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readers of all demographics our DA 30+ GUEST POSTING AND BACKLINKS features a brilliant way for guest article writers to get published on a growing DA website ! Yes there are other websites to get featured on but when the package behind Collectibulldogs is divulged maybe folks will want to publish here.


Firstly your guest posting on a totally organic website theres no plagiarism and if the article looks like it’s an old paid for piece it will not be published we do not want to be penalised for duplication, saying that as it’s guest posting the topics are not having to be about bulldogs, bulldog antiques, or bulldog memorabilia.


Our website is young at just four years old so to have a DA above 30 already means we are doing something right and this is bound to get higher once we’ve rebuilt the website, google loves nothing more than longevity, new content and of course an up to date modern website.


The website can offer link exchanges we would would prefer to hit up with others of DA 30 or higher but understanding of others websites I’m happy to negotiate depending on your own websites domain authority score, yet this is just the start to blogging on Collectibulldogs.



DA 30+ guest posting and backlinks

Where your articles end up on SM alone

Imagine your getting hits off the Internet for a particularly good keyword ! well with Collectibulldogs you get published on our amazing website DA 30+ guest posting and backlinks but out to over sixteen formats and counting, that’s a lot of social media attention without the hassles of spending years building up followers.


Backlink exchanges get the same opportunities even if you just add ours to your website we will ensure your backlink is bookmarked on all these formats we can add backlinks to a few high DA formats using our accounts like YouTube, I would bet that format doesn’t show up on your google analytics that much.


The usual suspects we’ve done well with, twitter has over 200k, on Facebook we have access to nearly 300 groups as well as owning own group, profile and a page, there’s over 50k on Instagram and we have started becoming popular on Pinterest with 47k monthly visits.


Flip-board, we ❤️ It, medium, tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, as you can tell no matter the article we can get it out there and depending on what’s been written you could be getting thousands of visitors reading your article, seeing your backlink and basically begin to interact depending on your featured articles aim.


Guest posting and backlinks we are here to help !

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Wether your a novice or experienced writer our DA 30+ guest posting and backlinks article needs to include the fact we have certain skillsets and could help your article to pop a bit more, now I’m no genius but using apps and some clever thinking I can create talking animals, YouTube clips banners and introduction videos.


This is is a free service all part of what keeps us apart from other article writers whom charge for extras yet I’m happy to help regardless, A well made introduction video could say much more than plain old text alone, also remember that google owns YouTube so any YouTube videos used in articles can only be good when they send out crawlers.


Don’t be shy or think you cannot guest post I have PTSD OCD and unstable emotional personality disorder it’s 3am and I’m writing this ! I woke late yesterday so using this quiet time to get out this article hoping that our DA 30+ guest posting and backlinks feature picks up a few bloggers or writers out there.


The new website is due in two months and some blog types and backlink exchanges will have a price list there will be advertising packages from free guest posting to front page advertising and social media posting packages, as a social enterprise in the making its needed to move the collection forward we are a NON PROFIT so no one earns anything from our sales except the life span and opportunities for Collectibulldogs.


Facebook is just one of our accounts we publish too there’s also Our Pinterest page with 37k followers

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