Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

Hi there readers of collectibulldogs please allow me to introduce myself my names Debbie (yes that’s correct eiffion’s wife ) and I’ve hijacked his website to help launch my new venture the Little Bookworms of Brighton !

my background lies in teaching and this was a 10 year experience that I loved until a bit of a beautiful surprise kind of long and I am now a mother again after 18 years I’m loving it and I also miss all the children that I taught and helped to grow and develop

A specialty of mine was one-to-one reading this has happened more and more Since funding for schools were cut in England and Wales so teachers and teaching assistance had to step in.

Just by spending half an hour with each child reading a book that they have chosen the excitement in their eyes after reading or being read a chapter was in Endearing, this part of the job came to be my favourite part as I was getting Self affirmation and each child has the opportunity so their margination open up

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post ! About me !

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post Books for different ages

it’s obvious that I am the wife of the creator of this website so let me tell you a little bit about myself as stated my name is Debbie I have two beautiful daughters the age gap was just a bit of a surprise I have one that has just turned 18 and the baby of five months old.

Im from Brighton and thats in England I’ve been with my husband for around 26 years we were married in 2018 and by the end of 2019 I had given birth to my second daughter and after 17 years waiting she was a beautiful surprise.

I’ve given up work temporarily so that I can mother my child properly and due to recent events i’m not sure when I’ll be going back but I do miss teaching and the one-to-one time given to each student at Reading time.

Whilst I cannot teach children how to read I can promote the importance of reading and reading with your children so I’ve created a new venture little bookworm of Brighton It’s a idea I’ve had for a while now.

Little book worms 0-15 years old

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

Little Bookworms of Brighton Guest post

starting out small I have acquired a set of beautiful paperback and hardback books for all eager bookworms out there that love books that love reading and now in this new world we have time to wait to our children like never before.

Please take it from someone with experience children would love to sit on the mat and listen to a story beautifully spoken rather than a group of children sitting on the mat looking at a little screen when a teacher or teaching assistant uses a pad.

Every child’s imagination is different and there’s a difference between a Childs reading ability This could come with having little to no opportunity to read books or sometimes children find books and escapism from real life yes even at the age of seven etc.

utalising usborne books I have chosen to go rogue and try and get books into the hands of children and their parents and promote healthy reading reading times and especially reading together and bedtime stories.

Different sized bookworms !

Reading ability can present itself in different ways some children find reading quite easy and others struggle so I have picked out a brilliant set of books for all Ages and abilities, The range of books does extend up to 15 and all books are brand-new and in pristine condition with that beautiful new books smell

different niches and choice means all bookworms can be catered for from the very young to the young teenagers today that today many authors see as their core demographic, children’s books are also aimed at different children’s own interests and hobbies.

whether it be fiction or non-fiction your child or children in 2020 will most probably have a surprise on her face when you present them with a glistening book to read as times are changing we all have more spare time.

every book “read or read too”  opens up a Childs imagination just that little bit more and I can assure you that even though you do not grade your child’s reading ability the fact you are raising to your child is a positive and if a child can read back to you then even better.


selection of books I have chosen which is to the age of 15 this consists of a selection of fiction and non-fiction and for different abilities in reading, there are Books for teenagers With some great titles both from popular authors and new storybook tellers alike.

If you know your child and their interests or wish to start reading to your child / children then please Muse our selection of 100s of books for the ages stated The catalogue is made easier as each book comes under a sub section our narrative word.

Find us on social media bookworms

One of the great things about having a husband that knows his way around the online world is that I have a loving fella whom Is putting his own experience and skill sets to use and helping me to branch out.

So far you can find me on Pinterest a section has been created just for little bookworms and until my own profile is created I’ll be piggy backing off my husband’s account bless him, you can also find me on my own Facebook page .

i’m also on Facebook and proud to say that I could create my own page here as I have experience on this format and felt quite proud when I set up my very own page And here’s where you can reach me in Facebook and possibly join the page !

my husband also gave me a brilliant idea that I will not divulge now but watch this space if the idea takes off i’ll be very happy but I do not wish to state what it is now and give others the opportunity to take the idea for themselves but I am sure others are doing what I am what I am thinking of doing already.

Genres For bookworms  !

Usborne books do 50 different genres ranging from art,history,foreign languages,nature,Shakespeare etc.We also do puzzle books jigsaws and activity books to help children with their writing.

bedtime story books and activity books are great for both bonding with your child and teaching them new skills sets depending on the book at you by your child could be interacting with you either using the aid that accompanies the book all your own imagination when reading to your child.

teenagers are a little bit harder when it comes to being bookworms there are millions of teenage bookworms out there but we have to admit many teenagers would prefer to use their phone or play the computer then read a book.

At little books of Brighton we want to try and change this and engage everybody into Reading, as the pandemic slows down the world as we know it has changed people now have more time at home and some of this time could be used digging into a good book with your little ones.


Teenagers might think that is embarrassing to admit to reading books yet books have been around for centuries and centuries and it’s only the emergence of gadgets and an online experience that has pushed the books niche into its own pigeonhole

buying a good book and placing it on your teenagers bed is a brilliant way not only to show them that you love them but you’re trying your best to help with their development and also a way to engage with a generation that loves to live in their bedroom.

Cutie patootie happy birthday Porscha

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Lastly and thank you

I would like to thank you all for reading and helping me promote my new venture, even just a like or a share would be greatly appreciated.I want to get our children back into books in these uncertain times.Our children are our futures,and getting them to enjoy books and reading will give them a great start to life.



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Debbie Ashdown !

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