Bulldog auctions always bring a smile 😃


Smile 😊 wiggles we are giving and creating space

Tis the season, Hi readers 👩‍🏫 I hope your all safe and well and with Christmas just a stone throws away it’s time Collectibulldogs did it’s part for charity and put some smiles on people’s faces, my new bride 👰 had a fantastic reception and I made a promise to the venue creator.

If you can put the WOW factor into our little venue and put a smile on my wife’s face then I’ll go through the collection and have a sort out picking pieces for two nope three purposes, the first being the promise to give the second to actually dig out pieces for a bulldog Christmas auction and thirdly a couple of gifts 🎁 to two people that planned and executed the day with perfection.

I’m not smiling


A smile all round a win situation

The sub header does sound mean but believe me when I say I have no inherent issues with donating and keeping to my promise I have attachment issues after ten years and would feel bad even seeing my seconds go, a promise is a promise and I’ll be at the meeting point in two weeks to make the deal.

Debbie will be doing the picking I’ve explained what kind of pieces are part of our Collectibulldogs.com collection (in my eyes they all are) debs has a knack of knowing what to keep and what’s ok to go and won’t be missed, I’ll oversee the end part to make sure no antiquities were misplaced as I don’t want to have to re-do forms for insurance.

Smiles all round everyone’s a winner


I’ve not decided yet what pieces to gift

I think the woman I’m donating too shouldn’t say where the pieces are coming from I have very little support in the UK 🇬🇧 my own group went dead and I lost many friends, I have not changed over the years so either jealousy or some other emotion took over and now most of my support comes from overseas barring a few here.

Being Anonymous as a donator I believe would make this auction more money but I’ve been tagged already so most know I’m this years donator again, smiles will start to happen from the day the box 📦 is picked up and the women get their gifts and hopefully a second smile when they see this years offerings.

Smiles continued !

The auction itself is a great occasion and brings a smile to most of those that use it each year, the money made will put a smile on the charity organisers event and eventually the smiles trickle down to A the Bulldogs that need the funding and B any families that adopt a bulldog though the process.

if I have it you can take it is not the case here ! I do not give my collection away just like that but when I saw my wife’s smile grow even more as we entered the venue I had a smile and knew every piece donated this year is worth it but double now, please note 📝 we give each year with or without wedding 👰 assistance.

Making me smile in 2019

Smile Collectibles by Knud Kyhn

Will definitely make me SMILE my last piece of 2018

No space, I really mean it if I were to buy out a collection or go on an auction spree there’s literally no room to put it, I’m not joking when I say we have bulldog memorabilia in our kitchen cubbards at the moment so my wife will smile when they get sorted and of to auction.

By adding the womens details I’ll be not ranked on google so I will leave a link and those interested can follow the link to her Facebook page to find out more, there will of course be other Donatees that have offered up their selfless boxes 📦 and can I state not everything is bulldog related so all should check it out the money goes to a great cause.


My smile will come in 2019 when I see pieces I like and NOW have the space to add them Space and more room omg that would be fantastic, it’s not practical to keep adding once your space is filled as I’ve put in previous articles like This one here all about the pitfalls of overfilled cabinets and shelves.

Make our international community smile 😃

England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 is lucky we are but a small island we have strict animal laws and yes we have shelters and rescue centres just like those in the United States 🇺🇸 in Europe and beyond but not to the point to what I’ve grown to witness on social media from Korean meat dogs rescued to Bulldog shelters in the USA needing massive funding and totally under resourced, If you contact us at ask@collectibulldogs.com prove your a charity and willing to cover postage then we are happy to offer up a few donations to overseas rescue centres for your Christmas auction.

If your interested but your now reading this after the fact please get in touch and if you tell us about your next fund-raising event maybe we could collaborate then, over the years tales have been told so I’m very aware of who we give too and which charities do the best they can to make sure every penny reaches those poor pooches.

Hope we keep you with a smile 😃

With not many blessings comments or interactions from most that use the website I can only say that I hope we keep you smiling, 2018 was nice and easy and I hope 2019 brings Collectibulldogs new opportunities new collaborations and fingers crossed new contacts to find pieces that we’ve created new space for lol.

Before I go I’ve just released an article it’s about being the top e-book on the ePrintedBooks format, please be helpful and hit up my article And follow the link in the article this will give us an impression there and for the Collectibulldogs faithful please leave us a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review thank you, I’ll do an update to this article once we have decided what’s going. Stay safe and happy collecting.

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