Lets get started

Hi there good people collectors and readers of my blog, I hope alls well with one and all and your safe and well out there.

I hope that you have enjoyed a break, a holiday, spending time with loved ones or lots of motion for the adventurous that like to get out and about during the summer break.

I am really happy to say from a personal point of view that I’m feeling better I tend to start feeling bad around May time and feel RUBBISH right up to early September, it’s all part of my issues and I do fair better in the autumn, winter and early spring.¬† It could be the heat who knows I’m just very glad it’s nearly over for another year.

My blog today is some simple insight into sharing your collection on social media, my influence pages and my opinion on each of the medias I use.

Bulldogs as a breed are sociable not matter how docile they are and what better way than to share them and everything bulldog with the world, I’m just stoked I came up with the first website of its kind and it’s now a pleasure if others were to follow suit, this blog may help those thinking of doing what I’ve done, it’s not like you can just put a collection online with a dot com and hope that lots of people come and see it there so much more involved including social media content and interest.

Should take my own advice sometimes

Should take my own advice sometimes


Tips for how to best use social media, I would suggest the first is read any rules whether it be the format a group or a Community it doesn’t matter, each group creator is entitled to have their own rules and for those rules to be upheld and not upholding the rules normally ends up with yourself being removed from said group.

Nicer group moderators do give a warning first asking you to delete your post or change online etiquette.

The second most important tip is always be polite, do not be rude even if someone has been rude to you this can be seen as bullying harassment and even trolling should a situation ever get out of hand, contact the groups creator explain the situation and ask them how best to deal with it…

I will talk a bit how each group I use has a certain way of doing things and each has its own etiquette but the fundamentals are still the same SHARE LIKE COMMENT ENGAGE!!!

I guarantee if you follow this approach rather than just adding people for numbers you will get a lot more from it, from people resharing and liking your content to gaining new followers, sometimes new contacts and a community of people that will share out your posts as they know you will do the same back is much better than storming your account and hoping some of the followers added like what your doing.

No matter the media format these simple tips apply to all and if done correctly each account will slowly rise.

For those with any type of disorder that impacts their wellbeing (if starting a venture like mine) then I strongly suggest doing some research or there are apps and other tools that you can use online to post routinely this way you won’t get banned or your posts seen as spam and it’s my experience that Facebook has the worst record for stigmatisation, they do not even reply to appeals so because of this you gain lower views which for those with a unhealthy views compulsion like I had it’s best to stay begrudgingly on there good side, just so you have those extra few views that can mean the difference between a very happy collector and a sad disheartened one.

Question for SEO on Twitter

Question for SEO on Twitter


I started my collecting sharing on Facebook it’s the first of the medias I joined and when Facebook saw there were more bulldog posts than any others, they automatically turned my profile into a page so my friends became likes giving me a few thousand likes head start.

I feel with advertising your posts on Facebook it’s very much out of site out of mind and your only noticed not being around by friends and contacts and not by most groups and pages unless your friends with said groups creator…

Yes that does sound silly but what I mean is people forget my website or only tend to go on when I post a picture advert with a link to it, I would love my FB page to do much better https://www.facebook.com/eiffion I have a great post reach but somethings wrong as the like ratio is very poor considering the amount of people that like my page and ironically most of the time funny pics or pics of wiggles gets the attention the pieces I post should be getting.



I would like to urge more collectibulldogs fans to like my social media accounts as it all ranks up towards my online ranking.

I do adore Facebook I’ve met some amazing people I’ve found old friends and made new ones, I even got Scruffy Louise and Scruffy using Facebook so it’s not without its merits.

I just wished as I’m not a business they will stop indirectly sending me back to my page to use paid advertising.

My top tips for posting ads or antiques in FB are do not over post remember some walls post drop quicker than others, make friends with group moderators strike up a vested interest this will allow for you to post in said groups without being booted or tutted by the other members, remember the buy/sell ratio if you do partake in business dealings as there are many procrastinating people that either just want to chat with you at silly o’clock in the morning or genuinely do not understand the value of pieces they may have had their eye on.

Before all this you should really start your own page I learned quickly that friends get annoyed with post notifications pinging on their gadgets at all times of the day and night a page will stop this from happening and will find you a base of operations.

Twitter natter

OMG!!! Comes to mind as I start talking about getting bulldogs on Twitter it’s so fast paced that you do not get time to blink but I have finally understood the concept, this media is newish to me I have been on there for a while and it wasn’t until Facebook gave me a post ban that I started messing around with it.

The best way to gain influence and followers on Twitter is Retweet like mad (no pun intended) and the nicer folk on there will retweet your posts and it goes back and forth like this, I suggest an advert as a pinned post everybody needs their beauty sleep and when another twitterer is on your wall and see your selfless act of having a full wall of retweets they will retweet your pinned post which is what it’s all about.

(####) This funny little symbol is called a hashtag you can use these on most medias (even FB and Linkedin) and on Twitter the right or wrong hash tags can be the difference between your post A) being Retweeted and B) reaching the right hash tag groups for maximum exposure.

Making friends and having time to reply is important on Twitter it’s very much a bat and ball media with tweet for tweet aspect (except for the rude accounts that expects tweets but never retweet themselves) making friends means you can trust folks to do your tweets without being asked and vice versa.

