Great times ahead Our baby scan Pics

Baby scan pics

Our amazing baby scan pics showing little bubba


Great times ahead Our baby scan Pics

Hi readers I hope your all safe and well, our first baby scan together is not quite bulldog related yet I feel I pushed out a decent enough article yesterday on the Basford Bulldog and owner that you’d forgive me for this indulgence.

it’s not easy for anyone with empathy to sit in the waiting room seeing pregnant ladies on their Own but it was best concentrate on the task at hand, already late for our appointment as our daughtes friend arrived and chocked the toilet so I had to deal with that then run to catch up with Debbie. 


It would not of mattered if we were late as the appointment was running late this was not fun for debs whom was having to sit there with a full bladder !  Me being me couldn’t resist and started playing with water in cups, the only outcome from this not so clever idea was it was I that kept going off for the toilet.


Our nurse practitioner was lovely it seems like the world and it’s friends are younger these days yet she was qualified and good at her job so that’s all that counts,the room goes dark then the squelch as the gel is placed, we saw our baby for the first time and it was a magical experience.

Baby scan pics our little unborn miracle

Baby scan pics

Our baby scan pics of beautiful unborn son or daughter

As someone with mental health issues I had to mask all the worry and anxiety I had and smile and nod, do not get me wrong I’m in love with bubba already but after 17 years bringing up daughter I know what’s to come and I’m not a spring chicken anymore.


Most of my fears involve our current property and I cannot see any future at the moment whilst stuck here, but back to Debbie baby and our baby scan pics, Debbie got a massive kiss and I congratulated us both we finally got there after those seventeen years and now Debbie is the happiest mum to be in the world.


Thirteen weeks pregnant meant that we got an extra weeks development to see and different angles helped us to make out the babies head body arms and legs, my wife later stated that when the nurse pressed the gadget down the baby would respond I saw this a couple of time it looked like that the baby was using he’s or hers tummy to push up.


I won’t get into the nitty gritty of bad situations but debs Tommy knowledge has been so worried about you know what ! That she used up to eleven pregnancy tests up until the baby scan pics day, problems with our daughter and losing wiggles are just two stresses she had to deal with.

Cannot wait for next baby scan pics

Baby scan pics

Baby scan pics boybor girl ?

Everything was fine at the first scan I’ve not heard anything back and was told if there was any issues we’d be contacted within three days, Brilliant news and now to keep Debbie comfortable and stress free until we have our twenty week scan it’s all so exciting as well as scary too.


The fact a kind lady once took me in through foster care took away my feral state and taught me how to be domestic this and my skillset from once being a chef means most home tasks I can do myself yet Debbie does insist that she puts out the washing as apparently I do it all wrong lol.


It’s true I could of written this on the many third party blogging formats but I wanted our own readers to know first, a second chance and hopefully this child will another bulldog loving individual loves what I have done for my children’s future and take over one day.


Until then thoughts turn to the dreaded 50 stairs in our apartment and how I can best getvmy family and the collection out of here, I did feel useless at first but became pragmatic about these issues, for example we live in town so why not use a popoose or other baby carrying device.


The apartment has uneven floors my legs and head bruises can attest to that and it’s just not suitable so once we are out of here I believe normal thoughts will resume “going fishing” “playing at the park” just pushing my child on a swing seems more like a dream than an upcoming reality.


Chloe got three distinctions and three merits so passed the start of becoming air cabin crew, porcshas settled in now and a great new addition to the family and keeps me on my toes, and debs well I cannot do no wrong at the moment she’s waited so long for this opportunity she’s elated so it’s just me lol.


Our baby scan pics are a testament to the commitment we have shown each other for over 24 years I just wished my mental illness didn’t stop us from getting married years ago, everything is put on hold for now I will not be driving a mother cycle anytime soon and even though we are coming with money I’d best start saving for the next round.


We wanted to share our news with as many people as possible this positive news in today’s climate must be better to read than brexit Boris Johnson or even trump ! Happy news we hope you’ll share, please can we ask next time your having a friendly drink we’d be humbled of you could raise a toast ! Please share out as far as you can and lets all spread some happy news across the web.

Our baby update 2022

Its now 2022 and our little baby has turned into a wonderful little girl, she loves baby shark and her dad yep she’s a daddies girl, she now attends preschool and has already made lots of little friends  Sienna Mai (her name) loves life and can be found usually dancing to baby shark on YouTube, she’s very independent and loves being swong around and chucked about in a playful manner and her personality means she’s trouble when it comes to putting her to bed.

She doesn’t like her hair up she loves her own image or reflection and is very smart for her age, I’m bias so so I tell people she’s clever because of her dad but she’s actually picked most things up from the world around her, yes we have to teach her that motor boating the dogs behind isn’t the cleanest way to have fun and every where we go now a plush teddy yellow shark has to come with us lol.

I spent the winter creating a racetrack around my garden for her and bought her a bumper car I’ve noticed I spoil her quite a lot and often end up buying things that she’s to young for, she’s got a couple of gadgets already that as she cannot use are waiting for her little brain to catch up too then she can use them.

If anyone asks are you happy you went and did it again is a second baby easier and I’d say yes I believe in procreation and yes it does feel harder in many ways having a second child, tiredness is never far away and time is not on your side again, I remember when we first bought Sienna home and I’d walk the boards singing twinkle twinkle little star for up-to nine hours whilst my wife got her rest,

Baby update 2022 continued

One of the joys of having Sienna has been the reactions we get from total strangers they enjoy her singing at the top of her voice on the bus we get told just how beautiful she is when we are walking along and her character means she actually stops people in the street that want to interact with her (it’s ok she’s safe she’s with her parents) others find her endearing and more than one has said she’s a once in a lifetime special baby I believe they were referring to her development whilst around other people.

every day is different unpredictable and normally quite funny she does have a sensitive side but this is usually when she is tired and the only thing we have trouble with during the day is trying to feed her certain foods, if you have any ideas on how to get a two-year-old to eat their dinner please contact us and we’ll try anything because at the moment she is just eating what she likes and finger foods, Our daughter hasn’t really taken to the connection that well so I am hoping that my younger daughter is more interested in when she is a little bit older and I have been buying her little bulldog pieces so that she can start our own collection how cold is that.

thank you very much for reading the article and please use the links provided below to take you further on your collectibulldogs journey please remember there are over 380 articles all those dog memorabilia I’m ready to be read please choose from our menu in the archives or home page thank you

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