


The website Collectibulldogs is exactly what it says on the tin so it is only fair that if I am pumping out content that I wish to read then it should really be about the bulldog antiques Brighton museum it’s content and collectibles.


Bulldog antiques Brighton bulldog blogging again 2022 some cool 😎 Ideas 💡

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton Proud website

there is no willpower left in me to be pumping out 203 blogs a day on both of memorabilia I am lucky on some nights and I can push out and publish to articles sometimes these are mixed content and I don’t think I have actually published a research article now for nearly 2 years.


i’ve not lost my love for bulldogs collecting but when we did move to our new flat and all my collection went here there and everywhere I have not been the same since trying to get it all back into the sub section it was once in, this is no excuse for not blogging I do need to be able to find the pieces that are not yet written about so that I can get the information and research.


after spending £2000 on a display cabinet I thought that it would be very easy just to pick up a bulldog google the information and write an article about it the size of the display does not match the size of the collection which means I am unable to see many of the pieces that I need so that I can write about them.


ironically the pieces that are closest to me and easiest to blog about all the hardest to get visitors to and this is usually the Mack truck collection this was unpopular on Pinterest to I’m not sure why but maybe people do not see the correlation between Mac and the dog from 1956 and the same dog used in the first advertisement for Mack trucks, this dog was commemorated by Doris Linder and Royal Worcester with a 500 limited edition and 250 with certificates showing authenticity.




I thought that a monthly guessing game might be quite a good idea I started this on Pinterest with some of the objects that I have from the collection like when I put out the spittoon and asked people if they knew what it was I was a little naive as it was Pinterest and it is quite easy to find out what anything is on This great advertising format as it is a search engine as much as it is a format it’s also one of the only social media platforms that doesn’t mind you bouncing off to check out a blogger or potential sale.


The first object that was used What is a Victorian chestnut kickoff for an open fire made of brass the nearest that anyone got to guessing what this  is antique is was when someone said that you put a hot coals in it and use it as a bedpan unfortunately this would’ve caused a fire as this particular object has holes in it was only meant for cooking chestnuts on the open fire.

Porscha our mini bulldog


almost every format has a live option and after posting a couple of pictures to Facebook I was being asked about information on these pieces the information is already on Collectibulldogs all people have to do is turn the gadget sideways until they see the Spyglass icon and then they can use keywords just like a Google server to find articles that have been written about the pieces they are looking for



OUR FACEBOOK PAGE it’s just like Instagram has hundreds maybe thousands of pictures and videos that I have introduced to the format and to my followers over the past seven years a lot of bulldogs memorabilia and bulldog antiques Brighton museum putting out a lot of one persons collection I am proud of everything that I have started but I do wish that I had more help when it comes to the social media side and advertising or promoting of collectibulldogs.com.


Bulldog antiques Brighton a new way to blog !

before I continue I have used up one of my credits on this new blogging system so I thought that I would show either my readers of Bulldog antiques Brighton Or potential readers that up blockers themselves hell rank math works and how just like most of our blogging platforms they want money even though they are potentially free to use.


seeing my rankings drop 21 places for bulldog antiques I thought I would use one of the credits and see what this does to boost my search engine optimisation I’m already up to 72% and I’ve not even used power words a positive or negative word in the title or added any pictures so I’m guessing this credit super boosts the blog article this I will find out once I have published.

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton NEW BLOG SYSTEM

I don’t think I have ever had to use any of the headers past header free this is showing me that it might be a good idea if I at least use one of the headers for all six,it’s also showing that all I need is one or two media content pieces so this can be the picture or a YouTube clip which I can add in a bit.


The article writer is still having trouble getting around this new system so until I can sit down with her and show her the basics I am not sure we will be hearing from Wynne for a while,I don’t mean anything rude but this is okay because I know more about bulldogs memorabilia just like Wynne has their own skill sets and it is down to me at the end of the day to come up with bulldog antique articles that are going to capture either the eye or the imagination.

