Email questions from you.

Hi readers I hope you are all well and safe out there.

I’ve had a few emails so I thought I would do a mini #blog and try and answer some questions whilst giving #tips.

One email sent to this #brightonblogger was about the price of a #figurine they wished to acquire.

Firstly most #bulldog #collectibles especially #porcelain all have a stop off price or book price this only changes if the piece in question is a one off a #concept or #commissioned piece.

One place you can check out prices among many is worth point this site gives a good indication to many a pieces price but note these prices reflect the current #trends and most are of retail value and not as cheap as say auction houses and private sales within the #collecting group.

Do not get me wrong there’s still thousands of #bargains out there to be had either because the seller doesn’t know the value of the item and for some sellers it’s not all about the profit and do not mind selling quality pieces at good prices to respectful new owners.

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If you have not read my #blogs from the beginning you would of missed the where can I #buy bulldog #collectibles and this has been a common #email the last few weeks and goes to show more people are starting to take an interest in the field and subject matter or they just love bulldogs, either way great news all round.

My advice for starting out is to use the normal sites first according to #budget and if you use #eBay DO NOT pick sellers that use their shipping company as its a third party it’s not the sellers fault but the company is not very good at getting expensive items from A to B I’ve had much more success when the sellers send theirselves.

If anything does go amiss the seller put full responsibility on the third party shipper and your sent around and around trying to get a refund so not helpful.

I have to say most eBay sellers are nice kind people you just get a jack ass once in a while that wants your money but very unhelpful.

The Two main sites I would suggest to start using is #etsy and #Rubylane these are both similar to eBay but I find you get a much #better experience you can ask for lay aways and payment plans even leaving deposits is possible too, the sellers are friendly and even though they want your pennies they do actually seem to care about their customers and you can get to know the sellers too as they all love you coming back.

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If your apt at #auction houses then you could potently sweep up buying bulldog collectibles most are sold #individually or #bundled lots and often go for very #reasonable prices and I suppose the only downfall on some pieces is the reserve the seller puts down.

You can use auctioneers online invaluable and other existing auction alert sites to let you know where any bulldog relatable collectibles are being ready to be sold the world over you should always read the auction houses #terms and #conditions for example some will not take the #responsibility of #shipping items to you once won you have to make your own courier arrangements.

Just to answer one more email yes #Collectibulldogs would be willing to #sell some pieces forward, you would need to contact me and let me know what pieces interests you and we can discuss matters.

I need to make room or box lots away so selling a couple to keen collectors is not a problem the sale would be private and negation is fine.

Finally and I do not wish to sound big headed but if you read through my past blogs there’s many a helpful tip on collecting from the actual pieces right through to investment jargon, please keep the emails coming in and I will try my best to assist you good people.  Happy collecting folks