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K9 rescue And support




K-9DRAS is a Charitable Animal Welfare Organization and our goal is to see a day when every stray cat or dog is safe, respected and loved. No matter how much we’d love to work towards the bigger picture, we have a commitment to work with what today brings us and what animals need us the most.

We strive to save all animals, but realise this is sadly sometimes an impossibility. All animals in our care will be sterilized and hope we can run mobile clinics in the neighbouring area as well.

All donations (unless specifically noted) will go towards running of the shelter, programs and services such as food donations, cat and dog adoptions, transport and flights. There are other services available such as pet relocation, Quarantine and flights, Titer tests etc.

We work together with other smaller local rescues as they need the support more than the bigger, more popular ones.

K9 rescue and support a guest post article


Hi there my name is Peter Neilson. I have been Rescuing, Fostering, Rehabilitating and Adopting dogs for over 6 years now. I originally started rescuing Beagle pups that were being discarded by breeders. I would go through the trash at markets to find screaming, scared puppies.


Myself and my wife were only living in an apartment at the time, but luckily we were allowed to have the puppies there. Later we built a house on land the wife already had and we’ve been working here ever since.


People would either ring us, we’d hear through word of mouth or find dogs or puppies on the roads, in empty blocks or dumped by previous owners. Injured, sick, disabled or disoriented, pregnant or with suckling pups we’ll take them all


Most dogs we find will have a serious case of tick infestation. Our first priority is to clear them of ticks, clean wounds, get a blood test done and go from there. Many dogs have low platelet counts, low Red Blood Counts, Blood parasites etc etc.

Some dogs are terrified of humans, so we have to work on social skills, house training, socializing in crowds etc.

K9 rescue and support a guest post article ! Adoption



We try to find suitable homes for all dogs as we believe they deserve to be loved considering what they have gone through. We use social media :- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to get the word around. We mainly do international adoptions but will also adopt locally.

We arrange all flights to international destinations ourselves. Purchasing of crates, Rabies Titer tests, Quarantine checks before they leave as well as full check in.

We have a service for people who want to leave the country with their pets and we can organize everything for them. Any profit goes back to the dogs.

Spay and Neuter is a very big part of what we do to control the exploding population. Thailand has an approximate 8 million stray dogs and that number is growing very fast. I am planning to have mobile clinics in the future.

Rescue and support how you can help

Current situation

Currently we are still working from home. We have 20 dogs here and it is getting to be too much. There is no room to take in more dogs but there is a huge need. We have dogs waiting to go to Los Angeles, but due to the current pandemic, they have to wait. We are hoping to raise funds to purchase some land and also gain Foundation status so we can become fully legal. We will be needing to also employ a fulltime vet and staff.

If you feel you’d like to be part of the community that makes this team, How about becoming a sponsor. Can be monthly or a one off donation.

Sponsor a fencepost/s and you can have your name posted on a post to recognize you for your help

Sponsor a building and have that building named after you

Sponsor a dog once we are open

Become a major sponsor and your ideas can be added into the planning and running etc

Everything is fully transparent and you will be able to see where your donation has been used

please go to any of my pages if you wish to show kindness and generosity for any donations.Thank you

You can contact me on Twitter @K9DRAS or @PeterNeilson090

below are a couple of links we hope you like the article and continue your journey here with us at collectibulldogs the rescue of any animal takes heart  do you have what it takes

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