I’m not sure if sub collection is a term used but its one I will use to explain myself in this blog.

Aa sub collection is a portion of your actual collection that takes your mind and funds away from your investable collecting, do not get me wrong these pieces are great and fun to have if your collecting for the love of it but these pieces will not ever gain much value if you’re buying to invest over the 10 year period, which is how most investment collecting works.

There are exceptions like Kevin francis peggy davis and other such names that have emerged since the 80s but the likes of heridities Leonardo and a lot of doggy people by various makers are best left be unless of course your goal is to collect for the love of it.

I noticed I had this happen to me when certain pieces just started emerging one after another and when a great buy popped up I had no funds as I had been buying these pieces adding to the sub collections.

There is a whole world out there for those of you that love these pieces I think Robert harrop has to be the most popular but there are many others not so well known like north light from America.

As it is hard not to fall into this trap I have started to embrace the sub part but make it worth while too and I now collect vintage mack trucks pieces, silver pieces like rings and pendants, postcards and the pieces that bought this to my attention the crested ware I have picked up since starting six years ago.

I put them up for sale not so long ago and realised I had about 50 pieces that’s between 500 and 800 pounds sterling and that if I had figured this out way back, I would just have a couple and the money could of been used on a decent piece for overall collection.

Every cloud does have a silver lining and you will find there are thousands of collectors out there that collect sub collection pieces so if you find your cabinets starting to fill up with a type you had no intensions of starting out with it is east to sell them on and start over.

For those that collect just for the love I have seen some of your collections and even though I harp on they do look amazing once you have a few displayed and please note everybody this is my own personal opinion to how I see my collection and everyone has there own opinions to what they have on their shelves.

I still believe the passion for collecting and the love of our bulldogs trumps most things but I would not be a good blogger if I did not offer suggestions ideas and of course an insight into collecting at every level.