MAKING OFFER MAKING ROOM Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well where ever in the world your reading this from I hope peace has been with you, So Making Offer Making room I think I had better explain myself a bit better, it’s come to mind after the the move that if I want to continue collecting but in a smaller space I need to make room and I’m explaining as best I can so there’s no confusion ie do you make offer or me that kind of thing.

So my idea is to give myself till my birthday in March of 2018 to try and either sell some pieces at my local auction or by making the offer to my readers whom maybe interested in buying a piece (many will be objects I don’t desire myself or I have two of) and any monies raised will either go towards our social enterprise endeavour or back into the collection

Making offer

There’s a fair few in each cabinet all types all ages makers etc


There’s so many pieces here from the expensive to the budget watching pieces and compromises are welcomed and as for any monies PayPal can hold it till both parties are mutually satisfied, also note this isn’t me just getting rid of the chaff from the wheat if your budget allows it and I don’t mind it going then so be it

All I ask is that you do your research on any pieces wanted I wear my heart on my sleeve and wouldn’t want to have any kind of reputation other than the one I’ve built for myself and if I take your minds back to the lady that called me scum on Facebook for not paying her £90 shipping fee on a free piece I offered 6 months previous (if your reading this it went to charity), that kind of working together is not me lol.


This one does sound daft doesn’t it “ if he’s trying to lighten up why swap “ well there’s method to the madness here, if I have an eight inch figurine and swapped it for a coin or medal of some description I have created space and gained a new piece for the collection too.

The usual method here is once a mutual swap is agreed both parties pay the shipping of said piece to other recipient and again depending on whom the swapper is put tracking or recorded on the parcel so there’s no mis givings that each person didn’t receive said item, my last swap with yellow dog antiques went very well I swapped a small bronze pug figurine for a selection of vintage 2D pieces.

Making offer

The new front room. Getting there slowly


There’s two “making room themed chats here firstly, the main reason as I said for making room is so I can continue collecting keep the passion going and also find new pieces to blog about too the other making room part is for the returning of our pieces from Brighton Museum. I’ve missed a few of my favourite pieces and now they have provenance I will be placing the pieces into a cabinet just for those pieces and that will be the core of what Is collectibulldogs.

It’s obvious those pieces won’t be up for offer or swapping not because I’m greedy but if I’m to open my own museum one day it wouldn’t be to practical just having modern resin pieces on display yet that would be a funny sight a museum that takes you back just a few decades (there must be some just not bulldog related).

Making offer

Pieces with provanonce now


Making this offer doesn’t mean I’m selling my collection and as I love what I’ve achieved it wouldn’t bother me if no one contacted us I could as I say go to my local auction I could use my social media or even eBay ruby lane or other online outlets to pedal my wares I’m just doing the right thing in my eyes and making offer to you folk first.

My wife has an impeccable packaging record we follow our own rules so no metals in with porcelain, if expensive porcelain extra insurance can be spoken about and piece gets double boxed This doesn’t help weight but better safe than sorry, anything like silver please state if you want Re polished before sending and one more point if anyone’s interested in books or art we may have to compromise or both research as that’s my weakest skillset in the collection.


There is no price list and I got my pieces through many different avenues like dealers, contacts joblots auctions and sites, and without writing anything down (silly ay) so if anything were to go there’s a chance I may profit and there’s also the possibility of taking losses, if anyone’s worried about buying from me due to my mental health no worries my wife is with me until everything is A OK failing that still contact me and I’ll point out links to good outlets for you.

Making offer

As well on offer Bulldog memorabilia silver

If the collection is smaller it would cost less to professionally appraise in regards to a social enterprise, more manageable when it comes to paper work (and moving lol) and if collectibulldogs is successful it would mean its more manageable to transport from place to place, you folks have my email if this is of interest and if not please just keep enjoying our website. I should also say there’s many a piece here most properly not even on the site and until next time folks stay safe and happy collecting.

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Making offer

making offers more like making numbers. Great news for the site