Japanese baby faced bulldog figurine

Japanese baby faced bulldog figurine

Good day to you all folks I hope all is well with everybody and folks are safe and well out there.

I thought I’d start by saying that due to technical problems the new website has had to be rewritten and so will not be launched anytime soon and as the old website is being used to build the new one, I cannot really do much at the present moment which is frustrating but hopefully worth it.

I’ve noticed that due to my OCD I suffer with a degree of depression when the website views are low the fact that I realise this means I can learn to take a step back and not worry so much because the obsessive way I have been recently to low views has had me in a very low mood.

I believe the new website will become more popular that the recent one I built and will have new and vested interest which can only be great for the website and I suppose my sanity too I just wished I had more clarification but as it was a gesture I cannot really push but remain a patient pup.

Everybody loves puppies

Russian made bulldog pup

Russian made bulldog pup

Puppies especially bulldog puppies are so dang cute don’t you think?

So let’s chat pups and see what we have in the collection we can chat about and the first object that comes to mind is the rare Japanese piece.

This piece doesn’t exactly have puppy features but it does have that baby face look making it look young of age, ironically this little fella can be dated back over two hundred years so a few generations of puppies have been born since this piece was made.

Another piece that I’m assured is a bulldog puppy is this again rare piece from Russia.

I do see it’s a puppy and was told that bulldog pups start out with longer mouths to reach the teats and this could be a version of a puppy around that age, I remain sceptical but happy to keep him.

Loving those pups

Royal Copenhagen loving he's dawg!!

Royal Copenhagen loving he’s dawg!!

Now I know I have harped on and on before about Royal Copenhagen and its countries mastery in the ways of pottery and porcelain but most have to agree they have made some of the cutest of pup type bulldogs.

Dahl Jensen’s work pictured shows two different kinds of work but both equally with that puppy look and cute factor.

This factory not only made bulldogs (that’s obvious) and my point is they made all kinds of breeds and all the puppy versions are of a beautiful quality.

Germany has a few of its own puppy bulldogs to showcase too I have noticed unlike RC most of Germany’s porcelain puppies are part of sets which is usually a mum and pups or a mum dad and one pup.

The other method of course is sets where the same model is used in different sizes and even though the smallest piece maybe cute it’s not necessarily a puppy.

I thought I would add a pic of one of the best I’ve seen from RC it’s not of a pup but is cute and considering the piece came from one mould I’m astonished to how it was made due to the small gaps between the boy and dog.

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Pups away!!!

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Germany has had a couple of tries when it comes to producing pups in porcelain, I could be wrong and somewhere there is lots of different types but the few we have here at Collectibulldogs are pieces I have not yet come across again so as for now see them as kind of rare.

The one looking straight ahead is a bit of a puzzle as I’ve been told he maybe a pug piece. I thought pugs had much larger ears than bulldogs and maybe this piece was produced to have a puppy type look even if perplexed.

There other piece with the sad looking stance is a gerbruder huebach piece and totally different to the others I’ve shown so far. I think the cutest though has to be the metzner and Ortloff mum and pups, the mum sits there whilst 3 of her pups are playing around her in different poses.

These pieces are tiny and that only adds to the awwww factor and even though simply made the grouping looks very effective as a display set.

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Puppies now on solids.

Stunning , puppy in a satchel

Stunning , puppy in a satchel

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One place not so easy to identify the pieces as puppies is in the metals section.

I could pick out a few pieces that would have folks guessing for ages however there are pieces here I do know are of a cute pup or two.

The bronze I’m showing is of a beautiful puppy popping out of an old style leather satchel, I bought this piece from Canada so you can imagine the shipping costs but hey when this piece is polished up the bronze brown patina is sublime and it’s one of my best bronze pieces.

I’ve added some pictures of metal bulldogs that could be pups by opinion and the last thee are a quirky set indeed.

As you can see there’s a set of three but all the same size and all dealing with a little problem in the pose of an annoying insect.

These are a funny looking set and may not have a total puppy look but I thought as pups are associated with playing and that’s what these look like they are doing they would be classed as pets.

I’ve added a piece that I’m not even sure about this piece was sold as bronze bulldog puppy and even though I’ve been told it’s true and the piece actually should be part of a pair I’m still unsure to its breed but I’m as sure as can be that he’s a puppy.

The others are brass puppies of assorted range.

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English pups.

That's my boy set up

That’s my boy set up

British porcelain has itself churned out its fair share of puppies from lots of different manufactures operating today and some that ceased to trade decades ago.

Let’s start with the obvious and these must be in all collections as they are popular starting pieces, Beswicks the pup a poor little pup not stuck to he’s twin and of course the pair.

The single pup was used when the larger bulldog and this piece were mounted together and named father and son.

From the likes of Doulton you have a similar pair as the Beswick I don’t mean they look to much alike but stuck together very much like the previous Beswick.

The only other two I can think of from Doulton is spikes cute little sun tyke (that little trouble maker) and the K-1 k-2 series where you have the mum and pup single but as a pair.

Other factories have made similar pieces with a puppy look like the two Staffordshire pieces shown and the other pieces I have shown but not spoken about.

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Cute pup pics

Scruffy Louise forever MY puppy ❤️

Scruffy Louise forever MY puppy ❤️

Another popular place to be finding pups in the collection seems to be on the scene type pieces we have, this could be paintings prints postcards plates drawings and other such collectibles.

Sometimes these can be commissioned pieces people pay to have done others either as a symbol or marketing ploy I mean who’s not going to buy cute baby bulldog pieces.

Famous painters amateurs and even hobbyists have put pen or paint to canvas to produce amazing puppy works of art.

Instead of posting lots of paintings I thought you might like to check out the paintings page to see what we have that’s cute and adorable and if I’m honest it will help with my page views. Check out Books, Art and More here.

All those puppie pieces

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This part could be epic under the miscellaneous pieces there are tonnes of pieces here that are not marked are mass produced or classed as the comical pieces, we have lots here that could be seen as puppies and I will pick out a few to look at that I think may have the cute factor but to really get a sense of the amount of pieces there are all together may I direct you to our ceramics and glass section.

On this page you will find pieces I have shown but also many others that come under the category of puppies or cute.

By checking out my pages your getting the whole collection to muse at your leisure and as I stated it does help with my views and would really help this worrier out a little bit.

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I hope I have picked a good selection for the blog and it tempts you to check out the other pieces we have here in the collection, things seem to of gone from 100 miles an hour to 0 in a few weeks and I’m dreading it if this continues.

So all views to my website blog and collection and genuinely appreciated and I cannot wait to bring all the Collectibulldogs faithful a brand new website full of even more bulldog antiques and fun.

Thanks for reading my blog give your pooches a cuddle and until next time folks it’s good bye and happy collecting.

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