Hello and good day dear readers I hope you are all well and for some out there I hope you have managed to find some new pieces or at least one little piece to put on display with your collections.

In this first portion of the blog I would like to introduce not just a couple of nice pieces that have been added but our new English bulldog!!!

Delilah as she is called or lilly for short.  Before I start I want to mention to everyone a MASSIVE THANKYOU to a certain gentleman in the bulldog community called Mr Graham Simspson.

The gesture of letting us have one of his puppies FOR FREE has to be the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me and it will never be a forgotten thought and now he has a friend for life he had sent me a message saying if his bulldog got pregnant we could have a puppy just had to go and collect at the right time.

Well his bully is with pup but we chose a rescue instead, I’m not sure why it feels like I’m added in there some whereas,  I had no choice really the girls chose as I did years ago when we got Scruffy Louise.

I hope he understands the act we have undertaken and I will explain.

A lady from the north of England got in touch saying she heard about scruffy and I thoughts about adopting and sent over two pictures.

Well as you can see by the first picture alone it was love at first sight and I do not mean me first, my girls just feel head over heels in love with that face and who could not and it was at this point we thought we would like to try and give this beautiful bulldog a nice peaceful life of being spoilt and growing old disgracefully with us so who is she I hear you ask.

Collectibulldogs.com are proud to introduce to you miss Delilah new acting CEO lol I’m sure the name will be shortened but lets see what the madam prefers.

Delilah is 5 yrs young is OCOBO registered I am not sure what that means but as long as it means faithful companion that’s ok.

This bulldog has been in boarding for a couple of years now and one of her two problems is the wee wee problem.

I have been assured by the wonderful REALLY AMAZING bulldog community around me that if I need help they will be there to assist but its not like she is hyper active like a puppy and as long as her walks are regular she wont even know she is being wee wee trained.

Now the other problem we have is Delilah is a snob a one dog family bully ​we were told this is due to her being the only pup to survive her litter but we are used to this our last bulldog subbed other dogs so we are used to unsociable walkies.

I think you can see why we have chosen to give her a chance with us and hope it works out she is so very cute and will be the newest member of the family and to us it is like Christmas has come early.

We want to thank silo bulldogs and Mr Simon Winter for the help support and assistance and the family are looking forward to seeing you pull up on the 6th after picking up our new forever friend.

I have perked up a bit knowing we are getting a new dog and even though i feel bad most mornings I am so grateful to what Scruffy did for me and my family she will remain very much in my thoughts and I believe she has been shinning luck down on me since running over the rainbow bridge but to be honest I would give it all up for just one more day (I’m drifting again lol) I had better talk pieces instead.



I have not been on a big search for a few weeks but I have found a few nice pieces and was given one as an early Christmas present.

The piece I like the most at this point is a Royal Copenhagen piece and I will post a picture to show its size below and I can say it has to be one of the smallest yet most beautiful figurines in the Collectibulldogs collection.

This is the work of an artist called Theodor Madson and is dated around 1938 and whom to some is seen is a the king of his craft and you can see why, I have wanted to add this piece for years now but will not pay some of the prices asked for this piece but at just 7cms tall he certainly is worth the money spent to add him to our collection and there are a couple more by this artist worth looking out for I know I will be.

Thomas Madson bulldog figurine

Thomas Madson bulldog figurine

​Another piece pictured below is a pure silver and enamelled bulldog from the London retail store Harrods, He comes with two sets of hallmarks and is about 8cms long a great addition to any collection #bling bling



I would like to say thank you to the new links that have joined so far, I know it will take a while but I do hope to have a full page of links that relate to either myself collections or collecting bulldogs eventually and I hope they get used as they are there for all to use for knowledge buying browsing etc. and I will not put any links up that maybe rude harmful or just useless to this venture.

Hello to all the new readers especially on twitter I don’t wish to sound rude to other media users its just that I’m new on twitter and have gained over 1000 members very quickly and growing fast and I would hope some have either read my blog or checked out my collection, speaking of checking out my host as added a poll app its at the bottom of the screen and I think it is to help sellers but I do not sell out right so using it as a bit of fun.

I have been thinking where to next with Collectibulldogs and I know I could turn it into a business if I had a partner or investment, I already have the stock the re stocking know how and a very good brain for all things English bulldog collection related and reckon there is someone out there that can help but as they say Rome was not built in a day so I must do the same i.e. patience is the key.

Also getting the word out would help too so if your reading this have some money and a head full of ideas I would love to hear from you…

This will be rhetorical as no one ever replies but have you bought anything from Mr Edward Hendlowitch I’m only asking as he is guesting on my website at the moment and has some great and unique pieces I was just wondering if any of those pieces are on anyone else’s shelves now and while I am talking about Edward  I would like to say hi to anyone that mentioned me at the last show Edward said he had seen quite a few of you there when he was at the stall.

I need to get back to the business of bulldogs I have grieved and left my collection in a mess, I have not even added to website lately but I am sure that will change very soon as I need to clean up before Delilah comes, otherwise it will be just like a bulldog in a china shop.

So I will be off now I hope you like our new family member thank you again to Graham Simpson for the kindest offer I have ever had and I will do a blog on Delilah once she is here and I can gauge her character likes and dis likes we cannot wait.