Lusting over my new Axolotl passion

Lusting over my new Axolotl passion

Lusting over my new Axolotl passion Meet peaches


Hi readers I hope everybody out there is doing well and I’m doing fine thank you very much for asking this article as you can see lusting over my new axolotl Passion, can I ask do you know what an axolotl is ?


The reason behind me asking is because Before January I didn’t know what an axolotl was until I was asked if I wanted to rescue one From from my daughters boss.


Due to work commitments and the really endearing look that an axolotl gives the lady felt sorry for the creature and thought it would be better in a home that would have more time to look after it.


I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to rescuing animals I always have done, i’ve got a bit of a surprise when I researched what an axolotl was and how they were kept.


My rescued axolotl turned out with a 1 foot tank all the accessories and the axolotl was in a container staring peacefully at the corner whilst it’s food of blood worms was just floating around it.

It was Axolotl love ❤️ straight away

Lusting over my new Axolotl passion

Lusting over my new Axolotl passion Meet toothless the male

Lusting over my new Axolotl passion

That’s a bit rude toothless lol Lusting over my new Axolotl passion 

A beautiful pink salamander type animal slithered out of the container I made a dash for the bottom of the tank I didn’t know that some of these can be either territorial shy or some are actually quite sociable for what they are.


Typically the name Peaches 🍑  came to mind and that is her name now unfortunately whilst cleaning our her tank I accidentally cracked it it was lucky my brother had a super size tank he was disposing of.


The huge tank dwarfed the little axolotl but I know through research that the bigger the tank and the better the food the bigger the axolotl might grow and stay fighting fit.


Axolotl‘s are actually quite easy to look after they are a freshwater animal so tapwater is okay and in this day and age with price hikes who needs lights and heaters when you can just use a bubble filter as that’s all they need apart from a little daylight.

The wormery! Lusting over my new Axolotl passion

Squeamish for some !unpleasant for others ! and a way of saving for money for me, a wormery can yield a years worth of worms or live feed for your axolotl or axolotl‘s saving you £10 every time you buy 250 g from a retailer. 


Worms are the best food as well as other insects for these type of creatures they do not get enough nutrients from the pellets alone all the frozen blood worms they also have bad eyesight and cannot see below themselves unless they are at a certain angle.


It’s advise that red wigglers are the best worms to feed your axolotl pets I’m not sure if this is because they really wriggle on the way down because they are a favourite of the axolotl food diet.


Being out when it’s raining and snowing it’s not nice but it is nice to know that I am feeding these animals correctly the worms are cleaned and are left in a bowl of warm water separately excrete everything before going into the tank.


Making a wormery is easy just by keeping a compost heap moist is a way of creating a place for worms to congregate and give birth to their young, if you wish to be more upmarket then all you need is three containers with holes in two of them. 

Going by the weight of household waste (ie potato peel banana skin) you mix this in with cardboard,paper, anything that will naturally rot but be mindful of things like onions skin and citrus peel


The top container will contain the worms the food and the start of the wormery, as they munch down smaller pieces will fall through the holes forming compost and then this will get even smaller as it reaches the bottom you also need one more thing.


To get what’s called worm wee out you will need a drainage System for the bottom container don’t throw away this precious dirty water mix it in with tap water and it will make perfect plant food.


More fun than most fish 🐟


If you have these in your tank you cannot have fish but that’s ok ! I’ve noticed that each creature has its own personality! Toothless is very apt at knowing when to ask for food whereas peaches 🍑 is quite shy and only really pops out occasionally.

I will be the 1st to admit that it’s not the nicest thing to do go out thinking of worms for these creatures to eat especially when it’s raining but this has to be done they get to a certain size and they need bigger food, mine are nearly a foot long in length so eating small stuff would take a lot.

by putting in a few worms of a decent size this is perfect for the salamander type creature to eat some people like to watch and find it fascinating and others may not like watching as the worm wiggles in and out of the lizards mouth.


i’m quite happy to be the owner of these as I find them very cute I do find that it can be a struggle to keep refreshing the water if I want to keep these animals in tiptop condition then that’s what needs to be done, i’ve read that these can live up to 10 years so if you do rescue one you’re have a pet for ages.

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