Rare bulldog collectibles

Rare bulldog collectibles

Howdy folks and readers of my blog I hope all is well with you all and hope there’s some collectors out there doing their research to helping them climb the collectibles ladder.

The reason for this blog is to thank you all for a great response after joining certain apps and groups. Here in the UK it’s 1-50am (yep I’m up late) but I’m so excited I can’t sleep, not since did I do the blog on Norman Davis have I had such a great response.

After you have read my blogs and if you find what I’ve done interesting may I urge new viewers to read the about section and if still interested in my venture I would love it if you could check out the MAIN EDITION to the website which of course is my English bulldog collection, there are hundreds and hundreds of pieces to be seen and the websites not bad for a novice that knows he’s collectibles more than he does his SEO.

I’ve worked my butt off over the last decade starting with a few pieces and a group on face book, I now own one of the worlds largest collections with some of the best and rarest pieces this field of subject has to offer and I promise you won’t believe I’ve amassed so much but it’s true and the reason behind it all is on the site.

Finally welcome to anyone new to the site and blog I would love repeat visitors as I’m a one man band doing all this by myself and shares likes and talked about is a yes please in my book.

Please enjoy my website I created it to inspire and if not then a great collection can still be muse.

THANK YOU and happy collecting folks