Call to action for mental health discussion!

Call to action. An example of my work !

Call to action for mental health discussion Here’s what I’ve been doing this summer the heads bean horrific but I persevered

Hello friends of Collectibulldogs. Eiffion here to wish you all a great Sunday evening and to let you know of my recent projects. I’ve become quite the woodworker as of late, spending most of my time making lovely garden boxes.

I do this to keep my mind occupied and my hands busy. Many of you may not know that I struggle with keeping good mental health. I’m not afraid to speak about it. Even though I have my lovely family, my beautiful wife Debbie, my new baby girl Sienna and Porsha, I have struggled to get the Collectibulldogs website improved through much adversity.

mental health discussion continued

Mental health discussion

We lost my wife’s dad just this time last year so I’m creating a bench of remembrance for her

I have been through so much emotional trauma and after loosing Wiggles, my OG canine mascot for Collectibulldogs, I didn’t know if I could go on with it. But then, our lovely Porscha came into our lives and I felt a rebirth.

I have spent the last five years growing and perfecting the website. And as you know, my collection of Bulldog antiques, memorabilia, art and collectibles, is the largest in the world.

I will never walk away from this endeavor, but I need your help and support in for what I most strive for–a venue to discuss and talk about melancholies of the mind; depression, anxiety during these troubling times; and how psychotropic not only dull the mind and creativity but change the essence of the person struggling with mental illness.

We’re not living in the Victorian Age where physicians of the time simply locked away those suffering in cages treating them worse than zoo animals in cages. Or it is not the 1940s-50s in the states where they simply lobotomized those suffering from mental woes. No–this is the age of discussion; of support groups and the age of therapy. I want this modern discussion to happen here, in the commentary of my blogs–right here in Collectibulldogs.

Our mental health discussion post Covid

Having someone to talk to; to shares ideas and experiences with, helps one get out from under the pressing weight of mental illness. Isolation is a true killer and during these times of COVID-19, people are more isolated than ever. Please–I implore you to comment of my blogs and share your experiences and stories with me. I want to see the interaction and commentary that once graced the pages of Collectibulldogs.

I’m also starting fruit trees that once a size for planting, I’d like to make available to families suffering from food insecurity, One in six children does not get enough food to eat. If their families had a few fruit trees on their property, the children would at least have fresh fruit to eat. I suffer over the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are so costly.

So many families grapple with getting enough caloric intake that they rely on low cost processed or “junk food” If they had access to free or ow-cost fruits and vegetables, they could lead a healthier lifestyle. Good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with good mental health.

Well that’s it for now friends. Please consider contributing to our blogs. At the very least, please leave me comments, your struggles, your experience and feedback,

Cheers, Eiffion.

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