Bulldog antiques Brighton piece by piece !

Bulldog antiques Brighton

Bulldog antiques Brighton ONE OF THE CUTE M&O PUPPIES

As the writer for Collectibulldogs the last seven years hasn’t been the easiest,sometimes all I wanted to do is express my thoughts by doing that whilst blogging it’s just as bad as texting when you’ve had too much to drink I did not want to put my heaviness and my mental health into the forefront of this website yes it is true we have a section for this but I did not want to fill this up with my own issues and disorder problems



looking back there are many bulldog articles that I see as generic which means I have taken more than one piece and spoken about them as a whole when I should be taking pieces one by one researching them properly and then putting out some really rich article content that people would love or will be honoured to share

Collectibulldogs bulldog collectibles chat

upon taking a picture today I realised when I posted it to Facebook no one was going to know what the piece was how old it was and where it came from this was a metzner and Ortloff mum and puppy set there is also a piece that is a little larger and together they display like a proper little bulldog family with the puppies in cute puppy postures,it’s also my belief that this picture has taken the interest of one of my followers I’m sure she is interested in the mum and puppies as well as another piece.


I have started taking offers for some of my pieces I do realise now that doubles only take up space and certain pieces are not going to either fall or grow in value whilst in my collection so it doesn’t matter if I sell a few pieces on but this will be two people that know me read my articles and I’ve heard of Collectibulldogs for a while as a collector I am quite protective of the collection and where each piece goes to


Brighton antiques Brighton maybe create a new section!

some of the best content creation from collectibulldogs.com can be found in the archive section at the bottom of the blog page unfortunately people do not scroll far enough down to see the archive or to read the hundreds of articles that explain away many of the pieces that Collectibulldogs has as well as articles about bulldogs in general and bulldogs on the TV and bulldogs shows


there is information on English German Danish Japanese and even African Bulldog memorabilia who would’ve known that so many countries around the world have a economy that celebrates the bulldog breed to the point it is created in object form to either be sold to the public or to be celebrated as the English bulldogs should be.

One of my favourite articles is this one The Bulldog Spirit a friendly explanation The reason behind this is because after I did my research I found out that back in 1940 something Winston Churchill even though he was seen with bulldogs he actually owns a French poodle called Rufus and any bulldog pictures were propaganda against the Nazis and Winston Churchill would travel to airfields had bulldogs as part of their mascots.


many of the serving arm forces either bought or adopted a bulldog or bulldog puppy collectibulldogs has proved this by showing certain famous bulldogs on American war vessels and when you watch TV just like the longest day the World War II film you will see a Scottish man walking up the beach holding a bulldog by the lead.

Antiques Brighton Continued

Google business account project



taking away all this information may not be the best idea it would create a lot of space on the website and maybe the website might run quicker but it is a lot of content just to chuck away and start again, I am proud of the articles but I am not proud of the way the website works as it means that some articles that are top-notch do not get seen again unless I recycle and re-published them.


Porzellen Bulldogges treasures from GermanyIs one such article there is also A selection of bulldog perfectionThis article itself shows some of what collectibulldogs has to display and showcase but as stated unless this archive can come alive it’s just a catalogue of articles created by Collectibulldogs about the Collectibulldogs collection


Im not an antique shop but I would have bulldog antiques for sale if it meant that I could get the money together to fix this website it needs search engine optimisation and an expert to go and sort out all the internal problems so that we are seen more online,automatically bookmarks to social media formats and have a much better chance of rain in on Google with a better selection of keywords rather than the ones that we are using now and that our competitors will be using too


Please excuse this paragraph I’ve been given keywords to use that’s what used up a credit that the format wants you to buy ! I’ve seen a couple of keywords I understand but ones like antique stores brighton mi and antique stores brighton co yet I do understand “who buys antiques near me” I’m guessing keywords are not just your basic long or short tail as I’ve never seen a keyword ending in Co ?.