I’m happy to say I’ve had no ban yet from Twitter but if you do lots of retweets you get a little time out this isn’t seen as bad as retweets are a big part of Twitter I believe it’s to either give the user a cool down period and or is refreshing itself with newly added posts.

#Twitter #is #doing #better

#Twitter #is #doing #better

Twitter does seem more fun than Facebook (I mean no offence) where else can you have a hashtag battle making up any hashtags you like aimed at other tweeters that then think up good ones to send back.

The down sides to Twitter is the endless inbox messages sometimes automatic and sometimes by the actual account holder, either way it’s to sell something offer a service to you or get you to add them on other accounts there doesn’t seem to be much support for folks like me and yep, I’ve even asked with procrastinating mentors saying they will inbox to offer tips etc. but never do I feel I get more support from the friends on FB more.

The other downside is the tweet ratio you can retweet others even get the wife to retweet other people’s tweets too but the reciprocation is very poor at the mo so here’s to hoping it becomes fairer or I’ll have to just retweet those that do mine it sounds childish but it takes ages to do a RT campaign so you could expect some back at least.

G👀gle plus

The most technical and brain wracking medias when you first start there is google plus!!!

This media is FB paced and I have to say I’m struggling a bit there at the moment, don’t get me wrong there are a few lovely people over there but everything feels a little empty, there are communities full of thousands of members (some groups your invited to join) the only problem is after Joining/accepting an invite to a group and posting your post stays lonely for ages, with no shares and hardly many likes and if you have experienced this imagine it on around 8-10 media formats it takes that felling that I’ve done something good away leaving me deflated as to why no one would like or be interested in not just great pieces but such a under rated beautiful breed where ethical breeders are doing their dang hardest to bring to
the bulldog back to its more healthy self.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Places for everyone

Places for everyone

So the upsides to google are the people are friendly just be prepared to get invited to a group/community and then get booted out for posting (weird like that), there hundreds of communities and collections to cater for everyone, you can add to your website and biz page, no limit on posts as far as I know and lastly it’s one of the more picture based post medias so can be rich and colourful.

The main downside has to be the lack of interest I think I mean we are unique you would think being a one off would strike up more Interest but it’s not the case, the other down side is being invited to a group that’s not English posting with a thank you and getting told off for it.

Google plus seems to have a problem with sharing it’s very rare a post is shared however there is a community on there split into two different groups of #antique and #vintage the people in this group tolerate my posts and even enjoy some enough to share where as many other groups I’m in don’t I don’t even get one like.

Lastly I have problems with my follow bar it seems I can only follow one person at a time I’m not sure if it’s a google thing or my account.

Insta Moments

My instafriend

My instafriend

If getting bulldogs, antiques, collecting, even the breed then this next media has been my best friend out of all of the medias and that’s Instagram.

This media is like a very basic Twitter you post a picture a gif of a video clip then you add your caption and all the hashtags you can associate with the post and press send.

There’s no fuss people either like your post or not and using smartly thought hashtags gets your post seen in places it most probably wouldn’t normally be seen in which can create views and leads.

I have had a fantastic response from Instagram and it’s followers to date we reached 10k viewers yesterday which has lifted a weight off my shoulders regarding website views as I know I’m doing silently well with the online influencer score.

For those that do have OCD you can have this media tied into the others mentioned I did for a while but found it confusing but I think with more time I would of got it.

Lastly if you use Instagram and hashtags it’s one of the best medias to see how well a hash tag is trending these can be as simple as #love, #like, #me, this run into the tens of millions and can be incorporated into your posts.


As you can see I’m kept very busy indeed not am I only posting to promote for my views but I’m now trying to grow my online influence and as I haven’t been to well just lately, I think I have done well to keep things together and keep going I’m just a little annoyed that there’s not one person from the website or business sector able to answer any of my questions regarding OCD and website maintenance, oh well the story of my life.

The last of the medias I mostly use are Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr.

I use Linkedin for that professional look it’s a great what to be seen and taken seriously but it’s limited to the features it has.

Pinterest!!! What a conundrum that media is I have made walls and post bulldogs on there all the time but as I’ve not seen this media on desktop/laptop format I do not know quite what it is I’m doing but I am hoping in time I pick it up like I am Twitter at the moment.

Professional Linkedin

Professional Linkedin



Now the trick here is to connect with these medias until your comfortable with each one and then start multi media sharing using other peoples links, there’s nothing quite like a person offering to post your link on all these formats, the more views they get (healthy views) the better it is for them and this is how you create strong online contact friendships which in turn gets people talking about liking and sharing your content which in my case is brilliant as I’m wanting to increase my reach/ranking.

Tumblr page

Tumblr page



Messages create motivation

I have always been truthful and after a few weeks of anxiety horror, and other symptoms I had planned on finishing all this I felt I had taken on to much I had felt I had enough of doing all this for what felt like nothing until I got two encouraging messages last week.

Being told I’m an inspiration was very kind and my knowledge is key to some collectors subject paths made me feel trusted again and I began to come round until my mindset was back to normal.

I’m back to doing all this for our beloved squidgy faces I shouldn’t of strayed but as with many a disorder it cannot be turned on and off like a light switch.

Please remember if you see my posts anywhere on your medias, please share I do not believe there’s enough bulldogs online real or otherwise so your helping the breed every time you press like.

Guest blogging and external link exchanges welcomed at www.collectibulldogs.com