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Love bulldogs

The love of bulldogs a guest post all the way from Australia

Love bulldogs Adding another Bulldog to the family.

I love bulldogs and I joined interstate British Bulldog Clubs so I could learn more about the breed.  I became a reasonably active member in local state club as well, helping out where I could with fund raising.   After reading about show winners in various club magazines  , I decided to approach some breeders in the State of Victoria.

Some members here knew them and they made the first approach for me and acted as a referees for me/  It was decided firstly that I should fly to Victoria and meet the people and see their kennels.   I incorporated this trip with a night out at the Theatre to see Jose Carreras, who was not performing in my home state.


Guest post continued

I went with a girl friend and we took the train out to the foothills where we were met by our host.   We lunched with them and talked about bulldogs and I was able to see their wonderful dogs.  They liked and approved me and so I was placed on their wait list.     Meantime I saved my pennies so to speak.

Within 3 months I got a call to come collect the puppy , I had the choice of two, which were considered to be show quality.   So it was back on the plane, met by the breeder and taken back to the kennels in the foothills of Victoria and had a pleasant home stay with them while I chose my puppy and got to know her.

Love Bulldogs continued

I decided against the white puppy which they offered first as I had a preference for brindle, which is what Lyndhurst Hyacinth was.

The flight and arrival was without any problems and soon Hyacinth – now Lola was at our home and into the slobbering welcome of Daisy who accepted her immediately.    Lola was not as boisterous in nature as Daisy and soon attached herself to my every move.

She moved quietly and with determination, she was the first  to get the slice of toast in the morning, she made sure of it….always first in line and had made herself leader of the pack.


whom doesn’t love bulldogs

Love bulldogs

Love bulldogs

Lola came with papers, she had been birthed without a caeseriansection, so that said a lot about her breeding lines.  Good and strong.

One of the grandsires was an import from the USA. She was easy to show in the ring, but didn’t enjoy it all.  She was just a mummys girl.   She was a different type to the other bulldogs in the ring.    Longer in the body –which would be great for breeding purposes and was of a petite build in all aspects.   But most important she did have a sour mug!

Well it wasn’t long before we got the bug to mate her….looking back we should never have gone down that road.   We didn’t know enough about her lines and what lines would compliment so relied on our people in Victoria to help us along.     Why did we want to breed her?   As most amateurs say, we wanted to continue the line so we could have one of her pups with us.   Not the best reasons to breed.

Australia loves bulldogs

So it was back to Victoria, bulldog people who were going over east to big Dog Shows kindly took her with them, to save costs.    I cringe now , as if I couldn’t afford, or didn’t want to have extra expenses, then I shouldn’t have gone ahead with it all.    A good mating in experienced hands, led to 7 puppies being born, by c section as vet was inexperienced.   All puppies were healthy, except one born with a partial cleft palate, which sorted itself and was never a problem.

Another had a congenital hip problem, he remained with us and stole my heart and soul!       It was relatively easy to find homes for the other 5 pups.   I wanted to keep them all, I cried for days when they left us and kept in contact with the new families for ages.    I knew then that I would never breed again for the puppy market.


I just love bulldogs

Love bulldogs

Do anything when you love bulldogs

Lola recovered well from the birth , I literally had 6 weeks off work to help her and ensure puppies were kept safe and in great condition for their new families.      Lola went back into the ring, and either achieved lovely reviews or had local judges  questionher lovely dark eyes or her non screw tail.   One judge even refused to put her up when it should have been a walk in…..only one bulldog in the ring.

I politely told her to read the breed standard regarding eyes, shape and set of and shape of tail!   And walked off, never to grace the show ring again. After all Lola was my beloved girl.   Her American lines showed through and made her and her litter a little different on the eye.   .  Lola died in her sleep in her 11th year.  Her daughter Peggy and mate Daisy were desolate and howled for hours.  Poor babies.   Peggy then became our remaining Bulldog and to date the last……

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