Face masks bulldog prototype over masks !

Face masks bulldog prototype over masks !

Created by lee hollman Face masks bulldog prototype over masks !

Before we talk about Face masks bulldog prototype over masks ! we would like to say our heart and thoughts are with those effected by Covid 19 ! As we hit our peak and the economy wants to start moving facemasks I’m going to be mandatory


these clinical looking pieces of fabric as we know I’m not a total barrier against any virus but any government wanting to reassure its citizens will go to most lengths even if that means wearing face masks whilst social distancing


this idea is not a fashion kind of idea but it’s based on trying to normalise something that we are not used to in our normal day-to-day lives, collectibulldogs has come up with an idea that can hide the clinical mask whilst wearing something not so scary looking over the mask.

using ideas we aim to produce a few different types for both adults and children and these will only be in two sizes where we hope the rigid make will just stick the over mask to the mask being worn.


Face masks bulldog prototype over masks !

With only one prototype at the moment and the 3-D printers that have not worked since last year needing a good dust off we will be staying in contact with our designer to see whether or not we can get the files to me but firstly these facemasks need to be designed.

bulldogs may be popular this jaw sure looks cool as a face mask but as you can see it holds no protection and is only suited to be worn over a government issue clinical face mask yet instead of that white look you can choose from different designs instead.


3-D printing does take time even the designing of the products that are being made but as soon as we have a prototype that we have taken off the bed and looks good enough to be worn we will show ASAP.

Small features to aid in the helping of the first mask Are been developed This means less holes I tighter fit and hopefully a couple of different styles that could maybe protect the eyes a little bit but this is all down to our friend the designer.


3D face masks

Before I carry on collectibulldogs had contacted the right department to offer our 3D services but like many other companies organisations etc we heard nothing back from the government and our designer had worked hard on a new face shield design.

Anyway back to our own new venture ! When the world goes back to work and daily life these changes will be evident to see and what better way of asking a little one to keep their face mask on when the incentive of a dinosaur or doll face can cover it over.


this new idea is fresh from the synapses so any suggestions on what kind of facemasks people would actually enjoy wearing I’m sorry to have to say it could be a dogface maybe your favourite TV character or if it’s for your children then maybe let us know what they are into i.e. frozen lion king etc.


there is no profit to be made here the cost of the materials are cheap and so is the postage so the hardest part of this idea is the designs and whether or not we get the right size for both adult and child and a face mask are going to be mandatory but the government are saying you want your Overmars to fit nice and snuggly.

Looking cool ! In your face mask with over mask on

If there ever was the sentence that a face mask would look cool then I believe he is the start most that don’t know the 3-D world won’t know that masks have been made for over a decade now but may start related to con comic books and video games


Standing there waiting in the queue you are going to look quite cool with your Over mask that covers the face mask others will look and wonder why how etc but that’s the point you’ve taken the seriously looking part away from having to wear these.

whether or not this is seen as a gimmick we do not mind and I’m pretty sure once there is a vaccine found these types of ideas will be long gone but until then there are going to be people like me and others that want people like you to be as happy and as normal feeling as you can.


i’m sure to be returning soon with some news on these facemasks oops my apologies over masks ! And in the meantime if you like the idea which I’m sorry to say is going to be part of every day life then please contact us with your suggestions on what types of masks people would like to wear

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Face masks update

It’s now 2022 and wearing face masks is now not mandatory But collectibulldogs is keen to stress that fact that corona virus is still very much with us and now in 2022 we are facing monkey pox something not seen in England in decades, most of our issues go right back to the killing of the sea and over fishing, I still wear face masks and check out Sea Spiracy and other documentaries showing why starving people around the world are resorting to extreme measures to feed themselves


I am exempt from wearing face masks but as I know it’s just the warm weather keeping this beast at bay that in the winter you may see more and more people turning back to face masks just for added reassurance


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