Antiques Brighton blogging opportunities


with a smile on my face I am happy to announce that my latest draft article has been accepted by Brighton and Hove museums and is getting ready for amendments and suggestions before publication I feel lucky that I am able to add my own story about Collectibulldogs to Brighton Museum and any link will make my website just a little bit stronger


HERES ONE OF MY ARTICLES at Brighton museum there was also this article Creating art creating magic  and the last one I had published there was THIS ARTICLE URGING MORE VISITORS TO VIEW THE EXHIBITION BEFORE IT ENED Brighton museum has always been generous to collectibulldogs.com when it comes to guest posting the only issue we have at the moment is the broken back link and Mrs G to Brighton Museum now becoming a charity and I have to push my back link through a friend into the museums social media section and hope that they re-publish it I’m quite sure that this shouldn’t be a problem.

Analytics on Google’s app Facebook and Pinterest show that I have a much higher audience engagement especially on Facebook at the moment which means some people must be interested in collectibulldogs.com I’m getting followers whom are not what I would call friends but I am glad of the interest and offering to any one the opportunity to come and blog for Collectibulldogs.


there is definitely a few on Facebook that love collectibulldogs.com so why not come forward and offer up your services and knowledge and create a brilliant blog article for Collectibulldogs and for your own sense of self-worth,It would be amazing to have your work on my website And not just my own,it will also beGreat to have other peoples opinions or knowledge around bulldogs memorabilia and antiques to get the general public a different perspective to the one that I normally give when I’m writing about Bulldog history


Let’s try and use up these keywords!

 Antiques Brighton

Unforgettable Bulldog Antiques Website 2022 WE LOVE BULLDOGS

Bulldog museum brighton is how we would describe ourselves and not a bulldog shop ! Our collection online is the world’s largest English bulldog memorabilia collection with antiques and large vintage pieces that form collectibulldogs.com.

I do like this new form of blogging format now they are very generous with the keywords I have just noticed they make suggestions for your title your header and even keywords to add to your content some of these words you cannot keep using as it will make your article look little bit like déjà vu but use properly I’m guessing these keywords are on fire when it comes to Google and being found as well as Google noticing new content coming from your website.


I’ve been waiting now for a little while for my article writer who lives in America to send over a empty bottle of four roses whiskey add to some pieces I have here in the collection ready for an amazing article,I have spoken with four rows the company and understand that the advertising pieces that I have are from a 1950s advertising campaignI just wished that I had the battle to complete the photographic set up I may have to chase up Wynne  to see what’s going on with this empty bottle


Bulldog antiques museum,Brighton bulldog antiques and memorabilia,Bulldog collectibles,English bulldog antiques,English bulldog memorabilia,Bulldog history,Bulldog collection, these are just some of the examples Of keywords that I need to put into my content creation Google will then crawl the article and see that the content matches the websites ethos,Or niche


COLLECTIBULLDOGS does have competitors at these competitors are normally shops that are selling bulldog pieces normally it is eBay sometimes it can be other shops if they have paid for Google ads ads for selling I do not have any conversion rates and I am not an e-commerce website so any rankings For a website like ours is for visitors that we hope that will enjoy the site and stay on enough not to create a big bounce rate.


Thank you very much for spending your time on Collectibulldogs I hope that you have been a session user and not just bounced on and back off I really don’t mind but it does help the website when people stay on as a visitor rather than just read an article and then come off again I also hope that we are now a little bit more user friendly when it comes to mobile experience and I also believe that we are now a little bit faster when loading


before I go I would first like to invite people to click on the link is below these are two other internal articles but you will also say hi back late to feed spot antique blogs this is another format that has taken our back link and let’s Collectibulldogs publish its antique blogs on their platform ! I would also like to ask anyone that is reading this if they will feel generous enough to give us either a Google for trust pilot review or even a yell.com review any of these will help boost our trust online and also push our domain authority thank you again and peace.

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire


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