Trustpilot 5 🌟s and why it’s deserved


We’d love your Trustpilot 5🌟 review


Hi there readers I hope that you are all well, Trustpilot 5 🌟s and why it’s deserved is collectibulldogs reaching out to the masses to give us the best of the best and send a review to our own Our review page here theres a few reasons why we believe it’s deserved.


Trustpilot is a great way to improve your websites standing in the public eye I’ve seen sofa companies advertised on television with only 3 stars so we do feel lucky to get amazing 5 star reviews but as time has gone on these have slowed down or stopped.


Not everyone one will think that they want to review us but for those out there that can take two minutes out of your schedule to write a quick review then we are the folks that are humbled and appreciative of this call to action prompt, they do not usually work so let’s see.


Below low I’ll list a few top reasons why I myself believe that our request is warranted, I wouldn’t ask those that have already to do so again unless I could prove there’s improvements and that we are moving forwards with our venture not backwards.

Trustpilot 5 🌟s and why it’s deserved


Trustpilot 5🌟 reviews are the best for our niche



since the last request we have achieved success both with our blogging and website originality we also now have Gary O’Sullivan a professional boxer climbing the boxing ladder and decided to give us he’s endorsement no fee no favours just a all round nice guy.


Trustpilot  reviews are about truthful thoughts of the website so let’s start with articles like Darwin: An Animal Welfare Advocate written by our new resident article writer (whom is published) and Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas for those needing help with mental health issues.


There are other articles but I don’t wish to spam my own article with links, my SEO skill set has improved I understand how a blog will rank the best from the title being catchy, to the meta description section that pops up on servers explaining the articles contents.


With over 300 of my own articles the only ones with bad SEO are down to the format that plays up sometimes an example would be blocked paragraphs, I learnt years ago not to write like this I even space out my article content after writing but the format on a bad day will still condense the page, I’m hoping the new website stops the errors.


Trustpilot reviews will a new website sway you.


Here’s a Trustpilot mindset changing sneaky piece at some new pieces being showcased



When I found out I was going to be a father again after 17 years a rebuild investment for Collectibulldogs as a sure bet I need a website that will still look fresh in 5/10 years time, I’ve invested a lot of my own money in this new rebuild and very pricey yet simply the best pieces to showcase the new site.


You will all be very surprised at the new website especially where everyone is used to our 5 star bulldog memorabilia collection online now, my host and designer at Digital Wulf has been teasing me and the layout chosen actually won a website theme themed award for 2019.


The new website will have a 5 star 🌟 feel anyway from the new photography used to get that crisper look to a totally new way of viewing the collection, this should show the visitors and reviewers that collectibulldogs has and will have longevity, this means we will get bigger and better and not a 5 year wonder.


Finishing with the blog writing we are now proud to present WYNNE as collectibulldogs resident article writer, this lady writes daily and the article on Darwin shows we’ve found a wonderful experienced writer whom can share our platform to share in her views but antiques articles will be published too.


Examples of Trustpilot review



Our new 3D printer


blogging achievements new article writer (to keep you entertained whilst my wife’s pregnant and needs me more) is a start and the investment on a new website isn’t to be sniggered at its not easy watching your money being pumped into something like this venture but I want it to succeed.



Another way way we are moving forward is the added addition of a 3D printer this is something most museums utilise and even though we are online only this module will give us the feel of a museum with a bit of technology and the piece is capable of copying everything but to a certain scale.



As I do or am used to the iPad iOS Pro with keyboard I felt it best to get a 3D printer that connects and uses iOS, this means after downloading an app and then from a few touches of the iPad I can tell The printer what to print, printers already assembled normally cost more and your forever making the plate straight so I went for a ready made piece.



And it’s portable The handle tells me it’s durable I will not be forever getting the x and y axis to match up and the simplistic look will blend in when photographing as part of the collections new pictures, I have some ideas for it like collectibulldogs key rings but it has proper uses too and can help restore examples like a snapped leg or other part you can copy and print out.


Trustpilot from 3D to VR


Trustpilot 5

not The quest but one I’ve been practicing on the google mirage by oculus


This year saw the retailing of the very first stand alone (no pc needed) virtual reality headset called the oculus Quest this is an alien world even to me but I want to try and expand the prospects of collectibulldogs best I can and take the collection wherever I can.




Debbies pregnancy has stopped many things from progressing but I have made a start I’m collectibulldogs as an avatar name and found an app that helps you create your own space (others can use), I will try my best and be on YouTube for hours as I learn how to create my own room with bulldogs as my niche.


Beautiful pregnant wife




Time will tell if the applications and updates for the oculus quest prove fruitful I’m a buyer of the second only batch to hit the uk only some obscure branded shops had any of them physically for sale the rest were pre ordered months before, I will keep all posted about any successful news on VR.




With just the apple 3D SENSER to buy to complete my 3D printing set, I’ll have the ultimate in your hand set up from writing an article listening to wiggles on the free music channels to scanning the dog ready to print out in a smaller yet perfectly copied form.


Please don’t stop at Trustpilot

Vote Does Yours matter if you own a Bulldog

Thank you for your continued interest and not bouncing off yet, my local services is a local directory that does reviews too but as I only have eight there it will be a while before I ever reach the others so that’s why I’m asking very nicely indeed please could you review us here too.


Gobsmacking Bulldog collection Guest post


The directory works on reviews the more you have the higher up the interest list you go that’s more exposure more time seen and even more visitors,  if you wouldn’t mind we would be humbled and would appreciate if you could review us on this local listings directory that will boost my website and show a bit of umph there.

Learn How To Collect – FREE Ebook


Please click here and find us on my local services If I got a few more I’d be chuffed as the others there would wish to interact after seeing the interest I’m hoping this email generates, you folk that read this are normally ok with call to actions so I am expecting a couple to pop up either on Trustpilot my local services or both.


Great times ahead Our baby scan pics


Thank you for taking the time to reach this far I love the fact we have an excellent score and with all the new changes even those that have reviewed before have something fresh to review us about and lead us in good stead for collectibulldogs the relaunch of the rebuild.



A little bit more !


Although i I could of used this way up there at the top of the article I wanted to wait till I had proven why we deserve a Trustpilot 5 🌟 review and get that out of the way, I was watching channel four earlier and a bulldog cake come up.




I know now your thinking “ave we’ve seen lots of bulldog cakes” but I’m guessing not many people have seen a bulldog cake quite like this his name is Big Ben and as you can see as you watch the video he is exquisitely well-made and possibly one of the best ever bulldog cakes ever seen .




It’s not often that way where we show  television programmes but as a collector of all things bulldog even if I cannot collect that cake itself at least I can show others the skill set of the lady that made it and the actual cake itself which certainly has the WOW factor.


Big Ben bulldog cake video Courtesy of channel 4 uk


So as stated and to clarify we do show clips like this at Collectibulldogs The world of Advertising bulldogs and Harry is another program but with Harry Redknapp and his bulldogs, I should learn to try and copy from a media player format link but with learning three gadgets, looking after a pregnant wife I have to find the time to self teach but I’ll get there.


Life without dogs? I don’t think so


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